August 3rd, 2013 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “clamp”

  1. The gloved hand clamped around Norine’s throat like a vice.

    “Tell me where it is,” Norine’s captor growled. The voice was low and feminine.

    Norine’s face flushed as more and more oxygen left her. She was too restricted to even wheeze. Finally, her captor removed her wrench hand from Norine’s trachea. Norine gasped and saw nothing but shrinking black holes for a moment.

    By Tone Deaf The Bard on 08.04.2013

  2. There was no time. She quickly fixed the clamp between the two suitcases and headed inside. It was a lousy escape plan but clearly there weren’t any other options. She stood behind the staircase and listened to the sound of footsteps, which got louder and louder by the minute.

    By Vicky on 08.04.2013

  3. I was a clamp. Nothing too special. Just a normal old rusty clamp that didn’t do much of anything in life. A kitchen appliance they called me. What a joke. I was nothing more than a regular tool. A tool for the world to use. A tool for the masses of humanity. It was nothing more than an unrealistic and fake, boring, mundane life.

    By Ryan URL on 08.04.2013

  4. I was a clamp. Nothing too special. Just a normal old rusty clamp that didn’t do much of anything in life. A kitchen appliance they called me. What a joke. I was nothing more than a regular tool. A tool for the world to use. A tool for the masses of humanity. It was nothing more than an unrealistic and fake, boring, mundane life.

    By Ryan URL on 08.04.2013

  5. the squeezing pressure is slowly in increased with ever twist of the robotically operated handle, crushing the hand ever so slightly. The bones start to crack and blood bursts from crushed vessels. Do not operate alone the sign said, the last thought I had before fainting from the pain.

    By River Ranter URL on 08.04.2013

  6. Something that can hold another thing in place. Ex: a table cloth on a table.

    By Rebekah on 08.04.2013

  7. The clamp hung from a rusty chain, gently swinging back and forth in the breeze.

    By Emma on 08.04.2013

  8. A vice-like grip. The twitch of his fingers and pain shot through my arm. The cold steel in a pincer grip.

    “I’ll never say.”

    “… Too bad.” and all went to black.

    By Tief on 08.04.2013

  9. i have clamped my hand on the edge but there seemed to be no time.. gravity wasn’t working for me that day. I knew there was no way out alive, I was going to die it was just a matter of seconds now. I had only one option and there was no time to think i just went with it. And jumped.

    By Matt Sap on 08.04.2013

  10. The clamp connected with the wires stopping all motion with in it, the man who was left hanging from the now motionless wore swung gently from side to side. The sudden stop of the wire leaving him breathless.

    By Georgia on 08.04.2013

  11. The wheel clamp locked down the motorcycle, and she stared hard at the jaws wrapped around the rubber and the rims. “Oh, Madam,” said a small voice behind her. “You should not have parked here.”

    “And why is that?” she replied.

    “Sudden clamping is a chronic problem on this street. You never know when it may strike.”

    “How long does this acute condition last?”

    He rubbed his fingers. “That depends on the medication you are offering.”

    By Anthony StClair on 08.04.2013

  12. dont speak to me
    unless its with
    your fingertips

    By h. b. on 08.04.2013

  13. She tightened the clamp onto the IV as she checked her patient, he was sleeping well now and she knew he was finally at peace.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.04.2013

  14. A clamp on the mouth can be worth its weight in gold. The words that should never be spoken need to be contained. Once they escape they cannot be recaptured, retracted of forgotten.

    By Tracey on 08.04.2013

  15. I left Kansas in the summer of ’88, after a series of extremely violent outbursts against my… well, I suppose you could say ‘type’, were perpetrated throughout the state in a span of three weeks. The clencher came on the night of June 14, when my neighbor and good friend Bertram was dragged out onto the street and killed by a mob of unknown criminals – many of whom I suspected were our own neighbors. He screamed and cried for about fifteen minutes until it abruptly stopped as I lay in my bed, shaking from fear and crying from frustration that I had been unable to act. I packed my necessities and left that damned cul-de-sac the next day, with my dog, Sampson, a small German Shepard who would also be lost to the pointless ravages of the increasingly violent masses a few days later.

