August 3rd, 2014

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66 Responses to “allowed”

  1. Walls. Each brick is a rule, a stricture, a guideline, a suggestion. And it feels as if the sun is shining directly between those cracks, but obscured: so you can only catch glimpses. But as you grow, you realize the necessity of the rules– that the motivation behind them is more important than the rule itself. That the bricks exist to hold the mortar, and not the other way around. So get on your sailboat and float to that cross to watch the rising sun; take your brick and toss it into the water. It sinks into the shrapnel. No more allowing what you’re “allowed” to do form a wall around you, and block out your sunrise.

    By Amy on 08.03.2014

  2. Why aren’t we allowed to talk to each other? Particularly and especially when it comes to those we most care for? We build up walls and hide behind them and persecute anyone who climbs over or breaks them down. But shouldn’t those closest to us be allowed in? Shouldn’t they feel welcome and unafraid? Able to approach without caution, without raising alarm?

    Shouldn’t we preview them to our innermost secrets without them having to fear exile for their intimate knowledge?

    By unbornsymphony URL on 08.03.2014

  3. Never have I allowed myself to love so deeply, so carelessly, without limits whatsoever.

    By Estefania Cedillos on 08.03.2014

  4. Red tape crisscrossed the windows, although the door hung permanently open now that it had been torn off its hinges. It stared at Jessica from across the street, leering, pleading, bleeding dust and gravel.

    By Yona on 08.03.2014

  5. we are never allowed to be all we want is our constant complaint. but who cares what we’re allowed to do who has ever followed what has been allowed. the is is a shitty piece and i don’t know why i’m writing it. Allowed to do what. I’ve been allowed to follow crap

    By traci on 08.03.2014

  6. He should never have agreed to it.

    He allowed her to try clothes on him one time. One time!

    Now, as he stands before the mirror in a frilly, sparkly dress, complete with a tiara, he loathes his sappiness towards her.

    By A Paper Flower on 08.03.2014

  7. “I’m sorry, miss, but servants aren’t allowed beyond the Western corridor; the Lady of the house forbids it,”
    Kathryn tilted her head to the side, her expression clouded with confusion. “But then how…how do you…?”
    Seeming to sense the direction she was headed, Mira ducked her head. “All the work in the wing is done by her hand, miss,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 08.03.2014

  8. Please allow me to enter. I want to enter, and I don’t think you have the right to deny me to enter, so really I am just being courteous asking permission to enter instead of just entering.

    By Klara Sørensen on 08.03.2014

  9. Sips sitting on the edge of lips, parted. Woozy eyes. “I’m not allowed, I don’t think,” she mutters.

    By Jordan on 08.03.2014

  10. Allowed, I used to be allowed to go out I used to be allowed to have fun I used to be allowed to have a life but not now I cant do anything. I’m like an housebound old woman who do anything by herself.

    By sarah URL on 08.03.2014

  11. I stared at her house. Right across the street; I could be there in almost a matter of seconds. Just a few quick pedals and I’m there. Maybe I’d get away with it… Maybe I’d make it in time… If only this tricycle moved a little faster, I could be over there where I’m not allowed.

    By Brian W URL on 08.03.2014

  12. Am i allowed to destroy my oxygen tank
    no said Mum
    augustes said that that i am allowed to and im strong enough to live without it

    By Dylan Kumar on 08.03.2014

  13. Augustus was allowed to do whatever he wanted to. Though hazel was quite restricted and wasn’t allowed to go many places because of her lung cancer. Augustus was allowed to be free he could be whatever he wanted to be

    By Pratik URL on 08.03.2014

  14. “are you allowed to go to amsterdam” asked Augustus
    “NO. im not allowed to go as my doctor isn’t allowing” said Hazel sadly
    “What if i convince your doctor to allowed u to go?”
    ok, you can try to make my doctor to allow me to go”.

    By Paarth on 08.03.2014

  15. Can I go to hazels today?
    What would you want to do there?
    Just, you know hang’ round, talking.
    We were actually going to eat out today,
    It’s really important mum! Please.

    By Elaisa URL on 08.03.2014

  16. Augustus was not allowed to go out of his shiny new house. He lay down in bed moaning to his mom for having to punish him like this, just, because he was a little sick. He really wanted to go and see his beautiful girlfriend Hazel Grace. “Please Mum Please!” “No, replied Augustu’s mother and thats final!” “You are not allowed!”?

    By Filip Trifunovic URL on 08.03.2014

  17. Augustus allowed hazel to use up his wish even though he refused to tell her that he would be dead soon as he had just found out that he had full body cancer. he didn’t want hazel to know that he was using his last wish on her.

    By josh on 08.03.2014

  18. “It’s okay. You are allowed to feel happy, you know.”

    He was curled up on the bed, arms locked loosely around his knees. He had been staring at the fabric of his pants, but now looked up at me, shaking his head just slightly.

