August 2nd, 2013 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “wealthy”

  1. A man looked down at his hands, soft and healthy and new still, never seeing labor like the people who moved around him, no calluses or dirt or worn nails. And this saddened him, for he did not understand why the people with the dirtiest, roughest hands smiles the biggest and laughed the most.

    By Stephanie P on 08.03.2013

  2. Well shit, Michael thought.
    He wanted more than anything to be wealthy, so he could get his damn life out of the gutter and stop repeatedly living his boring, day to day life. And so he became a hacker using an computer.

    By Zain on 08.03.2013

  3. you have a golden heart

    i have a miner’s hands

    it was always meant

    to be this way

    By h. b. on 08.03.2013

  4. coming back to what was left of the jewelery box. He used to be wealthy. All he had now was receipts. No money no properties no friends no family no one. Nothing.

    By Stef URL on 08.03.2013

  5. I never really thought of myself as wealthy growing up, but when you look at the poverty around the world, that almost makes me feel guilty. There are so many people who go without so many things. Honestly, the problems seem unsolvable. It’s easier to play ostrich and put your head in the sand, but what good does that do?

    If wealth is power, then I guess with great wealth comes great responsibility. It bears remembering every once in awhile. If you have a lot, you can do a lot. If you have a little, you should still do what you can. Sometimes it seems impossible, but I doubt anyone has ever donated to a worthy cause and regretted it. I mean, that’s not really how it works, as far as I can tell.

    By hannah URL on 08.03.2013

  6. A young man find himself looking at a hundred dollar bill on the ground. How did it get there? Did it fall out of someones pocket? He bends down and picks it up, it’s been week since he has eaten more than a hand full of dog food.

    By Lea on 08.03.2013

  7. wealth can slve alot of problens but can never make a person truely happy. money cant by you happiness although it may pay the bills and get you new clothes. its always the wealthy that are the unhappiest in life.

    By ciera mcknight URL on 08.03.2013

  8. she has a lot of money
    but doesn’t know where she went wrong.
    she puts love she’s got for money into a pocket full of guilt
    it’s empty just like the house she had built.
    a funny little shelf hangs above her feather down pillow
    an imperfection of her collection that she likes to call wealth

    By Taylor on 08.03.2013

  9. The fact that she now owned her father’s property meant that she was wealthy enough to sustain herself for the time it took her to get through college, but the story that went with it meant that for years after, she would be asked about it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.03.2013

  10. The fact that she now owned her father’s property meant that she was wealthy enough to sustain herself for the time it took her to get through college, but the story that went with it meant that for years after, she would be asked about it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.03.2013

  11. you thought you were wealthy
    so did Midas
    just be glad you are healthy
    no price on that
    because happiness is stealthy
    and can’t be bought

    By Aley on 08.03.2013

  12. Dimes cascaded from the ceiling
    Upon the maggots and the flies
    Dwelling in the gutters
    Feeding off the bowels of the earth.
    This was too much weight for them to comprehend.
    Together they might have used their resources,
    But instead they were crushed by their dreams.

    By Siege URL on 08.03.2013

  13. Shall we?

    Indooobididly! Let’s shall.

    Oh, Chauncey, don’t forget your monocle nor your top hat lest you are in wont of the perception of a commoner.

    Oh, haHA! Too right.

    By John on 08.03.2013

  14. the wealthy are kind
    they give and give and give
    to me.
    but because of them
    just as i can help myself
    i end up hating myself
    because of what i cannot do
    on my own.


    By xxcey on 08.03.2013

  15. My dad is wealthy. It means he has a lot of money or something like that, but sometimes I don’t think it matters. You can be wealthy in other things besides money and a lot of times it seems like a better deal. You can be wealthy in experience, or wealthy in wisdom, and I feel like both of those help out people a lot more than money does.

    By Andrew Priest on 08.03.2013

  16. Wealthy man with his ugly wife
    used a big, bloody knife.
    Then big and scary spirit went
    and said: don’t kill nobody, you can’t!
    Awful woman shout so loud
    and a man has to bought
    earplugs cause he lost
    his hearing what would his wealth cost.

    By Karina on 08.03.2013

  17. She stormed out of the grand double doors of the palace. A guard nodded to us as we past. She was a but up ahead of me, my older sister, whose features I hope I would eventually inherit. I was behind her when she slowed and she turned quickly and took my hands. Then she pressed her forehead to mine and enveloped me with her arms – for her support or mine, I wasn’t sure. She was crying, her cheek pressed against my head and she whispered, “I will never marry him if that’s what being wealthy means.”

