February 3rd, 2023 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “wealth”

  1. I am rich and I love money and I spend all m money on cars and helping people and I love it I am so rich because I did lots of hard work such as cleaning things and then i was a lawyer

    by Vienna on 02.05.2023
  2. Wealth. One word, many meanings. Should wealth only mean something concerte or should we rather focus on the intangible, to pay more attention to the things that money can’t buy? Increase our wealth but not our bank accounts

    by Meriko on 02.04.2023
  3. Wealth is one painful entity to exist in the world. We believe wealth is what will brin gus peace and happiness and we keep chasing it not realising that it would continue to elude us. However, even though this is the most prevalent concept about wealth some might argue that wealth is the way to ensure that the quality of life one is living is better

    by Raiha on 02.04.2023
  4. the health of the wealth
    the most of the death
    in fear of the few
    that made you, you
    i just understand the way i bleed
    i could see if it hurt
    but would you care to
    when wealth is power
    and power is money
    and money is a symbol
    of status
    it is all rigged
    for the sake of profit
    nothing tangible in the face of the whole

    by test on 02.03.2023