April 22nd, 2016 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “coexist”

  1. I felt like we could coexist in the house together, even after the divorce. After all, Graham was my best friend, and he was sometimes the only person I could talk to after a particularly rough day. It was just that we didn’t love each other any more than in a platonic way. When we cuddled, it never got any further than simply sharing body heat. When we exchanged kisses, they were pleasantries – light touches on the cheek.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.22.2016

  2. Everything coexists with everything else. People coexist with each other, not always peacefully.

    By Fiocle on 04.23.2016

  3. I dont know what that means but it sounds interesting, i was asked to write about it but as i said i dont know what it means i hope someone finds this interesting, i dont know though as no real information was given, so with that i dont know if this is multiplayer or not, oh well this was fun at least lol

    By kenji on 04.23.2016

  4. Coexist harmoniously at first. As time progresses i think i will move and relocate under a rock.

    By chezmoi URL on 04.23.2016

  5. exist together, verb, derivate word.

    By Lucas on 04.23.2016

  6. people coexist together, my mother and I for exemple, so as every 7 billion human beings in the world.

    By Lucas on 04.23.2016

  7. we didn’t have to love each other, we didn’t even have to like each other, but we did have to coexist. That’s was easier said then done though. I hated him. I mean, I really hated him. That is, accept for the times I was too busy dreaming about those sparkling blue yes of his.

    By Trista URL on 04.23.2016

  8. coexist. I need to learn to coexist with my anger and self-disdain. Coexist. To live side by side. Occupy adjoining space. Live together. Of course, peace does not have to be involved.

    By KBird URL on 04.23.2016

  9. Coexist with me by being my neighbor. Doesn’t mean we have to be friends. Although that would be nice , too. I am not the greatest typist on this keyboard of life. Do you cross your T’s?

    By KBird URL on 04.23.2016

  10. Coexistance has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks for me since a few years. I simply cannot understand the madness of people and the reason why they behave in such a selfish way.

    By Jowhar on 04.23.2016

  11. To coexist in the world is necessary to have friends, if you have friends they could help ypu to survive. For example if you live after the apocalipsis you need to make new friends and search food to coexists more and establish conversation and the most important from a ne nation.

    By José on 04.23.2016

  12. It’s funny how men and women just coexist – sometimes they love, sometimes they just don’t. How did we come to be like this? Expecting what we expect out of relationships. Who planted that in our brains ?

    By Ashley Kervabon on 04.23.2016

  13. Look, we don’t have to get along.
    We don’t?
    No, we just have to pretend to get along.
    I don’t know if I’m that good at pretending.
    Can’t we just imagine that we do get along, just when we are around other people, and then in private you can hate me all you want?
    That seems unfair that I have to pretend for more than 60 seconds at a time.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 04.23.2016

  14. Sharing the same rhizome in time if not space. The same rhizome in space if not time. The same loneliness.

    By Snufkin URL on 04.23.2016

  15. me and him both coexisted in the same room. it wasn’t easy for us to breath the same air, walk on the same floor.

    By bellaseeley URL on 04.23.2016

  16. When they first landed on the planet, the humans thought that it was not inhabited by sentient beings. But they were wrong – the intelligent life was just tiny and invisible. When it caused the power plant to malfunction, both parties had to communicate because they would need to coexist. The humans knew why they need the Bytes to help them, but it wasn’t until further expeditions prepared to leave that they understood what the Bytes wanted – they proposed to continue the cooperation because they also wanted to leave the planet and explore the stars.

    By chanpheng URL on 04.23.2016

  17. They stood side by side at the window, inches but miles away. There was nothing to be heard but birds chirping outside and slow, patterned breath. As they stared into the distance, he thought about the tune up the car needed. She thought about where they might go on next year’s vacation. Neither realized that each other’s company was more than mere company, it was a gift.

    By Christy on 04.23.2016

  18. It wasn’t that easy to live with Gavin. It wasn’t that he was a mess, or too loud, he was just… a lot. It was like someone took a normal human and turned the settings up to 11. He was too much. Hard to be around for more than a day.

    By Liz Townsend on 04.23.2016

  19. Coexist. What a wonderful word! If only more people could really adopt this word into their world, and we would live in a much more beautiful place. We all bring wonderful things to the table, and its too bad we can’t enjoy these differences a little bit more.

    By annie URL on 04.23.2016