October 4th, 2012 | 300 Entries

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300 Entries for “walls”

  1. There was so much that I had to tell you, so much that I could never say. I always had these walls built up around me, and you wanted me to bring them down. I couldn’t bring them down. Bringing them down would mean to let myself go, I couldn’t do that, couldn’t even think of that.

    To let go…

    You told me you’d always be here but you want me to tear my walls down. You want to leave me once you get me to do as you said. You’re nothing but a liar.

    By Sabrina M. URL on 10.04.2012

  2. You have built too many walls. We don’t keep things from each other like at all, you know. We tell each other everything that happens whether important or not.

    By Tacent URL on 10.04.2012

  3. they hold us in they limit us we cannot escape them except of course with doors we can decorate them we can paint them we should write on them we should draw on them we should break them down and move them around we should not let them restrict us at all we need them for saftey and we need them for shelter

    By sky on 10.04.2012

  4. What binds you, confines you but also defines you. They can mean structure, but also limits. They restrict but allow you to explore. They can be bare and boring or creative outlets. They are what ou make them to be.

    By x on 10.04.2012

  5. They were all closing in and we didn’t know what to do. It was as if all six walls, ceiling and floor included, were folding in on themselves. Janet and I were paralyzed in fear but I knew I had to do something. Instantly I remembered what I learned when I was just a child. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the lucky dime that I’d carried with me for years. I aimed for one of the folds in the top corner of the room and flicked my lucky dime. It was a destiny that I hadn’t realized until that very moment. The walls stopped, and the ground fell down beneath us. We had survived… for now.

    By Christopher Sykes on 10.04.2012

  6. Without these walls I would have the ability to accomplish so much. These walls I have built up around my true feelings because of the way that she crushed me. Never before did I have doubts about my intuition, I have always done and believed in whatever felt right. She felt so right. I gave her everything. And she spat on it. Now, how to escape. These. Walls.

    By Chiquito Panda URL on 10.04.2012

  7. They’re closing in, close around me. I can’t get out. I want to be free. Unchained. to do what I want when I want. No one holding me back. No one dimming my light. I need a door, can’t find one. I begin to tear. These walls, they’re coming down. They WILL come down.

    By sara on 10.04.2012

  8. walls are theese things that seperate things fromother stuff, there everywhere truly
    I’m looking at one right now, and they are also used for privacy i guess and for houses xD .

    By Mya URL on 10.04.2012

  9. The walls creaked behind me with each step I took. They were coming, I could hear the pressure traveling from the floor up the walls. I tried to never look behind me but… It was coming so quickly. I glanced behind my shoulder and regretted it…

    By Katie on 10.04.2012

  10. i want to smash my hopes into a wall. Until they all disapear, and I can start fresh.

    By Ali on 10.04.2012

  11. All around. Higher than the eye could see. I guess you could say intimidating…yes…intimidating.

    By esky1118 URL on 10.04.2012

  12. The walls were closing in. I knew that, in a moment, I would be crushed by they’re stony embrace if I didn’t move fast. But I couldn’t get my legs to work. The fear had paralyzed my body. I was going to die here. I didnt…

    By Iam Me URL on 10.04.2012

  13. there’s only so much a person can take before they’ve had enough. i forgave her time and time again, hoping she’d make the changes she always promised but they never came. after long enough, and without my realizing, my heart built a barrier around itself against her and she’s still battering me but the walls won’t break down this time

    By Shannon on 10.04.2012

  14. i once ran into a wall, than my cat named Harry did the same.

    By sharron on 10.04.2012

  15. The walls of my bedroom are white. You’d think I’d feel trapped but for some reason I don’t. This is the smallest room I’ve ever lived in but I’m making it mine. Now my bedroom walls are covered with pictures of my life before college and it makes me happy.

    By Rowan URL on 10.04.2012

  16. Graffiti

    In the night
    imaginations explode
    on the walls

    By penny dreadful URL on 10.04.2012

  17. The walls are closing in, John thought to himself.

    “Was this not what had happened to her father?” he asked the doctor.

    Nobody knows what happened to Sir Alfric . . . we just know that CNGB really needs to get a hold of herself here.”

    “Sorry . . . what?”

    “Oh, you’re just a character that she randomly thought of. Your name is the middle name of her favorite Harry Potter character.”

    “Well that doesn’t make sense.”

    “It’s not supposed to.”


    By Brandi URL on 10.04.2012

  18. The walls were thick and cement. I couldn’t see anything. The interrogator came into the room, looking very stern. He looked at me for a moment and then sat down across from me. He looked at the number on my orange prison clothes and looked at his clipboard.

    By cat on 10.04.2012

  19. I can’t see them but obviously their there, I think you like throwing me off, you tell me one minute that you understand,that you agree….so I take a step further. Your words are sweet and encouraging and my heart leaps with joy! The before I even have a chance to brace myself Boom I hit it …. The invisible wall!

