July 22nd, 2008 | 359 Entries

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359 Entries for “want”

  1. want is a need which is not an absolute necessity but there is an inclination to fulfill it. wants are varied in nature and differ from person to person

    By ekesh on 07.23.2008

  2. She wanted it and she wanted it now. She had never wanted anything as badly as she wanted this. It just lay before her in the silver platter. No one was watching she could just take the food….. She shook her head and ran away.

    By Ashley on 07.23.2008

  3. desire, things one does not have. an illusion of the mind created by the ego. not a neccessity but a desire

    By ruben on 07.23.2008

  4. to want is to desire, it is often what drives us through life, sometimes when we get everything we want we feel lost and desperate.

    By anna on 07.23.2008

  5. want is not needing want cost more and in many cases is not worth the price you pay. Think before you decide what you want.

    By ladonne on 07.23.2008

  6. nothing more than one thing,
    one thing holds my desires captive;
    one consuming notion
    enthralls my mind
    leading me through the desert of self
    in search of an oasis.

    if you are a mirage,
    you are a beautiful illusion
    and i would crawl across the sand
    merely for the want of you.

    By peter dawes on 07.23.2008

  7. He sighed as he opened his bag and pulled out the small brown box. As he handed it over to the man behind what seemed like a large green dumpster and a sea of cardboard boxes.
    “I want your wallet too”, the man felt on the tips of his earlobes. This was bad, he was about to lose everything

    By thegagan on 07.23.2008

  8. peace, fullfillment, no more golbal warming, deeper relationship with my family, a working vehicle, to travel with my family, to pay off the house so we can feel what we actually make. To laugh a little more each day!

    By Shanna Merhi on 07.23.2008

  9. what is it that i want? why would i want anything? what would be the reason? and after getting that what i want what would i do with it? would i be happy? would anyone be happy? i dont know. do you?

    By Anz on 07.23.2008

  10. need to have it? nah, just want it, that comfort; her cuddles; her sweet voice in my ear.
    Want to smoke but i know i shouldn’t really.
    Need to Breath, need to eat

    By Jeremy Tapsell on 07.23.2008

  11. I don’t want to write about this word. I don’t know which word I expected to come up, but want is not the word I wanted. Imagine wanting a word to come up and not knowing what it is – that is the peak of retardism. I guess I don’t know what I want… I just think I do, and am inevitably disappointed when I don’t get it. The end.

    By Adam Balmer on 07.23.2008

  12. me, me, me. It’s all about me. that’s what WANT is. we really never know what other people WANT do we? Even if they tell us, do we really know if it is a WANT or a NEED.

    i WANT.
    We want.
    neh, me. want.

    By Lively on 07.23.2008

  13. No more want!! Want Anew word people!!! why are we still on this whole wanting buzz.. get it! get your wants!What the fuck? come on geniuses!!!

    By Jeremy Tapsell on 07.23.2008

  14. want…i want what i cant have..i do i? i dont want for much..maybe more money…more options…freedom?..i dont want for menial crap. i want change. i want friendship. i want a glass of wine with my friends. i want to be happy as much as i can.

    By james w on 07.23.2008

  15. I don’t want so much… I just want to know something to write on this site!!
    maybe I want something more, but I can’t think… isn’t it?
    <well… what will I do with this?

    some of us want more, more and more… I just want what I deserve.

    By Rui on 07.23.2008

  16. I want to be able to pass time daily without wanting to know what want signifies in the metaphysical existence of desire because want is multi-faceted and can be translated as the meaning, purpose and drive behind so many of our actions. Life is based on want, and want indeed, is the elixir that drains, fuel

    By Saurya on 07.23.2008

  17. on
    but i digress.

    peace, solitude, womance.
    it is all O.K.

    By daz on 07.23.2008

  18. want is something people always think of..want is always the driving force of the human race …when a person is dependent he/she always wants….one they become interdependent this want becomes less..each person always wants something.

    By jathin on 07.23.2008

  19. i wish have “no want” in this world

    By d.s. on 07.23.2008

  20. desire, humans, food, water, sex, youth, money.

    By Jessica on 07.23.2008

  21. I want … things don’t matter so much when you hurt. Things don’t matter at all, really. When your body hurts, all you want is for it not to. When your heart hurts, all you want is for it not to. And things don’t help the hurts at all. Not a scrap. I want … peace in my body, peace in my mind. I have it in the depths of my being … now I need that inner peace to have an outward expression. That’s all I want.

    By anna on 07.23.2008

  22. i want a better word than this. thats it. really. also, i want whatever noise that popped up in the background because of some pop up or something to go the hell away. god thats really annoying but i cant close it because i dont know where the hell i put that window and im typing this thing. cmon just finish so i can go close that goddamn annoying talking. christ its irritating the fuck out of me, holy crap, thank god.