    “No. No, I’m not. Not if I want everybody else to be.”

    By a terrible poet on 08.03.2014

  19. She had been thinking about it all day; how was she going to ask her mother for permission if she never allowed it onve before? Serri sighed and slumped in her seat in already disappointment.

    By Ashley Coronado on 08.03.2014

  20. There are no words I can say that will make you feel better about what you’re doing. Of course, you’re allowed to do and say whatever you like, but you know if it’s right or not.

    By Michael Brown URL on 08.03.2014

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    By Debbie Fennell on 08.03.2014

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    By Debbie Fennell on 08.03.2014

  23. I am not allowed to do this.

    By afutrell on 08.03.2014

  24. He allowed himself only two drinks a night, and never on Sundays. Except that one time.

    By Mike Handley URL on 08.03.2014

  25. Cool idea.

    By Mike Handley URL on 08.03.2014

  26. Freedom is the essence of alllowed. Allowed should be the cornerstone of a persons personal life.
    Everything is allowed because everything is right. If it exists, it’s allowed.
    To be human is to allow.

    By JO on 08.03.2014

  27. She’s not allowed to say it aloud, don’t you see? She’s fidgeting, turing her pleats over her hands, she’s finding it incredibly hard to breathe–she cannot see herself with me. Not aloud. Not in site. She will not allow herself to put sound to her thoughts, to our thoughts, to our hands intertwined.

    By aria autumn on 08.03.2014

  28. There were no outsiders allowed, the sign said, and they had ways of knowing. Anyone who had been born and raised in the city was branded on the flesh of their right legs, a stark, circular mark that even glowed through the fabric of their breeches. I knew that, if I tried to step foot into that one particular pub, I’d not only be thrown out – I’d most likely be given a broken nose and a black eye first.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.03.2014

  29. freedom of movement
    freedom of thought
    no constraints for this lad
    going where my thoughts are naught
    taken without reprieve
    endess road ahead
    unleashed from shackles let flow the mojo

    By Protean on 08.03.2014

  30. I allowed myself one last deep breath before I jumped. Three stories go by fast, much faster than you’d think. It hurts when you land and that last breath flies out of you like a reign of terror, like an avalanche and prayers and pain follicles blast off.

    By Gita on 08.03.2014

  31. I am not allowed to think of myself in a negative way anymore. I spent much too long searching out the worst things about myself and punishing my skin for being the way that it was created. I will not allow myself to go back to that place again. I am not allowed to search for the bad when I am so full of beauty and good. I am not allowed to hide in the dark, and I must bask in the light that has taken over my soul.

    By remington on 08.03.2014

  32. Our eyes meet like two magnetic poles and as fingers brush over my cheek, a tingle runs down my spine. Hot lips on mine; is this even allowed?

    By Intuition on 08.03.2014

  33. Once he had found out that the girl was hanging out with a presumed Yakuza”, Ohara started treading very carefully. He had built quite up a few contacts on both sides of the law in his years as a detective, but if he stepped on the wrong toes, he might not be allowed to keep his life, but maybe not all his fingers. The Yakuza did not look kindly on people crossing them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.03.2014

  34. I think I’m allowed to believe what I do. Mom and Dad shouldn’t be forcing Christianity on me. I don’t want to go to church every Sunday. I don’t want the pressure of keeping up the “Christian daughter” image.

    By Dorcas Hughes on 08.03.2014

  35. I allowed myself to sink into him and focus on the feeling. I turned away all of the memories and awkwardness and that strange feeling of kissing someone you never thought you would. I let myself feel safe around him in a way that was completely new, even though we’d known each other so long.

    By Simone on 08.03.2014

  36. It wasn’t allowed to encourage the pupils – he didn’t need telling. Hadn’t needed even before he applied. But no-one said anything about the staff. That wasn’t prohibited

    By Sandra Davies URL on 08.03.2014

  37. What we are allowed to do is a very subtle way of telling us what’s more fun to do.
    We hopped the fence, regardless of the coming sprinklers, and sprawled out on Hole 13’s green.
    After kissing her goodnight, I crept back through the window in the sunrise hours and kissed my mother good morning.

    By StatiKink URL on 08.03.2014

  38. i wasn’t allowed to do anything. not go anywhere. do anything. i was all alone in this great big world. and i didn’t even have freedom.

    By elaina on 08.03.2014

  39. Sometimes a person has a right to do something, and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, even when they don’t, they do it anyway. I’m tired of asking the world for permission to do the things I want. I’m not asking for anything illegal, so why should it matter to anyone else what I want out of my life? Why shouldn’t I be allowed to live the way I want?

    By Excruciata on 08.03.2014

  40. So many women have been denied the simple privilege of being allowed to do certain things such as vote or even go to school. I’m glad I live in a society where I can achieve my dreams because I am a woman and I am more than allowed, it is my right.

    By Megan Crowley on 08.03.2014