April 12th, 2014

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50 Responses to “analytical”

  1. Not many people seemed to trust him, but honestly his analytical methods surpassed those of the others we’d enlisted to help. For right now, his morals was the last thing to worry about.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.12.2014

  2. Not many people seemed to trust him, but honestly his analytical methods surpassed those of the others we’d enlisted to help. For right now, at least in my opinion, his morals were the last thing to worry about. As usual the townsfolk were overreacting to a situation that had little or nothing to do with them.


    By AJ Kenobi on 04.12.2014

  3. He couldn’t help be analytical when she started talking like a scientist. It didn’t make sense: the migration patterns. If they weren’t looking for food, there had to be some other reason for the shift north. Half of the zed population had migrated, and unless they could find out why, there

    By Morgan Peters on 04.12.2014

  4. Analytical is the word that can change the perspective. What we can say about it? Is it our actions that have to be analytical. Can you tell us what are analytical things, is it politics or is it something more?

    By Regina on 04.12.2014

  5. You were always so analytical I never understood how you could be so creative at the same time. But then again you were the one that knew exactly how to balance life and live it to the fullest too, and I’ve always kind of envied you for that. Anyway, I wonder if you still have those qualities I loved and hated at the same time.

    By Madison on 04.12.2014

  6. It took a careful approach. Timid steps with analytical caution. But before I could sneak up and smash a pie in her face, I needed to get within arm’s reach. This proved more difficult than not.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 04.12.2014

  7. My great grandfather wrote in his book that those with upside-down v’s as their m and n handwriting curves while writing cursive show that you are an analytical thinker. If they are round, you are a builder thinker. If they’re more like v’s than anything, you are an intuitive thinker. Handwriting shows a lot about one’s mind, really, and are all based on unarguable logic.

    By Alex on 04.12.2014

  8. “I think you’re being way too analytical about this,” Taylor commented as Shannon paced the room. In the corner, Oliver was busy fixing the drum set with a screwdriver.

    “Maybe I am,” replied Shannon. “Maybe I’m not. Either way, we both saw the way Alan was treating Kayla. It was seventeen kinds of not okay.”

    “As opposed to eighteen? Because I consider his profanity the eighteenth not okay,” Oliver threw in from behind the floor tom.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.12.2014

  9. The keys tapped, like the sound of mice scurrying in the walls. The faster Kyle’s fingers flew across the keyboard, the closer he leaned toward the computer screen. The computer light, faintly blue, ethereal, was the only one in the room. The numbers slid from his brain to his fingers to the white screen like music–it was the act of working with them that was beautiful.

    By Yona on 04.12.2014

  10. I am overly analytical. Is that a good sentence? Should I have started out like that? What does it say about my personality?

    By Tex on 04.12.2014

  11. Kevin wasn’t the most analytical fellow in the office, but he did have a certain way of looking at things that made him valuable to Marietta. She wasn’t above taking advantage of his obvious attraction to her; the only difficultly would be in making sure her subtle come-ons weren’t apparent to her other employees.

    By Mexichick on 04.12.2014

  12. fingers clacked on the keyboard
    typing sounds to relieve
    the tension. Built up inside my joints
    and my mind. onomatopeia

    By Dara URL on 04.12.2014

  13. analytical is a word that inspires sound. because as I write I hear the sound of my thoughts passing through my mind, leaving a hollow, vibrant ache.

    By Dara URL on 04.12.2014

  14. dials and switches and knobs. neurons flashing at lightning speed. calculators strewn in a line, graphs tucked neatly in the pocket of his new corduroys. he would make it. he was analytical, but oh boy, he was yours, and that’s all that mattered in the end.

    By Ashby Lorili on 04.12.2014

  15. I can be an analytical person. I like to know how things work, so I dig deeper and ask questions….sometimes I ask a lot of questions! So, being analytical helps me see whats going on.

    By Deb on 04.12.2014

  16. The opposite of calculatory. You know how they say opposites attract? I’ve never really agreed with that idea. I’ve always thought people with similar interests attract each other.

    Yet, I’m analytical and he’s calculatory. How does that work?

    By Alex on 04.12.2014

  17. where are you from? your skin is white, it is light out, which means you’re either to the east of me or in my timezone. you said, i likely wouldn’t guess it, so you’re not australian, maybe you’re an immigrant to one of the asian countries but your english is more than elaborate. i’m going to go with south africa.

    By berenique on 04.12.2014

  18. One can be too analytical. Sometimes the essence comes from the wholeness — things in communion with other things. That wholeness or communion is broken when seen only in pieces or parts.

    By Linda on 04.12.2014

  19. I really don’t even know what this word means. I know it sounds bad, but I really don’t. I wish I did because then I could write more about it. This is one of the hardest words I have ever read. It almost looks like analyze. Maybe this is part of the definition!

    By Bobie on 04.12.2014

  20. The numbers flew across the page as David tried to hold them down. His stubby fingers should have been perfectly suited to the task, but they kept flying through the air, faster and faster. Until nothing was left to the equation, but an x and a square root. X seemed to be more elusive everyday.

