June 12th, 2014 | 79 Entries

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79 Entries for “watchtower”

  1. Watchtower

    Not sure why, but I picture a novel, with a watchtower on it. Was there a novel called that? I am not a big reader, so I doubt it’s anything I ever read. But I might have seen the book cover.

    Oh, wait! Isn’t that a religious thing? Like one of those pamphlets they give out? I think that’s what I’m seeing…

    I guess that really does tell you how much I read. I equate religious spam with cheap novels.

    By Noisy Quiet on 06.12.2014

  2. As I approached the watchtower, I saw the shadow of a mighty hill breaking across the sunset. The watchtower was bathed in purple streaks that suggested it was of royalty.

    By Julia Cramer on 06.12.2014

  3. “My watchtower! Look what you did to it! I spent three DAYS building that.”
    “Whatever,” I said. “I wanted to see how big of an explosion my dynamite would make, and your snow toy just happened to be by it.”
    “I hate you.”

    By Susan Rother URL on 06.12.2014

  4. all along the watchtower
    jimi hendrix in middle school
    awkward, exploratory

    By anon on 06.12.2014

  5. The watchtower was crumbling beneath the guardian’s feet, and he swayed and stumbled to keep upright while the others continued to sleep. And the soldiers were all shaking from their nightmares far away, where the grass was brown and dying and the sky forever gray.

    It was imminent, the falling, the collapse of the old nation – a new cry to reformation and a new civilization. And the guardian would finally tumble from his sad monolith, where the stone would turn to dust, dust to nothing, life to myth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.12.2014

  6. All along the watchtower…

    By DMM URL on 06.12.2014

  7. I remember driving in the car, across some bridge, to New Jersey I presume, on my way to my aunt’s house. As we was driving across, we see a watchtower, which an adult on my father’s side always points out.

    By Kaydoubleyou on 06.12.2014

  8. Day after day Todd climbed atop the watchtower, using his binoculars to search the forest below for any signs of smoke. After his search on one side he would move to another side and search over and over he repeated the process throughout the day, but today he saw her in his view. She was magnificent. Her body all muscularly toned. Her copper skin gleaming as the sun beam caused the sweat to glisten on her skin. She stopped for a moment to blow a lock of hair out of her face, then she took a deep breath and smiled as if she had won a prize. She pulled her nap sack off her back, placing it up against a tree, she began to unpack it. Todd was so happy to get a different view he did not want to move to the next side. He did three side and then he was back to the side that she was on. He spent more time looking at her then off at the horizon. She had set up her camp and was in the process of building a fire. He may get his chance to meet her. Once she lit the fire, it would be his obligation to go down to make sure it was contained properly, and that she was aware of how extinguish it correctly. He radioed ahead to the other tower to explain he was going down to speak to a camper. So they would know to watch the area around the watchtower.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.12.2014

  9. He looked from the watchtower that stood over the masses of a forlorn city, once his city. Once where his wife was. Once where his son Charlie was. And now not even a grave honors them. It was the result of a catastrophe, it couldn’t be helped, they said. Nothing can be helped. No one can be helped.
    He couldn’t be helped. He jumped.

    By Liz on 06.12.2014

  10. glittering below, i see everything laid out before me. out of reach and i can’t get enough. you think watching will be enough, but then you want to touch. but you’re so far removed and it’s better that way. the distance keeps you safe

    By Isis URL on 06.12.2014

  11. As the small figure ran across the No Man’s Land between the fences, he calmly took aim and fired, just like his training had conditioned him to do. When the figure fell to the ground, it’s coat flapped over it’s head, revealing a blue spotted dress just like the one his wife had worn that morning…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.12.2014

  12. As the small figure ran across the No Man’s Land between the fences, he calmly took aim and fired from his watchtower, just like his training had conditioned him to do. When the figure fell to the ground, it’s coat flapped over it’s head, revealing a blue spotted dress just like the one his wife had worn that morning…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.12.2014

  13. Watchtower… a dog becomes concrete and large enough to house men. An ocean is its reign. The is n say what will rise with the waves, what will suddenly appear across the horizon, pirated treasures or monsters of the deep.

