April 23rd, 2016 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “whom”

  1. Whom do you wanna impress
    It only leaves you distressed
    And stressed
    You look left and right
    Every goddamn time
    Fight hunny fight
    Its your beautiful time
    I promise you won’t be distressed
    If you impress yourself
    And you’re the most beautiful, precious sublime soul.

    By Sameeka on 04.23.2016

  2. Not sure when to use this word… Actually the first thing that came up for me was “for whom the bell tolls” but just because of this single word. I usually just listen to myself say the sentence and depend on WORD to correct my error… Is it who or whom?

    By Jenn on 04.23.2016

  3. Ask not for whom the bell tolls; that is a stupid question. Obviously it’s you, idiot– who else would it be? I mean really. You’re so oblivious sometimes! I can’t believe you’d miss something so apparent, so crystal clear. Is your head in the clouds or shoved up– I’m sorry. That’s mean. Let me try again.

    By Courka URL on 04.23.2016

  4. whom. whom is a funny word. from whom did you steal this pen from? whom is such an old fashioned word. to be honest, it’s needed for grammar, but no one really uses it. I mean, why would you?

    By emily on 04.23.2016

  5. To whom it may concern:
    I know nothing about love, and yet i am getting my heart broken by a woman who i didn’t expect to come into my life once more. I find myself not knowing what to do

    PD: Hope you are doing okay now

    From: your past self

    By Bramsy on 04.23.2016

  6. I never know when to use this word. to who it may concern… to whom it may concern.

    Does it concern anyone? Such a strange way to begin

    By txtrainer on 04.23.2016

  7. Whom Should I complain to about my life? Whom should I say its because of you am here.. Truth is there is no one.. There is no whom… Its I me myself responsible for everything that has happened to my life

    By Reshma on 04.23.2016

  8. “you’re doing that wrong.” i don’t care. there are my ways, and you know what i mean when i say, “who.”

    the control freak in all of us is energy best spent on oneself.

    By sidney on 04.23.2016

  9. I think that whom might be the most bizarre word. Why do we need whom? What is so wrong with “who” that we can’t just use it? The only reason we have whom as a word is because we said it had a different definition than who, which probably they are close enough that we can combine them

    By Baylee on 04.23.2016

  10. Whom will be reading this? Will this just be sucked into an endless wormhole located somewhere within the depths of text that is the internet? Will this ever exist Outside? Will this ever resurface? Will I ever see you again?

    By Roslyn on 04.23.2016

  11. “I have a letter,” said the butler.

    “To whom is it addressed?”

    The butler looked at him oddly. “To you, sir,” he said. “Whom else would it be addressed to?”

    His elderly master reached for the beige envelope with trembling fingers. A red wax stamp held the crinkled paper together, but the man had trouble opening it. The butler had to get him his prized brass letter opener.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.24.2016

  12. Student : Whom do you think is the creator, The maker of the universe?

    Teacher : Whom do you think you will report after your life is over and you go away?

    By Puru on 04.24.2016

  13. What is the read difference between who and whom? My grammar sucks, so I don’t know. I avoid the need to figure it out.

    By Marcia on 04.24.2016

  14. He’s someone with whom I can be me. Someone with whom I feel free.

    By Rita Carvalho on 04.24.2016

  15. To whom it may concern,
    For quite some time now I have been living with an intense and passionate desire in my heart, a desire that up until now I have tried to ignore. I can do it no longer. I no longer can lie to the world and say that I want thing out of life. I need them. I feel them deeply in my spirit.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.24.2016

  16. To womb it may concern….those hyperdimensional gateways seem to concern all of us really. From nothingness to somethingness, we all have to pass that diamond gate. Seems a shame to go from that to a lead-lined wooden box.

    By Snufkin on 04.24.2016

  17. “Adena, whom I have never met, but recognize from the tattoo which you described, is asleep on my bed. Can you tell me, Bailey, why there is an unfamiliar woman asleep in my bed?” Alexis was fuming. Bailey grinned sheepishly.

    By Hannahey on 04.24.2016

  18. I couldn’t tell you who started all of this. It has been growing for centuries and it has yet to encircle us all. Why do such things as rumors and lies catch so easily, when the truth is still buried so deep beneath us?

    By Emily URL on 04.24.2016

  19. to whom do i owe this honor
    of being here, and being mentally aware
    that this, this moment in time,
    is all that it takes to be fine
    to WHOM do i have to thank?
    i think it’s me
    i’m the one who got myself here
    i fought, i thought, i was taught
    it’s me that has the potential
    and maybe others should fear.

