March 10th, 2013 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “withered”

  1. I am these days, especially emotionally, i shouldnt be, only 19 but everything is tired. tired of smiles, and lies, truth and work. just tired like really just want to give up so so withered

    By Savannah on 03.10.2013

  2. a withered flower lays in front of me.
    and i don’t know if that is sad or
    simply beautiful

    By helene on 03.10.2013

  3. trees wither when the have no water. you need water to live. wither therefore is the opposite of life, the act of dying, a trees last act of living is the death it receives in withering

    By john mohs on 03.10.2013

  4. Withered as the daylight that dies when sunset comes.

    By Monica on 03.10.2013

  5. When I planted my first bud, I was so proud of it.
    The rain was set just right, and as Mr. Weatherman had predicted, clouds started spitting rain in the evening. I did not think water would wither the flowers like they did.

    By Katherine on 03.10.2013

  6. The flower bent its head and sighed. The dark was rising once again and with it the cold and deadly frost. The flower knew it would not be long before its leaves withered and its blossoms died. That was life. Over, and over, and over again.

    By musicrazi on 03.10.2013

  7. Withered like my mother’s hands. She has the same hands as me and one day I know that mine will be as withered as hers. It is like looking into the future, and sometimes it scares me and sometimes it comforts me. Knowing just what I will be. And knowing what she used to be.

    By Christina Hall URL on 03.10.2013

  8. Green to brown
    Life ended
    Withered away

    By Al on 03.10.2013

  9. The plant withered. I forgot to water it. My mom asked me to. I forgot. Maybe I’ll wither too. Maybe I deserve it. I forgot to water it, after all. My mom will find out. Should I buy her a new one? Maybe I can water it and it will revive! Water makes everything better, right? The poor plant… Look how it sits… It turned out. It only needed a little sunlight.

    By Travis Trahan URL on 03.10.2013

  10. as i looked deep into his eyes i could see that he had no comprehension of what he had just done,its like his soul had slowly withered and died away ,from all those years of reckless living,he really dint understand consequencies but he was about to—

    By ezzyd on 03.10.2013

  11. laying broken on the floor, the vase lay shattered. the flowers withered and died, while her body cooled.

    By Candz on 03.10.2013

  12. i have withered
    i am an old leaf
    an old song
    long gone
    long forgotten

    a memory that has fallen
    quietly to the ground and now lays
    crunched under the feet of school children

    By sevenwords on 03.10.2013

  13. I withered away in my sleep last night
    In my dreams I was with you
    My dreams are over now.
    We’re just ghosts in space
    Beings, who have Withered away
    Only love remains.

    By Silvamyk on 03.10.2013

  14. Trees, branches the cold winter manifested itself upon me. All around I could only see the gnarled twisted shapes of those I had hurt, and yet there was no hope. No light, no smoke, only death and cold. The cruel atmosphere was an iridescent reminder of all that I had attained; despair.

    By Jakub on 03.10.2013

  15. the withered old tree has seen many lifetimes go by in her own life. but she still has arms for the world to hold onto. She still see’s many things.

    By Peace Gypsy URL on 03.10.2013

  16. My heart withered away each day as I watched you with her. I would not allow my smile to fade, I wouldn’t let you see me for how I really was, and what I really felt, all because she made you smile like there was never anything wrong in the world.

    By Kat on 03.10.2013

  17. the air smelled new
    and the leaves looked as if they had adopted
    original colors, all their own
    flowers bloomed with fervor
    vibrantly illuminated against a neon sky
    as winter withered in the shade

    By StarlitSunrise on 03.10.2013

  18. She clutched it to her chest, the old withered, useless thing, and begged for them not to touch her again; not to hurt her again. Please– they had already taken her livelihood; please, please, would they spare her life?

    The only response she heard was their laughter, and in it she heard that last resounding answer: NO.

    By Courka URL on 03.10.2013

  19. The rose you gave me sat in my windowsill for a couple of weeks before it withered. It reminded me of your feelings for me that also withered a while ago. It shouldn’t bother me now because it’s been so long, but it hurts all the same.

    By Danielle on 03.10.2013

  20. I leaped up onto the patio, placing myself on the withered platform, prepared for what was to come. I swiftly swept a tear from my cheek and pulled myself the fuck together within three short chest aching breaths. I am ready.

    By autumn on 03.10.2013

  21. flowers wither, the life slowly evaporating from them, draining out the roots and into the ground. breaking down and rearranging, gaining nutrients and growing; sprouting.