    By Harvinder URL on 06.12.2014

  14. My first thought was of a clock tower. I just got a new watch. I am not much of a watch guy, but I figured since I am growing older its best I actually grow up. Ha ha. My dad says I need to get a real job and stop bussing tables at the local burger joint–dont get me wrong he knows im working hard and supports me and stuff. But for God’s sake I am 20 years old. He says back in his day he was with a fulltime company climbing the social ladder to make a lot of money so he can buy the shirt im wearing now

    By mr marshall on 06.12.2014

  15. The old woman sat on a wooden bench that was nearly as knotted as her worn fingers. She gazed down on the garden from her watchtower with eyes that could have made the buds breaking through the soil retreat into the soggy darkness.

    By Ingrid on 06.12.2014

  16. i ussually dont like too peek into other peoples lives, but i got a job as a guard and sat in a watchtower. so sad.

    By Shreepathy on 06.12.2014

  17. Junmyeon paces back and forth as he waits for his partner to arrive. It’ll take only twenty minutes he said, but the clock is ticking and it’s bordering on 30 already. He watches the waves crashing against the rocks below as he leans on the railing of the rusty watchtower where they’re supposed to rendezvous.

    By hara URL on 06.12.2014

  18. The air fell thick and heavy, blocking the stars from view. As Kel stood at his position at the top of the watchtower, he could just barely make out the tips of the tallest fir trees close enough to the wall’s edge.

    The mist made Kel uneasy.

    Despite the quiet hush that filled the forest, Kel felt something lurking among the shadows below.

    Something, not someone.
    Because the nightmares that settled on the forest floor could never be mistaken for human.

    By aerose on 06.12.2014

  19. Du fühlst dich beobachet.
    Jeder Schritt, jede bewegung
    jemand sieht alles.

    Das Gefühl vergeht niemals…

    By Anuri URL on 06.12.2014

  20. I sat in the corner and stared out the window, waiting for someone who would never come again. This was our place, we would meet here each evening to talk and share each other’s company. Nothing will be the same again.

    By Danielle on 06.12.2014

  21. Up she goes, until she could no longer see a thing. She was trembling, holding for dear life. Something is coming up the watchtower. She’s afraid. She goes up. And up. And up.

    By Cat on 06.12.2014

  22. She looks up at the window and sees that he is there again. Each day on the dot, the man appears and lingers solemnly. Alone. She wants to know his story but would never dare to climb the watchtower and find out.

    By Danielle URL on 06.13.2014

  23. Being locked up here gets lonely after a while. Everything down below isn’t much more than a series of blips moving across a dark plane. There’s only so much creativity I can muster to give those blips a story… it’s not very entertaining after a while…

    By Claire on 06.13.2014

  24. “He asks me to the watchtower!” I shout, Rebecca shocked to the sentence. She hates me, I’m sure that she’s gonna hates me. Our friendship dies just because of he asked me to go to the watchtower just seconds ago

    By Nadhira Rakhmi Yusuf on 06.13.2014

  25. A big large sentinel. Symbol that some thing stands before the first and the final blow. Power and prowess. If armed very dangerous.Grey.

    By Aditya on 06.13.2014

  26. The watchtower that witnessed so many lives be engulfed by the sea.

    By Keerthi on 06.13.2014

  27. And so she demanded that everyone with a good eye head to the watchtower, as the enemy would likely be fast approaching. The sooner they could be spotter, the sooner a tragedy could be prevented. As ruler of the kingdom, it fell on her shoulders to prevent the tragedy of absolute darkness from spreading.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.13.2014

  28. The watchtower stood, a grey monolith just beyond the city walls. For years, it had provided the people with their sense of security.

    That is, until the fire started. Now, it appeared to be candle of stone, inspiring only negativity from those who beheld it.

    By Rose URL on 06.13.2014

  29. wistfully the wondering watchtower watched as the warriors walked by. Silently scheming and desperately dreaming that one day the wondering watchtower would walk with the walking warriors and win the war. But the wondering watch tower had no alignments, no country, and no home.