    By Molly Kinyon on 04.24.2016

  20. With whom should I work? What sources should I use? How to organize my material? How to start? How to keep doing it? How to keep myself on track? How not to lose track? How much time should I spend each day? How to…

    By Andrei Furnica on 04.24.2016

  21. For whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. This is a tough one. To whom are you speaking? What part of grammar is whom? Whaaat? Wheere.

    By KBird on 04.24.2016

  22. “Is it whom or who?”
    “Well, what’s the context?” Alexa responded, picking at the dirt underneath her fingernails.
    “Uh.. To whom it may concern?”
    “Sure. Sounds good. Just send the thing already.”
    Lucas looked up at her, unsure if she was joking or not. Her constant monotone made it difficult to tell. “Should we really be emailing a bomb threat?”

    By kristina on 04.24.2016

  23. I already did this shiz yesterday. Seriously, it’s “one word”, not the same word three days in a row. Geez, update your system. Whom do you think you are? That wasn’t even grammatically accurate, but I have to include that word somewhere in this text, right?

    By Roslyn on 04.24.2016

  24. To whom did I have to explain myself? Nobody. This is my life, and nobody else is in control of it. I am to do what I please, because I am the only one in control of my life.

    By lex on 04.24.2016

  25. To whom, I ask. For whom? I wonder. Why? I don’t know. I have no memory of who I am or whom is among me. I am lost. Left and right are mysteries to me. all mysteries.

    By Sveta on 04.24.2016

  26. it was a matter of whom he had given his best kept secret to. before, he had barely dared give it to the sky or to the trees – old folktales had told him stories of how it could be transmitted from a plant to an actual human being. it was no wonder he had grown up suspicious; from the wolves hiding behind the trees who hid the forest to the evilness of stepmothers to the untrustworthiness of natural confident, he had not been prepared to trust. but that day, he chose to try it.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 04.24.2016

  27. You speak as if you are higher above everyone else when in reality you are not. Nobody is better than anyone.

    To hell with thinking you deserve the special treatment, the fancy clothes, the brand-new car.
    To hell with believing you are so much greater and all-powerful just because of your ranking.

    You know, you make me sick. Everything about you that I once saw in a positive light has re-shaped. And now you really make me sick.

    By Christina on 04.24.2016

  28. to whom it may concern, goodbye.. lesson learned.. have another glimpse while you wait your turn. I can’t get over it, I’m so lost.. without you. Words will never be able to describe how much I love you.

    By chel sea on 04.24.2016

  29. When I am with you I feel as if nobody can stop me yet I would stop everything, drop everything for you.
    When I am with you I feel normal yet adrenaline courses through my veins.
    When I am with you I feel untouchable yet you can touch me all you please.
    When I am with you I feel clever yet when you speak I question everything I could say in response.
    When I am with you I feel as if I can do anything, be anyone, go anywhere and I would be in harmony.
    You really have a way about yourself, an aura that you bring, a presence about you that makes me wish for a place in your heart.
    I want to cuddle into your embrace, feel your skin brush up against mine.
    I long for your touch, the sound of your voice.
    I love the way my heart races when I am near you.
    How my heart is ready to jump out of my body, as if it has been wanting to escape for it’s entire life, and become one with yours.
    Being close to you is all I could wish for.
    I wish for the alone time where it is just you and I.
    Where we are free to be ourselves.
    Where society isn’t constantly breathing down our necks.
    Sometimes I dream I am holding your hand, kissing you, running my fingers through your hair.
    Listening to you is heaven.
    Hearing your beautiful thoughts, the words formed in such a etherial manner.
    Being a fly on the walls of your brain would be an honor.
    To be able to know what you think of me without asking, figuring out where we stand.
    How can I make you notice me as something more?
    Someone who would be worth your love?
    I want to have something special with you.
    Something that nobody has ever had before.
    I want to be those high school sweethearts that grow through life together.
    I want to learn with you, cry with you, see the world with you, experience life through each other’s eyes.
    I want my name to be heard over the phone, through whispers, and over the rooftops.
    I want you to wonder why you never thought you would date. Why you ever thought your love wouldn’t be reciprocated. Why you never felt how love could be this intense, this magical, this consistent.

    By Lauren on 04.24.2016

  30. Who? Whom? Who are you? What does the world think of you? What do YOU think of the world? Can one really understand how the world perceives you? You may think one thing, and yet everyone else sees something completely different. How can you really know who you are without knowing what others think of you?

    By Lindsay F. URL on 04.24.2016