January 24th, 2017 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “weave”

  1. “Ev’rytime I look over in that there glass winduh, I dun seen a ghose, look jes’ like me, staring at me, I ain’t beat ‘im at no stare contest yet, then Iz get afeered and that ghose jes mocks me and copy ev’rythang I duz. He sho iz quik, and smart, and ril fast tu.”

    -Mater (from Cars 1&2)

    “First I just stared at it, then I held it, just to get the feel. Pure curiosity, all it was. Then I twirled it around and played with it a little. Finally I put it in my mouth and tasted the tip, just a bit… but I swear… I put it in my mouth but… I… did… not… inhale any marijuana from that joint.”

    – Then President Bill Clinton

    By Nunyo Bieznes on 01.24.2017

  2. Let me weave you a tapestry that has colors you never imagined before. A purple we would not call purple, a blue different from blue. The sunrise on the fabric will warm your room faster than the emerging heat outside. Morning leaves you covered in threads and frayed ends. I’ll pick up a needle and stitch you up if you’re falling apart. And you are falling apart, my love, at the seams.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.24.2017

  3. As I go through crowds, I weave in and out of people. Each person unique, living their own lives, going their own places, having their own thoughts wander endlessly through their minds. Each equally significant or insignificant, depending on scale.

    By Lydia on 01.24.2017

  4. “Weavers weaving at the fall of a night
    Why do you weave a garment so bright?”

    Two lines form the poem ‘Weavers’ written by Sarojini Naidu… I studied this poem as kid in school. I still remember my teacher Sr. Jennifer teaching us this poem with such vigor and delight that the memory is forever weaved in me.

    By Princy on 01.24.2017

  5. I keep thinking that I should weave my life memories into a lift sketch, on paper, for everyone in the world to read, but fear has got me got. It’s time to let it go so I can soar and win. So I can live. So I can breathe. So I can be the fearless that I am. I am fearless.

    By Martha Hill on 01.24.2017

  6. I hate the fake-up
    on a girl’s face
    I hate the false weave
    on a girl’s head

    I hate fake tits,
    set in the real’s place
    or push-up bra’s
    false cleavage instead

    unnatural lift in bust
    lifts you with false bravado
    trying to take little cherries
    and disguise them as avocados

    real men love real women
    real parts with real shake
    small tits and natural hair
    over fake, all night I’ll take

    […and are all you bitches the same type of crazy
    following an “ol’-trendemic” from the 80s]

    I’m referring to the fake blonde
    most often used for your hair dyes
    and stupid looking glued lashes
    over your clown painted eyes

    all your damn lousy lies
    that bullshit has me want to cry
    If I never again saw real girls walk by
    I’d rather hand stroke it until I die.

    Can I get an Amen?!

    By Rymin Ray on 01.24.2017

  7. Weaving is one of those “deep” words people always try to use metaphorically. The world is “woven” of many strands. He “wove” all the themes together to create a cohesive whole. We love to see profundity in something as boring and mundane as taking a piece of yarn and threading it in and out.

    By SMB on 01.25.2017

  8. we stole the fates of infinite souls
    and used them to weave the moon.
    spiders hang themselves in witch-trees.
    yet no one sees the threads that connect us all
    and doom us all.

    By anothershadowbox on 01.25.2017

  9. She sat down at the loom and started to weave. She had situated the loom so she could look out on to the road and watch the children in the front yard. Sometimes a cow wandered into the yard and she would jump up to shoo it away. Other times, she smiled as she watched the children share their toys or use sticks to act out something from their imagination.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.25.2017

  10. “Ok, I will weave you awone,” he said. His nerve hung out of his broken tooth like a loose piece of wicker coming out of a basket.

    By Kerry McPherson URL on 01.25.2017

  11. She made her way through the throngs of people, ducking and weaving, fighting the current. “Only two more blocks. Two more blocks.” The sounds around her were deafening and when she felt someone grab her had, she could tell her scream went unheard. She whipped around and looked dead into Jeremy’s eyes. “Oh.”

