January 13th, 2021 | 6 Entries

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6 Entries for “walking”

  1. I was walking down the road and thinking to myself so many people are dying and we can’t do anything about it. Life is precious and we must all take the time to appreciate the good things we have.

    By Rumbidzai Miss Pasirayi URL on 01.14.2021

  2. I dont like walking because i like to run and some synonyms for walking is jogging running speed walking trudging flying and i dont like

    By Kason on 01.14.2021

  3. running is a faster version of walking speed walking is jogging jogging is running running is sprinting, sprinting is flying.

    By Jordan URL on 01.14.2021

  4. Walking. A simple term but it can mean a lot to some people. To some, it is amazing. It let’s them get away from the stress of life and others it is horrible and they would much rather be in a car.

    By Mrs. Neylon's student Maisie, 5th grade on 01.14.2021

  5. I’m walking on the beach, looking out into the ocean at the calming waves. I can feel the sand between my toes. I close my eyes and slowly inhale. And memories of you come flooding back. The sun is setting and casting a nice glow on my skin. It makes me reminisce. I wish we had more time… But I know I must move on and keep walking forward.

    By J on 01.14.2021

  6. is a reflection of my energy level and state of mind. Is my head up, rotating side to side, absorbing the world around me? Is it down, staring at my feet as they shuffle forward?
    Am I alone? With my dogs? with a friend? All factors is where I place my focus that day

    By Catherine Hogue on 01.15.2021