December 2nd, 2017 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “welcome”

  1. love. belonging. center. family. warm. serenity. home.

    By em on 12.02.2017

  2. Make yourself at home. Sorry about the lack of furnishings. We had to get rid of everything after the last storm. There was water rot on everything and you know how material can stink when it get sodden, and how soft wood rots. The paint was the worst mildew creeped up behind and loosened all the glue, but we didn’t realise until it started falling on us during dinner and movies.

    By Flyderkov URL on 12.02.2017

  3. you are very welcome!!

    By ava den dekker URL on 12.02.2017

  4. Hello, good friends, in red and green! We welcome you to this Christmas scene. Please, stay a while, sit by the tree. Enjoy the sweets and company. Carol sheets are on the table, beside the nativity stable. Cocoa and cider are prepared, and snow is falling everywhere. Our gifts for you are wrapped in gold; this holiday never gets old!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.02.2017

  5. I welcome the end of 2017. What a terrible year in so many respects. And I welcome the beginning of 2018. How can it not be better than 2017? Whoops! I better not go there. It’s a dangerous place.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.02.2017

  6. Welcome to my twisted mind. But literally.

    Or, I guess, for one specific person STAY AWAY because you’re not welcome.
    You’re not welcome in my headspace, my home, my dreams, anything.
    You would have been, as a friend, but you were immature. You did what you had to do I suppose but it hurt to go from something to nothing in the matter of minutes.

    Yet it’s quite amazing how you always seem to seep in.
    Crawling in through the cracks
    Slipping in through the door of my heart when it opened for someone else.
    Like an unwanted fly that seems to buzz around my ears, a pestering annoyance now.

    I don’t want it to be this way, but I didn’t get to have a say.
    You cut me out, and now this is my response.

    You decided to leave my life, so I am not going to beg.
    Just as in the Olivia Gatwood poem. “The boy says he doesn’t love me and he doesn’t love me. I have so much beautiful time.”
    I am working to get to the point where I don’t spend so much time thinking about you. Especially since you don’t spend any time thinking of me.
    You’re moving on without torment in the day-to-day, and I deserve that for myself too.
    I don’t want to spend time thinking about you anymore.

    I am thankful for the time we did have as friends and then girlfriends. Because I have learned such valuable things about myself, others, and the world from you. I don’t regret being vulnerable even though it hurts like hell now. I don’t regret getting close to you only to be nothing.

    I learned how to love, fall in love, and that I was able of loving and being loved. I came to terms with my sexuality. I have become transparent in that respect. Weight is slowly lifted from my shoulders, like the heat that evaporates when running into the cool ocean waves.

    I am also thankful for not being together. This way, I am able to reflect on the good and bad times from a distance. It’s a clarity that can only come from separation. No longer connected to you but reflecting upon what used to be in retrospect.

    From this, I learned that I need to be open first and foremost to people so I won’t feel paranoid about loving openly. I learned that gay isn’t abnormal, strange, weird, or unnatural in any shape or form.

    Whatever sexuality, all are valid and deserving of a welcoming acceptance. And it’s not fair or healthy that I felt so afraid for the entirety of the relationship. For a year and four months.

    In my next relationship, I will not look both ways before I hold her hand. I will not give a flying shit about who is looking when I kiss her. I will not beg for acceptance. I will not stress over any kind of perception could possibly be sent through my queerness.

    Welcome, new mindset. Welcome, one and all, I am miss moving on. I am going to have such beautiful time.

    By Britt on 12.02.2017

  7. “I am here!” I declared loudly as my big whopping dick swung and broke the door down.

    The entire orgy stopped. Dead silence. No more fucking. “What?” I asked, beginning to get nervous. Finally breaking the silence of the orgy, a man’s voice said, with a notable quiver, “It’s so… huge.”

    “Yeah!” I said, grinning like a fool.

    By Petriello on 12.02.2017

  8. After so long – /so/ long – it’s difficult to remember exactly how to convey to someone that they’re welcome. You don’t have to fear me, I want to say. I can make space for you, I fail to convey. Please stay near me: the adjacent impossible.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 12.02.2017

  9. It’s more of a feeling than it is a word, really. Even if you first open your eyes to pitch-thick black, or to screaming fearful yellow, or to hot gurgling red, the feeling remains, echoing, pulsing in multicolored veins. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the System, to the Spectrum, to your collective heart. Welcome to Us, that deep embrace repeats, speaking of starlit cities and glassy oceans and labyrinthine woods. Caves and towns and clear skies and thunderstorms, volcanoes and stairwells and deserts and snow, all of it inundated with it, with you. Welcome home, it all says, aching and scarred and trembling and dizzy with gilded love. Welcome home.

    By The Lotus Cathedral on 12.02.2017

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    By realraeann on 12.02.2017

  11. “Welcome…to the woooorld of tomorrow!” my husband intoned, causing me to giggle uncontrollably as we stepped into the restaurant. The host looked a bit huffy, and it was only on reflection much later that I realized he thought I had been laughing at him rather than a goofy Futurama reference.

    By lbrygk on 12.02.2017

  12. “Welcome, Matt!” she said as he stood at the welcome mat.

    By omqwat on 12.03.2017

  13. “Welcome,” said she, her smile a little crooked. “This is the coven.”

    “Of what?” asked he, twiddling his thumbs. “Of witchcraft and wizardry and of boiling bones-”

    The girl laughed, her frizzy black locks escaping her hood. “Don’t be silly, Michael. It’s one of knitting.”

    By Catty Misty on 12.03.2017

  14. By what trails that I’ve left
    I see myself a clearing I’ve come upon
    Desolated and free
    This breeze that seems to ring
    Across the fields
    The trees that lined
    Once akin to my sorrows
    My anguish that fell at the break
    Should I find at last
    A welcome in this place

    By Lynn on 12.03.2017

  15. She held the door open and ushered them in, protesting as they tried to remove their shoes in the entry way. They looked around the foyer and exchanged glances, commenting with their eyebrows on the decor.

    By Bridget Grace on 12.03.2017


    By MEGHA on 12.03.2017

  17. As I left the apartment, i looked down to my feet. One last time I looked at the brown door mat, we picked out together, two years ago. We never liked it, always wanted a funny one, that would make people laugh, once they entered. But we could never agree on one, and that’s why at some point, we bought this simple, ugly mat while shopping for groceries.
    We had been in such a hurry that day, buying everything for the meal we planned with our friends that very evening.
    Right now, my feet were still, not wanting to leave just yet. But I felt your gaze pierce through me from behind, so I started to walk away from our –
    No. It would be your door from now on.
    I was not welcome here anymore.

    By orangefish2 on 12.03.2017

  18. Welcome to the jungle. Inviting hands into the spiraling depths, the arms like the rails of a roller coaster past the peak; pretty much everything in our world is like this, the advertisement and shock-and-awe of a movie trailer inviting you into a downward track of consumption and emptiness. With a smile on their face they’ll take your money and push you even further down the track, welcome, welcome inside, welcome down, there’s no way back up, no refunds.

    By Kybard on 12.03.2017