August 3rd, 2014

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66 Responses to “allowed”

  1. heaven does not wait for us
    the souls who are not souls
    she is not allowed her arms
    to wrap us in her embrace
    the sky so bright can only
    be alight with stars of us
    to twist and toil, cook and spoil
    upon our earthly plane.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 08.03.2014

  2. Permission to speak, sir!
    But sir! It isn’t like it seems.

    By LittleLoui on 08.03.2014

  3. allowed
    mound mount month months
    how many months will I be able
    to allow myself to think this way

    By La Bête becomes Man on 08.03.2014

  4. Deciding what you allow others to do and not to do
    restricting dere freedom
    making them feel constrained
    rules and regulation
    i need my freedom yet i deny it to others

    By Omer on 08.04.2014

  5. i should ideally not allow myself to eat junk food. a littlr retrain would do me no harm. infat it will take me a long long way in my quest to lose weight permanently and ofocurse easily..woithout going through the tremendous torture od fymming day in and out. sigh!

    By ankita on 08.04.2014

  6. I should ideally not allow myself to eat junk food. A little retrain would do me no harm. In fact, it will take me a long long way in my quest to lose weight permanently and ofcourse easily..without going through the tremendous torture of gymming day in and out. sigh!

    By ankita on 08.04.2014

  7. \……

    By A0108 on 08.04.2014

  8. Allowed.

    Im using my phone right now, im considerinh allowing myself to just type, although i am not able to use a keyboard. This is giving me the opportunity to just write and accept all mistakes be it grammar or spelling. My maib stress in writing has to be the ability to structure a sentence, right now i feel like im rambling, but hey it’s releases my creative juices all over the digital face of stumbleupon. Im begining to get suspicious of the purpose of this whole stumble. Is there some guy about to read what ive been throwing down here, is this person very judgementalg i would like to see his credentials before he even begins taking a look at this.

    Or perhaps this person is a computer? Spme complex algorithm. If so he would know i used spell check on algorithm.

    Well thats enough of that, im signing out computer judge, thanks. That was interesting.

    By klewis URL on 08.04.2014

  9. i allowed myself to stay down there —deep down there—until natural instinct would kick in to catapult me out–not a moment sooner. it couldn’t be a choice, to leave…from down there. choice isnt strong enough, life must be at stake.

    By Safon on 08.04.2014

  10. don’t you know that sometimes we are allowed to be selfish?

    sometimes its what we need most. to shut the world out, focus on our needs, wants, purpose, interests, strengths, weaknesses, all that we don’t know about ourselves or that we forget to pay attention to. sometimes theres too much out there and so much inside, you must choose. choosing whats outside before what is in you is proceeding blindly.

    don’t you know that sometimes we need the judgment of others?

    it is help, whether essentially right or wrong. sorting this out for ourselves is a process on the way to clarity.

    don’t you know that we will make it through this?

    we just cant give up.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.04.2014

  11. Permission for myself to be myself is a necessary part of becoming. But becoming who? and what will be allowed? The pages of the book turn to reveal the character, looming within the separate leaves.

    By Sandy on 08.04.2014

  12. I wouldn’t be as happy as I would be today if she hadn’t happened to me. For some greater power to allow me the happiness of meeting her… I will always be grateful to the universe for that. The fire played in her brown eyes. And I’ll always remember that moment. Words aren’t allowed to be that beautiful.

    By Forrest Ahkiviana on 08.04.2014

  13. I have not allowed you,
    yet you moved in!
    I wonder how could you
    stole the key of my heart?

    By Prasad DV URL on 08.04.2014

  14. We were allowed the use of the playground, and we were thankful for the gesture. Our team was able to come from behind and gain first place in the competition all because of that advantage.

    By victor URL on 08.04.2014

  15. She knew she wouldn’t be allowed to cut off her hair, simply because her parents were too closed minded to understand she just wanted to have a different sort of look. Her father would probably have a fit, for that matter – she knew that she was more or less someone who carried a ghost along with them and that ghost had long dark hair.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 08.04.2014

  16. They ran and ran, not knowing where they would end up. The two silly kids couldn’t do qanything!! They were never allowed to just be kids so they just ran around in circles in the backyard leaving lines in the grass iuntil theyre was grass no more.

    By trkstr67 on 08.04.2014

  17. I was never allowed out after the death. I stayed in, sat at the window behind the curtains watching the street fill with life that I never drew into. I sat behind the curtains-once pure white-and watched them deteriorate into grimy yellow shades.

    By AG on 08.04.2014

  18. The one time he allowed his son to walk to school by himself, was the worse day of his life

    By Jerri on 08.04.2014

  19. Being allowed to go places makes me feel so restricted. It requires permission. It’s approved, legal, or accepted by others.

    By Kelly on 08.04.2014

  20. My parents keep me trapped inside this house. They shelter me. All my friends live close by, and they are all in it with my parents too. I’m twenty years old and still not allowed to drink, go to parties, or do anything else. I am Amish, if you couldn’t guess. I should have left when I could have, but I felt like it would be rude and dishonest. My parents had five children, and every one of them left except me.

    By Caitlin on 08.04.2014

  21. The quiet was near discomfiting as I walked downstairs, iPod in one hand and pants in the other. I was going to dance in my underwear this weekend, thank the heavens for sending my parents on a business trip.

    By jupiter on 08.04.2014

  22. Mom, can I have a sleepover with Lindy tomorrow? I asked as I ran inside.
    “No, honey, you know what your dad said.” she replies, cracking eggs for the cookies.

    By Cami Redford on 08.04.2014

  23. Well, first time, I guess.

    By Cami Redford on 08.04.2014

  24. It was my last chance to be on my own. My last chance to never have regrets. My last chance to not have someone hovering over me and telling me what I can and can’t do, what I’m allowed to do. And I didn’t take it.

    By Caitlin on 08.04.2014

  25. I’m not allowed to go outside. That’s what the woman says. She says I have to stay in here. I’m not sure why. I see other kids outside, when I push the curtain aside and look through the window, but the lady always comes running and hits me when she sees me. “You can’t let them see you!” she hisses, and then she grabs me roughly by the arm and pulls me away.

    By Kimberly on 08.04.2014

  26. I never allowed my son to play in the toilet, or to run into the road without looking both ways. These were really the only rules I made him follow. I spoke to him like he was the most important person on the planet, and he was, to me anyway. He has grown up into a fine young man.

    By SueAnn on 08.04.2014