    By Becca T on 03.10.2013

  22. The roses slowly withered and died from not being cared for. Sally knew that she could have taken so much better care of her mother’s roses. Now they have totally died.

    By Laugh4miles on 03.10.2013

  23. I don’t know what that word means. I will found out, soon, thankful for the internet :)

    By Martina on 03.10.2013

  24. I could see the love draining from her eyes, as she withered in the corner of the hotel room.
    What have I done? I gave it all up in a momentary lapse in judgement. A fit of passion. The wrong type of passion.
    There’s no going back from this.
    Once you’ve struck the one you love, there’s never much more to say.
    I have become my father. I can’t help but cry. Even harder than she is. I hate myself for stealing that from her.
    What now? I can’t bear the thought.

    By John on 03.10.2013

  25. There is a vase on my window sill. It is a little cracked. There are dry flowers in it, because I didn’t put in the water like I usually do once a week. Because my grandmother died, so these flowers should too.

    By Leah on 03.10.2013

  26. Those free roses lasted much longer than anyone would have thought. More than 5 days after I found them in the dumpster they were still standing up straight and tall though the leaves were showing some wear. Wonderful Valentine’s gift from the bodega.

    By Mary URL on 03.10.2013

  27. The tree withered throughout its life. It was sad to see. It had been a beautiful tree when Tony was a child. But as he grew up, and life became dull, so too did this tree. He felt it represented his life. Dead, old, withered.

    By Alex Cahill on 03.10.2013

  28. The petal falls down into the pool, causing ripples to flow. However, the rose’s withered pstalk will never live

    By Wervenyt on 03.10.2013

  29. She sat on the divan in her yellow taffeta staring at the frisee salad. It wilted as the hours passed and the doorbell stood still. Finally, she turned off the porch light and climbed the stairs to bed.

    By penny dreadful on 03.10.2013

  30. I get so withered watching you. You wear me out. How are you able to do what you do?

    By teeda URL on 03.10.2013

  31. A heart, withered and scorched
    Beats failing and weak
    Floundering for air it lurches
    And bumps
    Along this fated journey
    This dusty path
    To a shore that no longer
    Houses the traveler

    By Eileen Maki URL on 03.10.2013

  32. The white rose had withered a long time ago, but Delilah had not removed it from the slender swan-necked vase. So the petals crackled and crinkled and wrinkled until they snapped off the graying steam, drifting downward with the color and texture of old autumn leaves, dusting the tablecloth with feverish spring dreams. Delilah sat in her chair and watched the flower die, sniffing loudly before returning to her book.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.10.2013

  33. No room in the darkness left for light
    I was once strong; and now I’m tired
    I am a bird, but they cut off both my wings
    The words are people on a page going wandering

    And I forgot how to hold a hand
    And I can’t remember what it was that did this anyway
    My life is winter snow in fragments all around
    Can’t you see the decay, I’ve already drowned

    I’m floating, floating, floating like the dead girl
    No one realises we’re all just living meat
    I’ve been rotting since the day I was conceived
    So I don’t want to fight


    By Perri on 03.10.2013

  34. Josie looked at the ugly thing in the flower pot. The plant had withered and died over the weekend, and now it looked like a burnt and collapsed tower. The thought reminded her of her city made of building blocks, which the cat had tyrannically blundered through. A young and distressed Josie clutched at her short chocolate locks when she realized that both her plant and her toy city were destroyed.

    By JL URL on 03.10.2013

  35. Old people. I think of age obviously and of death. Like dying roses in a vase that someone needs to throw out. I am terrified of getting old more so than actually dying. I don’t want to be held back from my wishes by my broken down body.

    By Drew on 03.10.2013

  36. OUr relationship had withered away in to nothing. we had went our seperate ways but seeing her now opened my eyes to something that could be rekindled, become something that neither of us could have imagines

    By Mejia on 03.10.2013

  37. the way she had withered away, was breathtaking. After knowing her for 4 years, I’ve never seen her this sick. The eating disorder was winning, who knows how much time was left.

    By Marley on 03.10.2013

  38. It withered and died on the windowsill. The dirt underneath it was cracked and dried, choking the life out of it. Like an old woman’s hand. The life leaking out till its paper.

    By Meagan on 03.10.2013

  39. strange coincidence. received a poem with “withered” in its title in my inbox this morning. strange coincidence, strange intersection. blooming like a flaming car accident.

    By gia.mfgon on 03.10.2013

  40. Withered. The leaves were withered and limp. Like they hadn’t gotten enough water in days. But then the sun came out, and the leaves perked up. New. Fresh. Pungent.

    By thl on 03.10.2013