    By Bridget Grace on 01.25.2017

  12. weave the threads back together as best you can. they’re frayed and fragile, but they’re all you have. be gentle.

    By heretic on 01.25.2017

  13. i wove my fingers through theirs and held on tight, as if that could prevent the strained and desperate bond between us from fraying.

    By heretic on 01.25.2017

  14. “No no no! It’s not pearl one, knit one, it’s pearl one, knit one below, pearl another, knit one. I don’t see what is keeping you from doing this right!”

    “Mom, I’m not even sure we’re still weaving…”

    “Of course we are! knittinghaven.com is the most used site for learning to weave!”

    By Connor URL on 01.25.2017

  15. as we weave in and out of our automobiles
    we make concialltory gestures to door knobs
    women live longer than men
    they pull less harder
    bob with lil wayne, on his album, the carter,
    dogmatic businessmen trend to weave against
    their car doors, they explore,
    their own intellectual worth
    the perspective of a dead leaf is worth listening to
    though no need to adhere to

    By Milad URL on 01.25.2017

  16. Strands of silk flowing in and out creating a beautiful basket

    Lives weaving in and out creating beautiful relationships

    Love Joy Kindness weaving in my life with those I love.

    By Nancy Roe on 01.25.2017

  17. weave a story–fiber arts–in and out of traffic–hairstyle–I don’t seem to have a story here or the gumption to weave one.

    By Elementary on 01.25.2017

  18. nasty fake hair

    By Excaliber on 01.25.2017

  19. something u put in your hair that comes from a horse tail……………

    By takanye URL on 01.25.2017

  20. Girls were weave when they dont have enought hair to get a hair style they want also known as horse hair.

    By Adrian on 01.25.2017

  21. Ya

    By Adrian on 01.25.2017

  22. hair that people (mostly girls) use to make their hair appear longer. Most weave is made of other peoples hair that have to be cut off of another persons hair into wigs or a “track”

    By Maliyah on 01.25.2017

  23. fake hair
    girls get there hair done with it
    horse hair
    or real

    By breyona jones on 01.25.2017

  24. fake hair, girls put it in thhi

    By tyrece on 01.25.2017

  25. black, cant get wet, perm, horse hair

    By Shai Stephens URL on 01.25.2017

  26. 1st Def. Horse hair that goes into girls or boys hair to make they hair look better.

    2nd Def. Weave that you can use to weave basket.

    By Natia on 01.25.2017

  27. is hair product, something that you can braid something girls love, it stinks,comes in packs.

    By jayden riley on 01.25.2017

  28. hair

    By G'Ameka on 01.25.2017

  29. twist,laced,braid,long,fabric,entwin,hair,not real,long threds, loop,hair style,fake,not real,hair,color,some one else hair, horse hair,tight ,lose,something peple use when they don’t have hair,get out the store for cheap,not authentic,tied

    By julian on 01.25.2017

  30. The old woman’s hands were wrinkled and worn. She worked the reeds in and out in a rhythm that made you think you heard drums beating in the distance. It was her craft. It was her life. It was her song.

    By Robin on 01.25.2017

  31. When women or girls wear weave to make their hair long.
    And to make them look cute.
    And to make there hair grow.

    By Sanaa May on 01.25.2017

  32. hair

    By Dayle on 01.25.2017

  33. hair

    By Kendell Pugh on 01.25.2017

  34. Extinction Hair That Suppose To Look “REAL” cough not cough so fake cough.

    When Cars Swerve.

    By Dr.Carr on 01.25.2017

  35. fake har…weaving a basket…thanksgiving…turkey….horses… ha weave is a funny word

    By Amariya on 01.25.2017

  36. something that you put in your hair

    By camryn on 01.25.2017

  37. hair horse tail

    By cedrezwilliams on 01.25.2017

  38. fake hair or when you cut through traffic really quickly

    By larry on 01.25.2017

  39. Something you do for entertainment
    Something extra that you put in your hair to make it longer

    By Mya Buckins on 01.25.2017

  40. weave is something that people put IN there that makes it grow
    or it can mean dodge and weave which mean your dodgeing and weaving things.

    By Daria callum on 01.25.2017