    By nick on 07.23.2008

  23. wishes… desire, somethin u need so desperately in life… but its just a want. it signifies the incompleteness the dissatisfation of certain things… but at the same time i guess its wuiet positive also… it keeps us goin.. coz when we have wants.. there is the will to get them…and when there is the will it becomes our motivation factor towards certain things … if u keep wanting then your hope remain alvies that it will defi get fullfilled…
    wants make us dream of a better tom… where with each wish of our getting fullfilled … our level of happiness just rises..
    without wants… i guess we have lived to the fullest.

    By abha pareek on 07.23.2008

  24. You can’t always get what you want. Sometimes you don’t even know what you really want until you get it. I want a car, a house, true love, lots of money, fame, happiness, family. If you want something bad enough you have to work really hard to get it. The things you truly want aren’t just given to you. Want can also be a bad thing once it turns to greed, and you’ll stop at nothing to get everything you want.

    By Shannon Lipscomb on 07.23.2008

  25. I want I want I want I want I want I want.
    Veruca Salted Duck Egg.
    I want.
    I want a goose.
    I want a squirrel with a golden egg.
    I want a Ferrari and 2 lbs of salted flour.

    By Katie McGlone on 07.23.2008

  26. i need you, i feel you, i want you with me here, beside me, your warm caress gracing my cheek. i am here without you, yet i am there with you. i love you, i need you. i want you.

    By Sasha on 07.23.2008

  27. i want to be well. the only reason i want to be well is to be with him. i want him, but to have him, i have to be well, and therefore, if you do the math correctly, i want to be well. however, i never do the math correctly, and i find its exactly this particular kind of motivation that makes me unwell to begin with. you can’t have a positive sum if the larger of the parts is a big, ugly disordered negative. out of all the disorders in my vibrant mess of a life, the biggest obstacle is the one that involves eating.

    By rosie on 07.23.2008

  28. I have all I need, just want someone to love and love me.

    By sl on 07.23.2008

  29. I want to be by my self.

    By Patsy Kittrell on 07.23.2008

  30. jealousy,destructive,useless, n

    By E on 07.23.2008

  31. I need it,
    You have it,
    cant get anymore of it,
    its different than have,
    its different than desire

    By HardWarlock on 07.23.2008

  32. i’m at a point in my life where i know what i don’t want, but i don’t know what i really want. everyday i wake up with a feeling of wanting more, just not exactly sure what it is that i want.

    By Pilar on 07.23.2008

  33. Mathmatical Metaphorical Mania

    Never metaphor I didn’t like.

    A One bumped into me (of course he was alone) and the rude dog didn’t apologize.

    Twos all over the place, the happy couples.

    Threes, over there; one looked lost in the tiny crowd.

    Saw couple of fives I wouldn’t have given the time of day.

    Sixes, an amoeba-like mass, clustering.

    Sevens, odd groupings for odd fellows.

    Eights, octagonal, discussing irony in a support group.

    Nines are fine if they’re all female.

    Don’t see any tens anymore.

    By Ted Scheck on 07.23.2008

  34. Want what you dream for, try to get it but struggle all the while. Why want? Why not drop desire and move past it? Want too much, what do you need? Really? Worry too much about wanting and you’ll lose what you need. You can’t always get what you want…

    By Lin-z on 07.23.2008

  35. i want to be a pro volley ball player. i want to be able to do some thing for my country. i want to help my folks with the income. i want muslims to regain their dignity.

    By rakiah on 07.23.2008

  36. i want peace in my life. i want breakfast and a major cup of coffee i want a better life or do i? i dont know what i want wait i want to study education to help out kids cause i love them but what if i can’t? i want to get out of whatever phase im in and move on. i want to be myself again.

    By V on 07.23.2008

  37. Red. Over 500 horsepower and a top speed of 212 miles per hour. Leather wrapped and ready to roll. He sat there looking at the big Italian supercar with pure passion in his eyes.

    By Stratcat X on 07.23.2008

  38. I want to show you
    That my motives are sincere
    But you won

    By markishmark on 07.23.2008

  39. I want my life back. My life was recently taken from me by my aging Father and his mangy little dogs. My Dad is a life-long alcoholic who refuses to admit he is a lifelong alcoholic. He has lead an abusive and selfcentered life. When my Mother died I tried everything in my power to “save” him from himself. The “saving” included several trips to the hospital to the detox unit followed by moving him to Central New York. “This time he will stay” I told my kids every time, knowing full-well that he would return to Mississippi to begin the cycle again. Now he is back in NY along with his two dogs that bite my children as well as all the other children in the neighborhood as well as all the dogs in the neighborhood as well as most adults in the neighborhood. This doesn’t bother my Father because, in his words, “the kids/dogs/adults were on our property so we aren’t liable”. Nice. I miss my friends.

    By stacykate1001 on 07.23.2008