October 7th, 2014

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71 Responses to “accomplice”

  1. Without an accomplice the job was impossible, I sighed and turned away from the fridge. Asa 2 foot toddler the higher shelves were beyond my reach.

    By Jill Robinson on 10.08.2014

  2. Що б лихого я не робив у ті роки — вона була моєю супутницею. Зрештою, мені здавалось, що я був один, чи то я був зраджений — але і я зраджував. І тоді, коли ми в холоді тулились одне до одного, і тоді, коли ми тулили до себе інших людей, ми залишалися спільниками у справі самотності.

    By mykolan on 10.08.2014

  3. You helped me ruin us. You helped me take down the kingdom we were never meant to build. You let me burn the world. So, don’t you dare blame me. You share the same amount of blame as I do.

    By Gabby on 10.08.2014

  4. The heist had gone off well, with one exception. Terry hadn’t been seen since he went back to the truck for more det cord. A single deviation of the plan had caused a domino effect of compromises.

    Jerry had accounted for nearly everything else and the guys were able to continue the operation with great success, but everyone still wondered what had happened. Barry went searching for him a few hours later, but didn’t have anything to go on and the calls he made were futile attempts toward resolution. Larry didn’t have any luck either.

    Twelve days passed until they guys saw a grainy picture of a guy who looked like Terry on the news. The guy in the report had been found lying on the pavement two streets from the bank. He’d been stabbed in the back. It was reported that he was recovering from a punctured lung and police were looking for clues to the case.

    The accomplice had been located and everyone was visibly happy — that is everyone except for Jerry. He seemed happy enough, but something just didn’t sit well with Barry. Somewhere deep down, he felt that the smile didn’t come quickly enough on Jerry’s face. There was a hesitation, both momentary and fleeting.

    A whisper kept invading his head, “something isn’t right.”

    By Steve on 10.08.2014

  5. i was always there
    accomplice to the fool
    that never got trouble

    By tones8 on 10.08.2014

  6. I didn’t mean to cause trouble, but when your best friend run out of a store, jumps in your car, and yells, “Go!” you don’t ask questions.

    By Makayla on 10.08.2014

  7. When i think of an accomplice, i think of partner in crime. i don’t know why. someone who helps you do something is an accomplice.

    By Bekah on 10.08.2014

  8. a person guilty in a crime or who assists in a crime.
    It’s difficult to prove whether a person is guilty or not.The police tries various methods to extract the truth out of the person

    By dpt on 10.08.2014

  9. I have no idea what that word means so its kind of hard to wright about. I think it means you finish something you are doing.

    By sam on 10.08.2014

  10. accomplice is something that you finish I think but I don’t care what it means.

    By sam on 10.08.2014

  11. he was my accomplice in this lovely disaster we called a relationship. i didnt wreck it alone. we pulled the strings in opposite directions until it ripped apart by the most tiny, unnoticeable pieces of fabric–one by one–til it was completely severed. we stood on opposite ends–holding all we could take with us

    By Safon on 10.08.2014

  12. Accomplish is what I’ve heard of but accomplice I have never heard of it what does it mean i feel stupid for not knowing what that means can somebody tell me

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.08.2014

  13. I want to be his accomplice in crime, and him mine. We shall go about are way, not particularly caring for whether we are actually committing crimes, because who needs to break the law when you have great company to enjoy?

    By Katie URL on 10.08.2014

  14. may the wind
    may the sky
    may everything on earth conspire
    for a moment that i’ve dreamed of
    for something that could spring out of

    By Aya on 10.08.2014

  15. He smiled at the woman alongside him as they ran through the parking lot and to their getaway car.

    His team’d kill him for this, taking the money and leaving them stuck inside the building’s safe with no way out and the cops bearing down, but he’d be too far away for them to do anything about it.

    Far away, with the woman he loved next to him.

    He was wrong.

    “Put the bag down.”

    She was pointing a gun at him. And suddenly that soft smile she had was replaced by a hard glint in her eyes.

    Turn out you really can’t trust anyone.