    By asia on 06.13.2014

  30. I see so much just by sitting on the watchtower by the bay. I sometimes wonder what would lie ahead, what was beyond and contentment just wasn’t an option for me. It’s always like that, isn’t it? Nothing is every enough, but maybe that’s good. Maybe that’s how we achieve so much. I watch so many people from here and I sometimes wonder how it would be like to be them, to not be me. It’s a very melancholic thought but it’s amazing.

    By Rachel on 06.13.2014

  31. The ocean mist, and salty air hit me like a wall. I walk down the boardwalk the wood creaking beneath my feet. to the nearest set of binoculars that are attached to the pier. People Watching. It’s what I came here to do. I slide to quarters in and pull down the lever. No matter how many years past this pier always reminds me of my mother. I always look through the binoculars, thinking, maybe even hoping I might find her. It’s been three years since the accident. My eyes scan the crowd knowing it won’t ever happen. Never will I see her again. I just keep looking. My throat suddenly becomes very tight and my vision blurry. I stagger backwards into the bench that was behind me. “hey, are you okay?” I try to wave the person, I think a teenage boy away. Don’t do this right now I think to myself. He lowers his body into the bench. Comfort never works. No matter how many times I come to this watchtower, it doesn’t help. I hope he doesn’t try to comfort me or I might give in. I’ve been so lonely and needed hope, but I can’t. I… I just can’t.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 06.13.2014

  32. In many ways he was like a watchtower. Not just in physique, but in spirit. He was a rather solemn man. He chose only to talk when he felt was necessary, other than that he was find standing above the world observing others make fools of themselves.

    By Isabella Jade on 06.13.2014

  33. the watchtower stood over that small town, like a benevolent god. observing all the happenings of that quaint village. it guided me in my youth to be the best I could be.

    By Austin on 06.13.2014

  34. “Get to the watchtower, the watchtower!” The field general barked. He threw a hasty glance over one shoulder, sending a silent prayer heavenward that his wife and daughter would have taken advantage of the precious few minutes his regiment had gained for the civilians to escape to the craggy, cruel mountains.

    Crusted in snow-blown ice and carved by nature herself, these mountains were nestled at the far end of their little trading town and at the very top, with a spire worthy of a church and jagged, barbed points, the watchtower held the ghost of a guardian from an age long ago.

    “Sir, hurry!” his aide appeared beside him, a glowing blue transportation orb in his outstretched hand. “The others are coming, but if we don’t have you, we’ll fall.” He shoved the glowing ball into the general’s hands. “Get!”

    The general bit back the words in his throat and opted to simply give the aide ad pat on the shoulder as he accepted the ball of light. There was a burning sensation in his hands, even though the armored gloves, before a painful, searing sensation ripped through his entire body.

    When the pain subsided, he gasped in great gulps of icy air and looked around to see where the orb had brought him. The wispy strands of whiteness glistened in the faded afternoon sunlight as the general straightened in a mixture of awe and shock.

    The watchtower.

    It had brought him to the watchtower.

    By Sara H. URL on 06.13.2014

  35. all along the watcher the princes kept their view. i for one love the words of that song. my girlfriend things it is too cerebral for her. but all versions work for me, but the best is the wah-wahs of jimi’s guitar, yo-yoing across the speakers.

    By Lee on 06.13.2014

  36. Typing about the watchtower.

    By matt on 06.13.2014


    By THALES on 06.13.2014

  38. They stood on the watchtower watching the war below them rage. A hopeless feeling rushed over Samantha and she wanted to hold onto Timothy for comfort. Her home and family were gone, bombed. She had been lucky enough to have been at school when the bombs began to fall.

    By Crystal on 06.13.2014

  39. The ordinary pigeon, perched at the highest point of the city, watching. He could fly away, but that would be too simple. Someone has to keep this city safe.

    By Heidi P. on 06.13.2014

  40. The old watchtower stood straight and proud. From a distance one could catch a glimpse of what used to be a shining glorious city, but on closer inspection one would see that it was in fact, crumbling, the last remnant of an ancient civilization.

    By RCMitchell on 06.13.2014