October 7th, 2014

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71 Responses to “accomplice”

  1. She looked at me with eyes of steel, burrowing through my soul with a pointed desperation. How could I say no to her when she begged me with her very essence? Taking her on my shoulders, I threw our weight away from the situation she can set aflame, putting myself in danger for her idiocies, but saving myself from my own regret.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.07.2014

  2. I don’t know the meaning of this word, but I think it has a relation with the word complice, but I don’t know exactly what it means

    By Angela Gonzalez Gonzalez on 10.07.2014

  3. I shouldn’t have done it but I needed to. Being a good girl isn’t always fun and sometimes you have to an accomplice. Simply being a bad girl I never want to take the lead but I do want to experience.

    By Voni Blue on 10.07.2014

  4. He was my accomplice.
    I knew what we were doing was wrong, but still, I didn’t want to stop.
    I wanted to show him I could.

    It was probably because I loved him, but that’s not important now.

    The fact is, we did what we did, and now I regret it, very much.

    Who could have known I would ever turn out like this.

    By Mart-Marié on 10.07.2014

  5. “We can’t leave the money here!” I said, sweat dripping from my brow.
    “Of course we can. No-one will find it here – we’re safe, ok?” he said, putting a hand on my shoulder, but failing to calm my nerves.
    Sirens rang in the distance, their wails getting closer and closer.
    “We have to go. Now.”

    By Diogo Ganga URL on 10.07.2014

  6. fantastic job, wheeling through the fantastic heartbreak we accomplished together. i yell to you, you scream at me, our fists swing at phantoms we substitute for ourselves. we will cherish this hell for the rest of our lives. i will cherish this place for the rest our lives.

    By Alex Light URL on 10.07.2014

  7. “To call you my accomplice,” I grumbled as I pressed my back against the door of the prison cell, “would be too complimentary. Moronic minion? Maybe. Doofus drone? Even better. But definitely not accomplice. That implies actual success.”

    “You keep insulting me, miss,” grumbled Chuck from the corner, “and you’re not getting anything from this bowl of gruel tonight. Or the pisswater, for that matter.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.07.2014

  8. Hope is an accomplice to depression. Shit, that doesn’t sound right at all. I need an accomplice someone with whom I feel connected to and not judged but sometimes that someone doesn’t feel close and then again i don’t really like feeling close

    I hate this word. An accomplice is supposed to share your goals with you.

    By JCS on 10.07.2014

  9. DearMarie,
    Thank you for completing the form for finding a criminal partner, and I hope that you and I have a great time together as accomplices. I hope to contact you soon (do not try to find me first. I assure you, you will not succeed), to begin our time as partners together.
    If you no longer wish to become an accomplice, a payment of $200 to me (collected straight out of your bank account) plus a donation of £800 to a charity of your choice (once again collected directly, for your convenience – please write your prefered organisation on your smaller fridge in magnetic letters) will be necessary.
    Thank you in advance for your commitment;
    Sincerely, the Puppeteer.

    By Sky on 10.07.2014

  10. He was a brave man, they said. But they had no idea it was the accomplice that had done it. He organized the trap and set all the strings, he played the situation like a violin. He loved her, serenaded her, all within the duality of the situation. Where he did the work, his man reaped the rewards, and the accomplice watched as he did it all, has he basked in richness, beauty, and harmony.. He did it all, he was a brave man, but they had no idea that it was the accomplice that had done it.

    By Rita B. on 10.07.2014

  11. I have trusted this person all my life. We have gone through countless endeavors together, both good and bad. These experiences are what brought us closer together. My accomplice and I, we are all each others got now.

    By Cooper Neufeld on 10.07.2014

  12. We are nothing together, but dancers. You do not know me, I do not know you, but we are accomplices in this crime called attraction, as we press against each other.

