May 6th, 2014

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86 Responses to “airport”

  1. Katherine clenched the worn novel she’d long finished as the plane descended. The large man beside her looked peaceful with his eyes shut and his earphones humming loudly. She tried not to look out the window. Instead she conjured up the smiling faces of her family, waiting for her in the airport. There was a sudden drop. She squeaked and clawed at the grubby arm beside her. The large man chuckled with his eyes still closed.

    By Soft URL on 05.07.2014

  2. I was surprised at the airport’s renovation since the last time I’d been there. Walking down the hallway, I turned left at the expected place and found they had moved the baggage claim. I turned, looking for a sign to indicate which direction I should go.

    “Crap!” I said out loud, startling an older woman walking near me. “I’m at the wrong airport.”

    I stood, confused. How did that possibly happen? I’d given my ticket at the gate and boarded the right plane. How did I end up at the wrong location?

    By Eileen Maki URL on 05.07.2014

  3. Away fly the daring, Away fly the brave,
    A moment blaring, A picture for a soul to save.
    Away flies the father, Away flies the lover
    A kiss for all pieces to scatter –
    to return?
    and again feel the heart flutter?
    At the airport
    Don’t let your hope — shatter.

    By Jose on 05.07.2014

  4. I always just assumed that airports functioned by some magic synergy. If there was a puppet master, the strings weren’t visible – just a network of enormous vessels jetting on and off the runway, keeping a safe distance from eachother by some miracle.

    By asavas on 05.07.2014

  5. You can go, and you can stay. You can leave, or you can wait by the doors of the terminal, watching the baggadge claim go round and round, watch the elderly couple get off the flight 292 from Atlanta, where your home town was, where you at your first ice cream and learned to ride a bike. You watch a small herd of kids get off the plane that had taken their field trip to new York, where you learned to write and love, and want more than what you had.

    By Laur URL on 05.07.2014

  6. The airport is the launching pad for life. At the airport you’ll find individuals departing to exotic locations or just across the country because of grief, happiness, curiosity, wonder, or insipidity.

    By Gaby URL on 05.07.2014