February 23rd, 2024 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “flower”

  1. The flower opens, petals slowly furling out, delicate blossom carrying all the future in colors and softness and fragrance.

  2. a wilted
    bows on
    my nightstand
    paying homage
    to your absence.
    its water turned
    murky and green,
    its smell is
    yet i refuse to
    discard it.
    i know
    it’s as dead
    as our love
    but i won’t
    throw it away
    like you did
    to me.

    by mfgm on 02.24.2024
  3. When the child was young, they thought she was developmentally delayed and brought her to see child psychologists who gave the parents no hope. Then the parents left her alone to do her own explorations in the woods. At the age of 8 years, she suddenly flowered with a discussion on the variety and types of plants in the garden and her theory of calculus.

    by Chanpheng on 02.23.2024
  4. I love petunia flowers, I also love sunflowers because they remind me of a type of carefree happiness that I had in my childhood. Roses are my favorite flowers because they remind me of my Mom which makes me smile.

    by Mesha on 02.23.2024
  5. If there’s one flower that offends me more than the rest, it’s the lily. I am not often given flowers, and yet, a lily will always make its way inside. Sorry for your loss, they say, sending bouquets of the ostentations stinking flowers to my door. White heads crowing open proudly, too proud. They are perfect. Too perfect. Streaks of pink in too wide mouths. Cat killers. They are the trumpeters of death and grief.