    By Lauren on 08.03.2013

  18. He was wealthy and he knew it. I watched him from my perch on the side of the filthy streets every day, and I hated him for it. He flaunted his money. You could see it in his walk, in his talk, in his dress. He wouldn’t even glance at me. I was just street scum, a lowly lady who had nothing at all.

    By Kristina on 08.03.2013

  19. It didn’t help that Jack couldn’t reach the handle bar hanging from the giant baobab. Nevertheless, he jumped with all his might one last time and managed barely to pull the bar down with both his hands onto the ground. The plan was to accompany Deidre through the dangerous terrains of the fallen kingdom’s grounds, but until he can attach this coded message onto this particular tree that he and Mandy had talked about, he can put all his aspirations of being free, not to mention be profoundly wealthy to bed. It all starts with this tree. This moment. Now.

    By Tricia on 08.03.2013

  20. this word sucks……..blah
    cause im not …

    By Mr.584903 URL on 08.03.2013

  21. I always thought that being wealthy was about how much stuff you had. That stuff could be money or houses or cars or coach bags. But I realize that wealthy is a state of mind and everything is relative. I am wealthy. I have friends and family who love me who I can count on.

    By Gigi on 08.03.2013

  22. What is wealthy? Does it mean money? Possessions? Friends? True wealth is being happy with yourself and your life. The people we call ‘primitive’ are the ones who are truly wealthy. They are happy and make the most out of the things that they have and they don’t need money to achieve that. You don’t need the most money to be wealthy. You need to find happiness in yourself.

    By ally on 08.03.2013

  23. I don’t really care about being wealthy when I grow up, but it would be nice having some extra money to spend on clothes, food, and technology.

    By Jason on 08.03.2013

  24. the man exuded elegance and charm from his pores it seemed. the way he walked into the room had captivated all the attention of the female half of the vicinity, and he revelled in it. from his armani suit to his jimmy choos, there was an air of sleek wealth and confidence, and it was his assurity in himself that made him so attractive.

    “where can i get me one of those?” said the waitress to a customer as she served her coffee. they shared a knowing smile as the man took a windowside seat, hitching up his trousers and smoothing imaginary dust from his jacket.

    By beeassassin on 08.03.2013

  25. My dad isn’t very wealthy, but neither is hers, everyone has to have a low income at some point right? well, thats just like this. Money isnt everything to me anyway, id much rather love and have experiences than that of money. Seriously, no biggie.
    We’d love to afford a holiday, but just having dinner with that one special person is enough to satisfy me. A special person would be much more important to me than money, thats what i strive to have in life.

    By River on 08.03.2013

  26. I do not live in a wealthy place. In fact, my neighbors have tarpaulin for roofs and cardboard for houses. But I am rich in culture and generosity, in spirit, sky and sea… In appreciation of those around me, so different, yet exactly the same.

    By Katie Wiggin URL on 08.03.2013

  27. I wish to count you on my fingers, in thousands. I want you, I want the house. I want the land. I long for the power. You’ll know me well on your tv screen. I’ll know what to do to get there. When all else fails, you have money equals power.

    By micheline on 08.03.2013

  28. overflowing

    By Shaz on 08.03.2013

  29. There is a differnce between being rich and being wealthy. An old violin and a wise old man are rich. Other people can be cash wealthy momentarily, bt neither wise nor rich.

    By Bunty on 08.03.2013

  30. The wealth was enough to get to anyone’s head, she supposed, but she knew in her heart that her father wouldn’t have done anything differently if he had been in her position. Or she told herself that. If she stopped thinking that he would have supported her no matter what then she would lose face and would become “another servant girl under King Ko”–and she couldn’t bare to let that happen. Let Joseph lead the Rebels into a fight, let them die. She would sit on her throne and not make a sound.

    By Brandi on 08.03.2013

  31. I had never been wealthy and it was unnerving to have all these riches thrust upon me from an uncle I had never met. Unlimited possibilities lay ahead of me now d all I can think of is how i dont deserve it.

    By Chris on 08.03.2013

  32. That’s what I want to be when I grow up… Vacation anywhere, any time with anyone because money is no object… In between adventures I will use my resources to save neglected and/or abused dogs!

    By Jamie on 08.03.2013