    By T. on 08.04.2013

  16. Metal, harsh, and solid, something solid, again, paper in between two sides of pressure; physics. LIke lamp, and clamp, a light inside something that can die, be extinguished.

    Her mouth clamped into a thin line after the news, determined against tears.

    By Saladin Thomas III on 08.04.2013

  17. Her hugs were vices, dangerous in that suffocating way. But still, I never refused them. Wheter it was perversity on her part or mine, wasn’t certain, but it was all the same.

    By Jordan on 08.04.2013

  18. The bent metal of the shop light you bought when you said you were going to work on the car, fix all of the broke small pieces, the ones that didn’t change anything, didn’t keep us from going grocery shopping or taking the dog to the vet, but still made the drives over less than the windy American movie ideal.

    By reem URL on 08.04.2013

  19. Press down. Wake up again with your teeth mashed into the sides of your cheeks. You cannot breathe. It’s better than last night, gagged mouth and clamps. You bite for freedom. Your jaw clenches, unclenches and you move because you can.

    By Claire Marie on 08.04.2013

  20. Well there is a clamp for potato chips so no air gets into to them. I do not really know what else a clamp could be useful for. That was a joke, sorry clamps i know you are useful somehow.

    By Andrea on 08.04.2013

  21. The clamp wasn’t as painful as Valerie expected, not initially. It was only after it had settled against her skin, into her skin, and Benny had set it on the second notch it began to hurt. She wielded the piercing needle with the expert hand of a high schooler who pierced her friends’ in the ladies bathroom.

    By Madeline on 08.04.2013

  22. They hold things together. Nothing will fall apart. Together always.

    By Angelique on 08.04.2013

  23. His hand clamps over mine and he drags me down the street, shoving me into the alley and hiding me from the lion. “Are you insane?” He scolds when the lion is gone. “You can’t do stuff like that.”

    By DeionDakota on 08.04.2013

  24. This empowerment, this liking, this love, is a clamp on my heart!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 08.04.2013

  25. The wind in my ears invigorates me. Cycling is the only time I feel truly alive anymore. My heart sinks ever so slightly when I release the brake clamp and load my bike into my trunk.

    By Madi on 08.04.2013

  26. He clamped down the piece of wood, then set to work moving the saw back and forth. I stared, transfixed by the smooth motions. He looked up and smiled.
    “Wanna try?”
    “Um, no thanks. I think I’ll just watch for now,” I replied.
    “Suit yourself.” He shrugged.

    By Kate on 08.04.2013

  27. Time is clamping down on me; the deadline is approaching! Sit at your desk, little girl, and write feverishly until all the letters, all the words, all the sentences mean the same thing to you, or nothing at all. You haven’t done your job until you look at a word and see nothing but black symbolic gibberish on a white screen.

    By Madi on 08.04.2013

  28. Clamp. Clamp what. Clamp it down. Really??? Doesn’t seem right. Clamp it shut? No, that’s not right either. Maybe both. Maybe neither. Close it down. why clamp? It’s so vicious. Clamp. Sounds gentle, on the contrary.

    By Thomas Brassington on 08.04.2013

  29. A hand clamps down on your mouth, and you wake up. You cannot move, you could not have screamed even if there was no hand. The hand is cold, ice cold, and the speed of your heartbeat escalates. There is nothing you can do. You wish you could just go back to sleep and wake to a normal day, and remember this night as a really vivid nightmare – or better yet, not remember it at all.

    You wake up in the morning, suffering from a mild case of dry mouth, and when you lick your lips, you find them cold, ice cold.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS on 08.04.2013

  30. His teeth clamped down on the soft flesh of the young girl’s neck. A small moan escaped her lips before she fell into a deep slumber. “Good girl. Sleep, my princess,” he whispered before clamping onto her neck once more, drawing blood from its very source.

    By Alexis on 08.04.2013

  31. is something you put on things you want to close, its actually a funny word is kinda sounds like clam but they are two totally different things, i like to say the word, but i never use clamps in real life

    By nina on 08.04.2013