February 10th, 2014 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “wavelength”

  1. She moved quickly, almost as if she wasn’t really there. It was fascinating really. One moment she was there and in the next, with a flash of light, she was gone. They had never seen anything like it. This girl would be a valuable addition to the team, they knew.

    By Adwen on 02.10.2014

  2. The wavelength of our love spanned more than 2000 miles. We swept over the world without leaving eachothers arms. Our wave inspired people of every race, of every gender, of every lifestyle. But, I’ll never know, or care, because I’m with him.

    By Eryn Robinson on 02.10.2014

  3. Oh god, climate change class.

    Blue, red, green. Snakes wavered across the page, shimmering into two, three, back to one. Jake shook his head, and the whole room spun.

    “I can’t take this test right now,”he thought, and his thoughts echo-echo-echoed inside his head.

    He tried to stand up and spilled sideways onto the floor beside the desk.

    By Yona on 02.10.2014

  4. She was a silent figure on the corner. Her hands constantly twitched at her sides, bringing in light and then releasing it. It was fascinating to watch. Each time he turned to look it was a different color dancing in her palm. Sometimes it would be almost impossible to see, but other times, it was as clear as day.

    By Song on 02.10.2014

  5. one morning i decided i’ve gone the wavelength
    everything with go downhill from here
    but in the opposite way that you think
    i’m free from here on out, i’ve paid my respects
    spent you cold nights crying, soaking it up.
    i decided i couldn’t write without it to make someone cry
    to make me cry, i always tried.

    By Hayden on 02.10.2014

  6. Kate shut her computer decisively. Not wasting one more minute on the delusions of one more scientist who’d spent a little too long in the sun, or experimenting with chemicals, or whatever it was that made them lose it. No, she decided she no longer cared what the universe was made of, where it came from, why it’s moving, how we live in it, or when it’s going to kill any given person, or every person, that calls it home. “I think I hate it”, she whispered at the wall. “I really think I hate it.” But the wall could not ask what she hated. The wall could not speak, or think, or even hear what she said in the first place….So why did she feel like someone was listening?

    By Fay on 02.10.2014

  7. “I mean, you’re clearly perfect for one another,”
    “Well, of course we are,” she blinked. “Wait, what?”
    He beamed at her. “See, I told you, didn’t I Annie? We are so…”
    “Anna,” she enunciated pointedly, tossing the slightly older boy a heated glare. “Not Annie. Not Annabell. Anna. Ah-nuh,” she huffed.
    “…totally on the same wavelength!” he continued, heedless of her interruption.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 02.10.2014

  8. We are two separate parts of a rope, you and I – two sides that coalesce in the middle, and when your wavelength starts out greater than mine, we’ll inevitably disrupt one another’s lives. When we meet on our way down our own little streets – only one way to go home from here, then BAM, smack into someone else. That’s when you and I will have to figure out if we’re ruining one another’s lives or making something greater than the sum of our parts.

    By Thirteen URL on 02.10.2014

  9. Wavelength of thought process, has anyone understood what that is even supposed to mean? Is quality thinking associated to high wavelength or high frequency?

    By knsam on 02.10.2014

  10. Much like life. Beginning upon a short climb, leading to a steep, arduous journey which leads to the peak of the wave length, it is not about the length, but the level of the peak.

    By John on 02.10.2014

  11. Words: they have no mass; they carry no weight, yet sometimes when you speak to me it feels as if I’ve been hit by a train. You only weigh 148 pounds and your wavelengths are less than featherlight, so why am I physically ill because of you?

    By Andrea on 02.10.2014

  12. For so many months I thought we were on the same wavelength but I guess I was wrong. I guess I wanted to read, or read into his writings what I wanted to “hear”. Clearly I was mistaken. Clearly needed to stop dreaming and wishing and get back to reality. I’m there now, none the happier for it.

    By just a girl on 02.10.2014

  13. waves of our hands fall from sight as we move away
    from one another
    lengths of time and space separate us
    until we no longer remember. . .

    By C on 02.10.2014

  14. radiant vibration
    the muse
    of music’s trance
    riding the wavelength
    of wonder-
    fully wielded

    By katiekieran URL on 02.10.2014

  15. The signal was coming in loud and clear. But this signal was being detected upon the ISS. From every direction. The astronauts had no time to report it. They had come.

    By Michael on 02.10.2014

  16. Bishop and Troy appeared to be on the same wavelength when it came to strategy, but in the end, it was Nichole who had the most solid tactics laid out on the table, literally and figuratively. All three of them knew, despite the obliviousness of their comrades bunched in the corners of the room, that there was no way they could infiltrate the facility in any other way besides brute force.

    “Security breach mechanisms are everywhere in that stronghold,” said Bishop, “and trying to disguise as anything would be like making people believe you’re a ghost by putting a sheet over your head.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.10.2014

  17. The wavelength came crashing into the shoreline and through me into the sandy beach and I wondered if the sound would kill me or not! the sound of the waves and the beatles ringing in my ears was deafing and I wanted to go home!