    By Siege URL on 04.12.2014

  21. he watches him from the other end of the library, eyes narrowed from behind his glasses, and tries to deduce why in the world he’s being stared at. does romeo have a problem with him? corsica wrinkles his nose at the thought, can’t imagine why the other boy would be cross with him. he keeps glancing from over the top of his book and flustering whenever corsica meets his gaze. it’s infuriating, and corsica would very well scream if he wasn’t in a library.

    By heartful on 04.12.2014

  22. analytical is a fine word, most logical, it begs to be square, uttered in sciences at a most amazing rate from proffesors to alumni, people with lab coats are the ones who tend to use it in the finer ways, and only they use them with the amount of correctiveness needed to be of substantial weight.

    By George on 04.12.2014

  23. We were asked to pick a word to that described us, a word which began with the same letter as our name.
    “Analytical Alexis” said the blonde standing three people down
    Why couldn’t I use that?
    That’s perfect. I am always analyzing everything around me, making connections.
    It’s almost my turn…
    “Creative Camila” I stutter
    It doesn’t feel right

    By absolut on 04.12.2014

  24. “You’re too analytical,” Silver said in a quiet voice.
    She just stared over the ocean, her arms folded tight.
    “We have to help her.” Silver laid a hand on her shoulder. “She’s alone.”

    By 709 on 04.12.2014

  25. She was so analytical that everything she did was analized. I guess I don’t know this word very well. I have negative conotations with it though. That it is not good to be an analytical person. Although that is probably not true.

    By Crystal on 04.12.2014

  26. My perception of the world was constantly analytical. I looked at everything, look at its’ parts, and how they worked and fit together with everything else. My brain was a constant flow of logic and thinking.

    By Amanda on 04.12.2014

  27. Hazel Grace is very analytical, focusing her life around the bluntness and logic behind cancer. She even is extremely analytical when she first meets Gus. After he tells the group that his one fear is oblivion, Hazel can’t resist and must jump in to tell him that his fear of oblivion is inevitable and therefore is almost pointless. He is very stunned at first but attempts to play it off like he was expecting such an intelligent (and slightly condescending) response.

    By Jordan on 04.12.2014

  28. He was analytical by nature. He would put everything into an equation. He didn’t let emotions get in the way. Everything was either black or white. There was no grey. How could people believe there was a grey? But that all changed when he saw her. She was beautiful. An American sweetheart, complete with braided pigtails and Chuck Taylor’s that were laced up to her ankles. She smiled at him in passing and his equations went out the window.

    By Emma on 04.12.2014

  29. It never occurred to her that all her asking for normalcy was what was throwing it off. That didn’t make sense. She wanted to get to the bottom of the problems, the issues throwing stones at the heart of their marriage. But, how can one so minded for complexity, for rules, for logic, be made to understand the complexity, the rules, and the logic of affection?

    By Beth A on 04.12.2014

  30. he wondered how they ever did it.

    he couldn’t stop himself from
    seeing untold stories in the patterns of the scuff marks on the subway floor
    or hearing symphonies of longing in every rainfall.
    and every word he inhaled was elixir
    or poison.

    did the rest of the world just close their eyes to it all?

    By S on 04.12.2014

  31. I can’t help it if that’s how my brain works. Your words were x, your actions were y. X did not equal Y. So can you really hold it against me if I decided it was an irrational equation?

    By aura.rayne on 04.12.2014

  32. My job is to see beyond what is obvious and look past the numbers. Put it all together to make a cohesive story that makes sense and everything adds up.

    By Protean on 04.12.2014

  33. i do
    i know i do
    i even overdo it
    expect too much
    hope for so little
    but i do believe for more
    and pray for the best

    By aya on 04.12.2014

  34. they were analysts.
    they questioned everything except for their superiors.
    they ignored the shrinking number of employees.
    they tallied up the costs and benefits.
    they stayed because it was risky to leave.
    I don’t recommend that sir.
    The bullet was silent as it bit through the air.

    By Kairn on 04.12.2014

  35. She’d always been analytical, looking at any situation and using reason to decide her course of action, but today that wasn’t possible. She looked at the man she’d just met, the man she hadn’t even spoken to yet, and she felt a connection to him. Rationally, there was no reason that she should feel this intense connection, and yet she couldn’t find any reason that she should not.

    By Kimberly on 04.13.2014

  36. There’s something that she can see in the undercurrents of the conversation. She hears a tone of disdain and dislike. She thinks she’s paranoid and frowns. Surely, they like her. She hasn’t done anything wrong after all.

    By I_have_no_words on 04.13.2014

  37. The word analytical implies that the nature of a person to analyze a matter in minute detail. The first person to come across my mind when I read the word would be Sherlock Holmes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has written the character in such a way as to denote a person who is highly analytical.

    By Sh on 04.13.2014

  38. Watching. Observing. Calculating. She makes no rash decisions, speaks no opinion without first giving it deep thought. She views her options analytically, in terms of what would hurt less. In consequence she is “the quiet one”. She is “the nice one”.

    She is the one no one knows.

    By twowritehands on 04.13.2014

  39. well, look at it this way. i mean, divide the paper between plusses and minuses and then just list the various, well, plusses and minuses of each decision and then take a good read and then choose.

    By Lee on 04.13.2014

  40. He was always so analytical during their conversations. She couldn’t say anything without his comments as to why.

    By Alexandra on 04.13.2014