February 10th, 2014 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “wavelength”

  1. The wavelength of light diffracts off me to a sparkling daze of colour and stars. It skids and skips off galaxies and mountains and terrains, mapping the colours of the world.

    By Zahra Aamer on 02.10.2014

  2. The wavelength of the radio spectrum shows only certain type of frequencies, but nobody thinks of the wavelengths of our soul does our heart have a huge wavelength when we look at someone we like? Does it have a small wavelength?

    By italy URL on 02.10.2014

  3. I felt my heart skip a beat.
    He looked at me and I could see
    A longing that I haven’t witnessed in so long.
    I almost forgot what longing was,
    What loving was.
    Sharing a smile, a look.
    I could see in his eyes a shared idea and desire.
    We were on the same wavelength.
    Something I hadn’t felt in what has felt like a millennium.

    By J. on 02.10.2014

  4. Are we on the same one, or what?! Sometimes I feel like dating an introvert as an extrovert is an exercise in walking a tight rope. Trying to cross boundaries that feel terrible, just so that you get to the place where it feels so good. That place where you each understand one another. Get on the same wavelength. You know?

    By JLF on 02.10.2014

  5. What is the wavelength of time?
    Of love?
    Of hope?
    How far in between the peaks and valleys does one find meaning? The length of a day, the stretch of an hour, the dip the fall of the heart. The wavelength of life.

    By M on 02.10.2014

  6. The water crashed upon the sea shore,
    Letting gravity simulate the passion,
    That was once felt by the man
    Basking in the sun.
    It took a lifetime to be captured,
    Eluding his captor until there was no where left to run,
    But a moment to escape,
    Into the stratosphere,
    Where his mind could be free,
    As long as he let gravity finish what he could not.

    By Siege URL on 02.10.2014

  7. Our thoughts travel along completely unrelated wavelengths. She’s always racing ahead, solving problems that I still can’t even fully comprehend.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.10.2014

  8. What does wavelength mean mom?
    She always asks questions all day long.
    She already knows answers and won’t be told.
    How to explain everything to her in just a short time?
    I didn’t realize that I would be expected to know all the answers.

    By Rebecca on 02.11.2014

  9. I threw up an entire, functioning human arm this morning. The fingers twitched on the ground and I poked at the skin. Here it is: the proof I was looking for. I can wave this arm to all the people in all the other worlds that don’t connect with mine. I have proof I cannot be saved. Surely now the aliens will stop telling me otherwise and give up their conquest to conquer me and make me their own.

    By Ai URL on 02.11.2014

  10. wavelength is the distance between two nodes or anti nodes of a sound wave. when two people meet for the first time and they talk with each other like they had known each other long ago people say ‘both their wavelengths have matched!!’. wavelength has a lot of significance in modern day technology.

    By Rama Krishna on 02.11.2014

  11. Sometimes it’s so difficult to have conversations with people you don’t really know. It might seem like an interesting conversation to you but it seems that they’re not on the same wavelength.

    By Alexandra on 02.11.2014

  12. connections, and comminucations,
    all done through wave lengths,
    surfers passions,
    water, frequencys,and they’re synnonyms,
    almost the same word,
    seperated by space,
    nothing more,
    and yet it makes the world of a difference

    By Karissa on 02.11.2014

  13. All that we perceive are the waves.
    An infinite range of possibility of which we witness few.
    Touch and sight. Thought and time.
    All of the lengths and frequencies, all the colors and musical notes.

    By Engel on 02.11.2014

  14. If there was a more positive wavelength available she lacked the fortitude to grab hold of it. Her thoughts and emotions stuck like glue to the spinning top that spiralled endlessly downwards. She knew the way ahead was inevitable. She put her head down and waited cautiously for a head on collision with catastrophe.

    By pip333 on 02.11.2014

  15. The last time I was at the beach was my honeymoon. Everythng was perfect that day. The sand was clean and white, the beach nearly empty, and my new husband was lying in the sun, his skin glistening with a bit of sweat. Was that the last time I was happy? It was all so new and fresh. We were safe, safer than we had ever been before.