    By ALRJ on 02.10.2014

  18. She fell in love with the colour of red that dripped out of her radio. It played low at night on her bedside table, close to her head. If she closed her eyes, she could almost feel it wrap around her, warm and solid like soft, gentle hands. It lulled her to sleep even when thunder shook her house.

    By Grim on 02.10.2014

  19. It was the greatest day of my life. I discovered how to bring the wavelength that had recently been unavailable to humans out in the open. With my invention colors no one could imagine would be available. Making the world a more beautiful place.

    By Laura on 02.10.2014

  20. “I can’t believe I finally found it!” Christian yells from his lab. “The missing wavelength!” Christian has been searching for years upon years trying to figure out a way to see through walls-among other things.

    By Sheradyn on 02.10.2014

  21. Thinking differently
    I understand little of the crowd
    On a tangent, riding a wavelength-
    Not theirs-
    But mine…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 02.10.2014

  22. There was a boy, who has been measuring everything in wavelengths. It was qiute a folly.

    By Sue on 02.10.2014


    By REHAM on 02.10.2014

  24. the wavelength is the future of communications

    By Johny URL on 02.10.2014

  25. I don’t understand wavelengths. I don’t understand you. I know wavelengths are waves taht are sent to our eyes and our ears. I know that when they reach you you see a picture or hear a sound. I don’t know how that works or why it won’t work for me. No one seems to see me or hear what i have to say. A little attention would be nice. It would make my day.

    By Maxwell on 02.10.2014

  26. You see, there’s this biorhythmic wavelength that we share, and I think that should be enough. It might not be that strong now, but the synergy we share through experiences will make it powerful.

    By Iceman on 02.10.2014

  27. The frequency of the shrill squeal destroyed my eardrums as I tumbled through the flickering hallways littered with medicine carts, bloody stretchers, and the somewhat fresh remains of human forms.

    By Annabelle Grass on 02.10.2014

  28. from lip to tip, between each crest and below my trough, she’s but a wavelength away from my mouth.

    By Colton on 02.10.2014

  29. The size a the waves were gargantuan. I bet the waves were longer than the time limit. this shit stresses me out

    By tyler on 02.10.2014

  30. what wavelength is your hair? does it move to sound, vibration, emotion? when does it loosen or curl up? the wavelength of my hair is strong but often takes long periods of time to soften and grow…i grow impatient with this process

    By rochelle on 02.10.2014

  31. It’s like we were on the same wavelength for months! It wasn’t until we exchanged our heartfelt sentiments, that it felt like we were in the same book but chapters apart.

    By tyler on 02.10.2014

  32. a blank stare captivated me as I stood in front of my colleague struggling to decipher the exact subtext of her statement.

    By kendall on 02.10.2014

  33. David did not seem to be on the same wavelength as his siblings. Some of them were crying, openly, others bravely restraining their emotions, but David was surreptitiously dancing the macarena, which made it difficult for the other pallbearers to keep Grandma’s coffin steady.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.10.2014

  34. We operate in different wavelengths and somehow it works for us. I’m high frequency. You’re slow and mellow but we flow. Do wavelengths really mean that much? Must we match? No, i don’t think so. You follow yours. I’ll follow mine. We’ll sync up in time.

    By Brooke Blaize on 02.10.2014


    By LOUIS URL on 02.10.2014

  36. Sinus waves. Sinus infection. My nose is bloody not actually bloody and running. Polen. Allergies. Almost spring. Bees, Love, biscuits, soda, heat. Sweat. I am cold. My feet feel soft and cold. I am writing. I can’t think. God help me I can’t think but I can’t stop i just want to keep going, and is this even a real sentence anymore?

    By pedro a. on 02.10.2014

  37. Sinus waves. Sinus infection. My nose is bloody not actually bloody and running. Polen. Allergies. Almost spring. Bees, Love, biscuits, soda, heat. Sweat. I am cold. My feet feel soft and cold. I am writing. I can’t think. God help me I can’t think but I can’t stop i just want to keep going, and is this even a real sentence anymore?

    Me again. My nose is still running. I don’t want to fall into the old wavelength as interpersonal repashionship metaphor, which is why I will talk about ham and smoked ham now. It seems heavy for tonight. God I must be hungry. I’d eat a nice fat juicy persimmon right now.

    By Acid URL on 02.10.2014

  38. It had never occurred to her before that “wavelength” meant something other than the length of a wave, or that “until death do we part” meant something other than staying together until death.

    By Jess on 02.10.2014

  39. a simple wave that has length which is wavelength

    By hovwe URL on 02.10.2014

  40. She began to ring her hands together. “I’m still not sure about this…” I blinked, raising a finger to my sister’s forehead and tapping it.

    “Are we still on the same wavelength, sis?” I asked. “This is Carla St. Clair we’re talking about. That girl at school we both hate. How can you not want to get revenge for what she did to you today?”

    Alyssa shrugged. “Does there have to be a reason?”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.10.2014