    By ldydai22 URL on 10.04.2012

  20. The walls were caving in around me. The world I once knew was fading away… slowly… I look around and I see is white. White everything. floor, sky, everything. The people I once knew are strangers to me. Just like the walls I knew, now being painted over with a new story. A story unfamiliar with me. Nothing was concrete. Nothing was supporting me. Everything was gone. Everything but the walls, slowly caving in around me.

    By Kate on 10.04.2012

  21. Tell me about it. You tell me about the ones lined up with brick, morter, the ocassional green mould. But no, these walls I want to talk about are the ones I feel, now. Icarus, you can hear me, your walls made of freedom; mine too. I walk wherever I please but pulled in by the general amicability of the current. I don’t want that. Oh too bad. It’s easier done than rejected. Here you are, my angel delight, leading me to freedom, beauty, passion – a bright glittery and dewy happy of a moment of my life. That is what you are. Do I dare have you for longer?

    By Lobster on 10.04.2012

  22. walls build up houses and there is also the great wall of china that is realllyyyyyyyyy long walls can be pink and purple and green and red and all kinds of colors. Some people say wall up when they want to ignore someone like the kid on my bus who won’t shut up!

    By Wall-E on 10.04.2012

  23. he puts up walls. i grab my ladder and start to climb. just when i get to the top is when he takes his walls down. i stagger through the rubble and fight my way to him. when i get too close he starts building the walls again.

    By Abby on 10.04.2012

  24. a cage.
    a room.
    a home.
    feeling closed in
    a wooden box.
    until you see the light.

    By sophie goodwin on 10.04.2012

  25. brick
    a world
    with harry potter. love u harry!!!

    By bernadette baglo-emilio on 10.04.2012

  26. She was boxed into white walls, though there wasn’t any point to them. She was in a matching straightjacket too.
    Her mind sighed as her mouth laughed. Emma had been sealed up for no apparent reason, just that she had kissed someone. To be fair, that person was a girl, but still.
    She buzzed and bubble, whispered and yelled as she was dragged into the jacket by her feet, the guards talked to her in gruff voices calling her things that couldn’t be repeated.

    By Mari Xavier on 10.04.2012

  27. bricky brick brick brick
    bricky brick brick brick
    bricky brick brick brick
    bricky brick brick brick
    bricky brick brick brick
    bricky brick brick brick

    By chilladinia leslie hawthorne-johnson on 10.04.2012

  28. i build walls in between to see who cares enough to break them down.

    By Kez on 10.04.2012

  29. I like walls. They make you feel closed in and safe. Built walls are nice. So are the ones that people put up around them to block out other people, in this case, I do that all the time because I don’t like a lot of people, and people tell me to let them down, but I don’t.
    This is actually really confusing but walls are actually just stupid blocks that hold a house together.
    that’s it.

    By Kennedy URL on 10.04.2012

  30. Who puts up the walls that we find ourselves inside? Are we safe on the inside or the outside? What is the purpose of the walls?

    By Charlotte4950 URL on 10.04.2012

  31. Cream walls surround me as I write,
    They’re simple and boring, a wonderful site.
    Do you think this place I work is nice?
    I sure do–even if my boss is cold as ice.

    By Hermoine on 10.04.2012

  32. If the walls could talk, they would. They would talk about all the Queen and King had said behind closed doors. About their worries and fears, about their desires and cares. But most of all it would talk about how much they loved each other. No matter what was going on in their lives, it would talk about their love.

    By Melissa Sunseri on 10.04.2012

  33. I am enclosed in a small space. The walls are pressing down on me. Breathe. Breathe. I have to get out. There is no exit. I am stuck. Help.

    By heleen on 10.04.2012

  34. facebook


    my wall



    By siggi on 10.04.2012

  35. walls are the reason you can’t talk to people and you can’t see people. but either you can see walls or you can’t. you can’t climb walls and you can’t go under them, you just have to run through them.

    By amy URL on 10.04.2012

  36. im surrounded, cant escape.
    feels like a box, a very small box full of feelings.

    By siggi on 10.04.2012

  37. Everyone puts up walls.In their mind, behind their eyes. Trying desperately to shut others out and in some cases, keep themselves in. Never wanting that vulnerability that possesses us all to spill out, to become apparent.

    By Jean URL on 10.04.2012

  38. Aren’t always so bad right? especially the padded ones.
    Its safer right? living behind bars.
    Id be crazy to go out right? into the real world.

    By Alicia on 10.04.2012

  39. We abide in bubbles with mirrored walls. Everything beyond is nonexistant. On occasion when we collide with others do we acknowledge something outside ourselves, but we are forever ignorant.

    By EmilyH URL on 10.04.2012

  40. I place the palms of my hand against the cold stone and close my eyes. Slowly I let my forehead fall forward, the smoothness of the gray wall cooling my skin. Tears run down my face, but it doesn’t matter. No one will ever see me or hear me again, anyway. And it’s dark. The faint shadow of my entrapped hand is outlined in the moonlight coming through the tiny window.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 10.04.2012