January 11th, 2021 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “lighter”

  1. “You are the only lighter left in this house”. My mom said while grabbing my hand.
    “Please, stay..”, she continued.
    Last night I made a promise to myself to look for opportunities out there.
    I couldn’t imagine to stay here any longer in this dull life out of nowhere.
    Through my low vision sight I could see blurry faces of her and my three little sisters expecting me to stay.
    They are all totally blind.

    By hadi on 01.11.2021

  2. A lightter is like a flicker of light and yu neever kow what going to happen
    they can oem in effernt colors and sizes and be used for all things
    lighter acan also mean not as heacy to this wokr has multile meanins which one do tou mean

    By Alisha Clark on 01.12.2021

  3. Lighters are small objects designed to create a small flame to light a multitude of things, including fires, grills and other such things they usually use lighter fluid which is a flammable liquid and have a striker that creates a spark.

    By Jimmy Hanson on 01.12.2021

  4. He grips the lighter with shaking hands. He always knew it would come to this, knew deep down in his bones with a certainty that seems almost to outdate him. It’s as sure as the knowledge of how to breathe, how to sleep, how to crawl towards something better. There’s the faintest smell of gas when he lights it, and then he drops it in the puddle of gasoline.

    By Oshan Sukai on 01.12.2021

  5. The lighter my chest felt, the deeper the meaning became. And it wasn’t exactly something I could describe, even doing my best. It was an incredible lightness of being.

    By Jen on 01.12.2021