December 21st, 2014 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “wintertime”

  1. Wintertime was her way of hiding
    with frostbitten toes and frosted lips
    she remained silent and frozen
    with no one to know who she was
    softly being blanketed by a mask of snow
    quietly falling, without a sound

    By Sasaki on 12.22.2014

  2. Warm hot cocoa snuggly sweaters. family Cristmas’s , crazy people crazy games yummy food.

    By teagan URL on 12.22.2014

  3. Wintertime brings the old memories of hot chocolate, croissants after the walk along the frozen lake.

    By chhidru on 12.22.2014

  4. Snow in the air, on the ground. Those first few hours of a snow fall are precious. Untouched pure white snow, glittering like diamonds have been sprinkled across the top. Eventually it becomes slush, especially in the city.

    By Anne on 12.22.2014

  5. Schau raus-
    die Welt so wunderschön!
    All das Grau bedeckt mit weiß,
    alles häßliche überdeckt
    Alles wirkt so schön,
    so friedlich –
    die weiße Winterlandschaft.

    By Anuri URL on 12.22.2014

  6. it’s not like it’s really all that bad i mean it’s nice you know like it’s just that it’s nice it’s what people mean when they say “Gee, that’s really nice” not nice like oh cool story bro but gee. That’s really nice. Just like that. that’s what i mean when it’s nice outside, it’s not spring i know that’s when we usually think it’s nice but i mean it’s just nice when there’s snow

    By Benjie on 12.22.2014

  7. It is so cold but I still love to eat ice cream with my loved ones while cuddling under a thick blanket on my bed. I love it when we throw snowballs and run til we slipped on the roads. Hot pot of soup is my bestfriend during winter.

    By apoll bolong on 12.22.2014

  8. skeleton vines reach out to the side
    for a short time mingle, intwined
    til the prune peels back the bark, where i hide

    By Craw on 12.22.2014

  9. christmastime is here and all is lit and all is near. every smile is wide as the starscape fueled by hope that saint nick will bring anything but coal.

    By matt on 12.22.2014

  10. I’ve always loved the wintertime. Especially when the snow is covering all the ugly secrets that are lying out there.

    By Alice Shina on 12.22.2014

  11. Wintertime is always cold. So cold. just imagine the snow and the ice. I think it’s cold. but it’s also beautiful, isn’t it? I think it’s beautiful. just imagine all the snow and the ice. I really like and I hate it the same time.

    By Maria on 12.22.2014

  12. I sit in front of the large window, with a hot chocolate and HIM right in front of me. His sweater is way to big and every time I look at him I blush. He smiles at me and my eyes go back to my drink, I couldn’t imagine anything better than sitting here with the guy I like drinking something warm and discussing about god and the world.

    By Thia on 12.22.2014

  13. Yes yes the snow is living the plants are dying but what does that really matter? Why can u just see what hidden Horace, it’s not about the obvious you twat. With that I smiled, Horace was really a simpleton. Well we can’t all be like you can we. Well he was right, it’s rather lonely thinking the way I do.

    By Danielle on 12.22.2014

  14. Wintertime is meant for hugs and kisses, warm coffee and cuddles. I love wintertime because of the amazingly chilly weather. It makes me feel almost as hopeful as during springtime, but somehow so much better because of the lack of flies

    By Stephanie on 12.22.2014

  15. I stood in front of my window as the snow fell from the sky, creating a winter wonderland that was irresistible. And when I turned on the news and saw that school had been canceled due to the snow, I knew that it was wintertime because of the most magical perks involved- snow days.

    By Sarah URL on 12.22.2014

  16. Wintertime is a time of snuggling up close to the fireplace, being with friends and family, and the best holidays of the year (in my opinion). It’s all about together-ness. While it may be cold and bitter to some, some of the best Winter memories we have is outside in the cold of the white snow and flurries that fall from the skies.

    By Alex on 12.22.2014

  17. freaking cold.
    freaking beautiful.
    Cuddling and snuggling.
    White grounds
    Dark sky
    Longer nights
    shorter days
    gloves scarfs hats jackets and boots
    sledding skiing no swimming
    snow men
    snow balls, no gowns

    By I on 12.22.2014

  18. I wrote about wintertime I want a new word….booooboooo

    By toocute on 12.22.2014

  19. It is sad, and grey all the time. But your memory warms me, it always will. It’s ever-present even when the cold has surrounded even my smile.

    By Jennifer Madinabeitia on 12.22.2014

  20. I’ve always enjoyed wintertime. I’d like to say it was become of the snow: the way the world gets coated in white and the flaws of the earth are made pristine. In truth, it doesn’t snow very often here. I like looking forward to snow: the anticipation, the hope of seeing the world become a postcard right in front of you, and the thrill of seeing that first tiny flake. Plus, it’s great coffee weather.

    By Brandon Steward on 12.22.2014

  21. Wintertime is finally here, and thank god it’s not remotely as cold as it was last year. At least, not so far. This is actually pretty decent weather for a winter, and if I could choose whether or not it remains this way, I would. I absolutely can’t stand snow, in fact, I HATE IT! But, nonetheless, I’m prepared for the remainder of the season. I know this decentish weather isn’t going to last.

    By Illiana Wu on 12.22.2014

  22. The most amazing time of the year. I just love everything about it. Christmas and new year are just great. I love when it snows. Wintertime is perfect for snuggling and drinking hot chocolate.

    By jeyny on 12.22.2014

  23. Wintertime always begins with that strong gust of wind and the need to carry a spare jacket with me all the time. It starts of boots and hot beverages and thoughts of cuddles indoors. I love wintertime.

    By snookerum on 12.22.2014

  24. Wintertime is a glorious time. The snow falling gracefully. Everyone enjoys wintertime somehow.

    By Cassidy Martinez on 12.22.2014

  25. you hate it. oh god, do you hate it. its bleak and drab and ever so cold. your skin peels and your hair is somehow even more unruly than ever.
    sicily would never do this to you.

    By rhey quaza on 12.22.2014

  26. The air nipped at the skin of his hands, his face, his neck. He shivered and tried to bury further inside his knit sweater, shakily breathing warm air into his hands. He shoved his hands under his armpits, and tucked his nose under the turtleneck collar of his sweater.

    By cyb on 12.22.2014

  27. sip at your iced mocha
    watch the fog on the windows consume your view
    of the outdoors
    it’s wintertime
    let your breath warm your lovers cheek.

    By Lace on 12.22.2014