    By Mary on 10.08.2014

  16. You broke my heart. It was priceless. I don’t know where to file the complaint or how I can get justice since I am guilty of acting as your accomplice.

    By Soft URL on 10.08.2014

  17. The glove. Stupid kid, of course he would leave behind something like that. No, Cyrus corrected himself, not stupid, just careless. He knew how easily a small piece of fabric could fall, how you wouldn’t even hear the sound of it hitting the floor. He knew how to tuck into pickets, double and triple check… But that made the single black glove laying on the tabletop between him and the cop no less damning.

    By Yona on 10.08.2014

  18. accomplice is your partner in crime and much more for example mom and dad robed a bank together which makes them partners in crime

    By beth on 10.08.2014

  19. 10:01 a.m. this is what the letter said. “Why so precise,” I thought with an indignant flare, “am I to be an accomplice to something, sir?”

    By Intuition on 10.08.2014

  20. “My accomplice got out without me this time. We didn’t plan well enough to get us both out” He told the police officer as he sat handcuffed to that table. “His name is Caleb Travison.”

    By Amelia on 10.08.2014

  21. accomplice is mean one who help in task actually more in crime, for example a theift that had been captured and send to the jail, the court call hi or her as accomplice to the crime and punish

    By ahmad on 10.08.2014

  22. I slipped out the back door,
    Through the alleyway
    Dripping with catgut violin strings
    Being set out to dry,
    Past the crumpled newspaper stand,
    (the stand was crumpled like a newspaper,
    Or only sold crumpled newspaper – you want something new, go somewhere else),
    through this terrifying wonderland,
    And into your car,
    Where we lay down,
    And never moved again.

    By Siege URL on 10.08.2014

  23. The criminal had an accomplice to help me with the crime.

    By dylan on 10.08.2014

  24. What his mother in law had said gnawed at his mind until the following Monday morning, when he could get to city hall. After several hours of cajoling, he finally got the clerk to show him the information he wanted. His family registry, on which he had only been an after thought to begin with, had been changed. He had been divorced without his knowledge, deleted; and the rest of his family moved to another address, which they would not tell him, because he was technically no longer related to them. When he got belligerent, and accused his wife, and them, of fraud, they accused him in turn of being an accomplice, since his stamp was on all the forms too. His claims that it was used without his knowledge fell on deaf ears.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.08.2014

  25. the accomplice to the murder sat in the car outside. he began to start the car, as he saw his friend run out of the door of the shop. the chevy revved, and his friend opened the door hastily. he sat down, throwing the bag of money into the back seat with no small amount of force.

    By Lou on 10.08.2014

  26. billy bill and his accomplice at the school park brought billy joe to the back of the school where the a.i’s couldn’t see them. Then billy’s accomplice billy billy held billy joe’s hands behind his back while billy bill was tasering him (the one where they pokethem).
    the end

    By anthony on 10.08.2014

  27. It is a partner. To people working together.

    By numbers on 10.08.2014

  28. Which one of you will be the accomplice?
    Will you be equals?
    Will you stay comedy/tragedy
    or more Mungojerry/Rumpleteaser?
    I know one will always be the look out.
    That’s okay.
    Daddy’s my look out.

    By Kit on 10.08.2014

  29. the second set of prints
    were slightly unnerving
    and reminded of old oak trees that distort
    themselves to squeeze out competitors.
    strangling to survive.
    then there was the missing doughnut

    By Kairn on 10.08.2014

  30. You knew that you were an accomplice to our crime. We lied. To him. To each other, to ourselves. We cheated. You knew it wasn’t fair and yet you put the blame on me.

    When you heart broke which was bound to happen you ensured I suffered too. In each and every sense, you were a shitty partner.

    By paridhirustogi on 10.08.2014

  31. Somebody who is involved in a crime or who helped with a crime. The driver of the get away vechicle was an accomplice to the robber if the bank! Which means they were still involved in the crime but their considered the helper not the direct

    By Georgann Hurley on 10.08.2014