    By Lizzy on 10.07.2014

  13. Would you be my accomplice? I know few would risk undertaking the role, not many have volunteered so far. It comes as no surprise. But the weight would be a thousandfold lighter with you next to me, even if were to lie entirely on my shoulders…

    By domme on 10.07.2014

  14. We are nothing to each other, though we touch with feeling. I do not know you, you do not know me. Yet we are accomplices in this crime called attraction, pressed to one another.

    By Lizzy on 10.07.2014

  15. i dont really have someone i can call if something is wrong. mostly because i have trust issues but if i really had to name someone it would be my boyfriend. hes stupid and funny but he would totally help me whenever i really needed him no questions asked.

    By kim on 10.07.2014

  16. She was such a fickle character, and I hated doing this with her. But she was quick and knew how to pick locks. Why couldn’t I pick locks? My mom had tried to teach me once, and yet I, the discontent teenager with red hair, had failed to listen to her. And now I’m stuck with this blonde idiot — this blonde idiot who can pick locks.

    By Bryce on 10.07.2014

  17. i wonder what it would be like to have an accomplice.. im lonely so i wouldnt know what it feels like haha im such a loser. whatever im a comfortable loser

    By kim? on 10.07.2014

  18. “If this turns out to have been a crime… I was only the accomplice” he said, sliding out of her.
    “A crime? Making a baby with me would be a crime?” She was bemused. She lit her cigarette.
    “Only if it’s two again.” He swiped it from her.
    “Give me that back. It might be one of my last.”

    By Kit on 10.07.2014

  19. My accomplice was in the back of the bus. When we got to our stop, I jumped off but he stayed on. What is he doing I thought. As I caught his eye he held up the briefcase and gave me a menacing grin.

    By dorothy on 10.07.2014

  20. There was a man in a black car. He was the accomplice. His job was to wait for the criminal to arrive and switch cars. He didn’t know exactly what he was in for when he signed up, to be the accomplice.

    By Ashley on 10.07.2014

  21. you watched it all, and you laughed
    you’re still laughing, and I wish the world
    would curl inward like a night lily,
    shy and afraid of all your light.

    but it reaches toward you
    all those fingers,
    crying, crying
    for you to say you were there.

    By Annie P URL on 10.07.2014

  22. my accomplice, Watson, has found a clue that will lead us to the persecuer, the man who murdered the queen. “holmes”, watson asks,” i think our suspect has comitted another feloney.” i walked over too see the scene of the crime and as i suspected, there were no bullet holes or knife wounds, but there wasthe slightest bit of red from strain on the victim’s neck, i knew immeadiately that the killer wanted to cover his tracks, and that these marks were frsh and he or she was close.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 10.07.2014

  23. hi trolololololololollolololollolololololololololololo troll

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 10.07.2014

  24. someone man woman partner second shy together two hide unknown police crime

    By Maria on 10.07.2014

  25. someone who commits a crime as part of a group or something, someone who does not solely commit a crime,

    By Harmony Sin on 10.07.2014

  26. It wasn’t me. I hadn’t been the one to head into his apartment and shoot the guy, but as I wasn’t as disguised, as my balaclava that’s eye holes were much too big for my face had slipped, I was the one caught on CCTV.

    It was pure luck, that. The same luck had landed me here in a police cell while he was still out on the prowl somewhere, avoiding the police while begging me in his mind not to tell on him.

    By Rebekah on 10.07.2014

  27. I clearly knew what he was doing was wrong, absolutely wrong. But I loved him so much, so much to the point that I could not control my emotions.
    “Would you be my accomplice?” That was his original question.
    The idea of being an accomplice was so alluring to me.

    By sensational jane on 10.07.2014

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    By liz on 10.07.2014

  29. doctor who
    clara amp rory river rose
    pandas mak e great accomplices

    I make no sense.