    By Beka URL on 02.11.2014

  16. Just do it. this i hard to write about because it is talking about sound.
    We cannot see sound we can only hear it. It can’t be eaten but it can be felt. It is in my eardrum and it is beaufiful

    By Z on 02.11.2014

  17. long, wide, open, and simply free.

    By mrs.bubbles URL on 02.11.2014

  18. She could feel the wavelengths rising and falling from the portal as she stepped towards it, but she pushed forward. All the while, the screams of the damned echoed in her ears. She kept moving. She would find Orpheus and bring him home, never looking back.

    By ajkgkjs on 02.11.2014

  19. Wavelength – the vibe I operate at. Everyone has a different wavelength. my job is to find it, tap it, and help them use it so that they can find success. I operate at a calm, driven wavelength. Others are more frenetic

    By Natalie URL on 02.11.2014

  20. Across time, their love stretched beyond the wavelength of life. Even after his death, she could feel his fingertips on her skin. She shuddered.

    By Soft URL on 02.11.2014

  21. we never connected. ok, physically it worked. it worked twice and that was it. the ahem, wavelengths were incompatible. my curve was going up while hers was going down.

    By Lee on 02.11.2014

  22. Is light a wavelength? Maybe our life is just a wavelength of we look at it, and we are riders journeying to our destination which are light years away. So near, yet so far.

    By Josh Javier on 02.11.2014

  23. Light and colour and distance all trapped within a prism. Crests and troughs and the distance between them is short, much shorter than the distance between you and me. And sometimes I wish you were standing on the crest of one, while I stood on another, staring across the chasm at you, thinking that if I stretched my arm enough, my fingertips might just brush across your sweater.

    By Flynn on 02.11.2014

  24. length of waves

    By Trey Johnson on 02.11.2014

  25. the certain length of a waive

    By Trey on 02.11.2014

  26. Are you on the same page? The same wavelength? Some waves, let’s face it, are longer than others. I wish I could just google this right now, have a permanent link to my brain to access an online dictionary, an onramp to my own wavelength.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.11.2014

  27. There is wavelength in everything we do in life

    By Herb URL on 02.11.2014

  28. She poked me with a pencil. “Get the reading! We have…15 minutes left.” It was 650 nm.
    “Ooh, my favorite wavelength!” I said, smirking. She gave me a tired look.
    I sighed. “650, Elle.”
    “And that’s all you had to say. Got it.”
    There was an awkward silence, but I was bursting with words. She despised me, I knew. But it made me sick to see her like this. I decided to risk it and speak.
    “Dude, this is high school biology. You’re acting like this is a college physics exam. If you’re that stressed, you might need some help.”
    Those were the worst words that I could have ever said in this situation. Wow, Jo, great job, I thought.

    By Isis on 02.11.2014

  29. I didn’t know her.
    She worked at the library and
    her hair was this auburn
    trying to fly free from its cocoon

    and her eyes were always down,
    finding new paths to follow.
    I didn’t know her

    but the length of her waves and
    her energy of awaiting freedom nearly reached
    made me understand
    we were in the same expanse of ocean,
    riding the same wave,
    exploring the same depths.

    I didn’t know her,
    but I wanted to.

    And so I would.

    By Shaymaa on 02.11.2014

  30. The waves are slowly laying upon the sand like a blanket, drawing it back to the sea it came from. Something that peacefull, yet scary, killing. The lengths of those can variate between anything from thousands of decades to what seems to something as present as the seconds passing by.

    And i take it. I let the water run trough my veins, the smell burn in my nose and the sun burn my skin, all as i look at the waves, wondering what those lenghts are.

    I am fully aware of that my writings are not even close to the actual meaning of the word, however, it is what i see.

    By Christina Nissen URL on 02.11.2014

  31. Two people can be so different, don’t you realize? No matter how close you get to someone, you’ll never be the same. It’s dangerous. Get too close and you give someone power over you. For when you’re friends with someone, you’re often blinded to manipulation. Don’t let go of yourself. Hold tight to who you are.

    By Envy on 02.11.2014