    By eleana on 10.07.2014

  30. Be wary my friend
    they lurk in every alley and corner
    by my side through the dark and lonely
    sliding past what we most detest
    aching with the ghostly intent
    of comrades from dark places

    By Protean on 10.07.2014

  31. As I was pulled from the room, I felt like an accomplice to some sort of crime. Everyone we left behind sat silent, shocked beyond words at what he had revealed just moments before. I could picture the hurt on their faces and felt sick at the thought that I might be the cause of it. His hand gripped mine tightly as he pulled me out the door and down the front steps, faster than was wise on such a cold, icy night.

    By Meghan on 10.07.2014

  32. I walked down the street, many kids begging for money or food, I tried to walk by without looking at them… I didn’t have anything on me, it hurt just to look at them. As I went around a corner I saw a group of kids beating up this little blonde boy. I yelled at them they were all half my height, “Get away from him!”. At that they all skittered away and blended in the shadows, the boy slowly got up, as I picked up his broken glasses from the floor. “You okay?” He nodded lightly but before I could give him my hand I heard sirens, and some of the boys came with a cop, “There he is! And that girl is helping! She’s an accomplice!!”. I wanted to yell when the blonde boy grabbed my arm and pulled me past the corner…

    By Akeyx on 10.07.2014

  33. She had none. The rest of the world seemed to have a plethora of friends, acquaintances, lovers. She could plainly see their perfectly calculated happiness through social media profiles and captioned pictures but she, she trusted herself alone.

    By Emma Kiel on 10.07.2014

  34. “You don’t wanna talk? That’s fine. We’ve got more than enough to arrest you as his accomplice-”
    “Wait,” it was barely more than a whisper but it was more than Kale had gotten out of her in the last 36 hours. “I’ll talk,” she said, wetting her lips. “But you’ve gotta protect me,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.07.2014

  35. “How’s my little accomplice?” he grinned. I could smell the whisky on his breath – top shelf no doubt; we could afford it. Drunk again, clearly he suspected nothing, but why would he? I played my role so well; his sweet little accessory with all my brain and beauty seemingly at his command. But now I had what I wanted, there was no need to keep my partner in crime.
    “Come ‘ere,” he slurred, pulling me to him on the sofa, smothering my face with his stench. I curled my arms behind him, unsheathing the knife from my sleeve. His tongue moved from my mouth to my neck and his hands fumbled beneath my skirt. “We’re rich baby,” he murmured.
    Just as his fingers pushed their way inside me, I thrust the knife towards him. I felt blood from his mouth on my skin as he choked. Twisting the knife a little more, I smiled triumphantly. “No baby, I’M rich.”

    By Arnia on 10.07.2014

  36. I’m not one to have meta-discourses of the thoughts that I have. But I suppose I do it too, even if not overtly. Girlfriends are your accomplices in such crimes against your own mind. But what would one do without them, anyway?

    By Abhineeta on 10.07.2014

  37. It means a person who monitors and protects accomplished works.

    By Mary on 10.07.2014

  38. Lenny. Her accomplice in all things taboo. Don’t get this wrong. Lina was not the wild child in the strictest sense. But the shadow of her twin long dead made everything seem that way.

    By Anu on 10.07.2014

  39. She took furtive glances as she hugged her handbag close to her chest. Small puffs of air escaped from her mouth and her face blushed a deep pink.

    “What is she doing?” I thought to myself as I strolled towards her with my shopping cart.

    Then I saw what she was up to. A whole row of Christmas decors, mainly Santa figurines, were rearranged to look like they were humping one another.

    A loud gasp came from my right and I turned to see the shocked face of a fellow shopper.

    I had no idea what came over me, but I dashed towards her and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the nearest exit at top speed. Her uncontrollable laughter pierced the air as we ran out of the store.

    Not only had she made me an accomplice that night, she had stolen my heart.

    By lestersayspika on 10.07.2014

  40. I’m going to need an accomplice. This heist is too big for one person. There needs to be another. But there can’t be more than two people.

    Three is a crowd.

    We’re going for the big one: we’re going to steal each other’s love.

    By Iceman on 10.07.2014