January 12th, 2011 | 459 Entries

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459 Entries for “wake”

  1. awake dear friend ones longest slumber, doeth not live a life of exuberance. A tiny heart, but a might head – who would have guessed. THose tiny feet are no doting clue to that mammoth head of yours.

    By Ryan on 01.13.2011

  2. woke up this morning. feeling ugly. wanna be skinny. wanna be loved. need money. badly. for school. and dreams. wish i knew what he thinks. when awake. or what he’s dreaming of.

    By luth on 01.13.2011

  3. i wake up in the morning and there is cold dew on my face. the sleeping tiger next to me is holding his breath and i wonder what he is dreaming about. i remember my hamburger from last night and smile.

    By helenrecord on 01.13.2011

  4. In the wake of the revelation all the guests were appalled. They’d actually eaten a man. But how! How could they not know they’d done so, and with such relish?

    And more importantly, why was it so delicious?

    I asked the cook for the key ingredient in this double-cross. He told me the secret was wrapping the guy up in layers of bacon. Because, as he put it, the smell alone is like Beggin’ Strips, but for people instead of dogs. All said, I’m glad I’d opted to eat home before arriving at that dinner party.

    By tHG URL on 01.13.2011

  5. I wake at 5.30 and there’s the bird singing, the same that was singing at half one. Do birds sing in the middle of the night? This one was, or was I hallucinating? That’s what happens when you don’t sleep. You can’t tell the difference between waking and sleeping.

    By Maria URL on 01.13.2011

  6. I’m anything but awake right now. I hope my daydreams have the answers I’m looking for!

    By karn on 01.13.2011

  7. Wake before the dream takes you too far. rampant horny sex is all great, but you know you always dream about your family. It ‘ll only be a matter of time before the two things meet. in hot passion. seems like you’re not actually limited to a minute huh? Lame. What’s the point of having people slam things down in 60 seconds if you’re not going to enforce it. Check me out…. breaching the 100wom barrier. Give me another few minutes and I’ll fake a considerable 500wpm. In my dreams…

    By Humpty on 01.13.2011

  8. I wake, grudgingly. The sunshine should herald the start of a new day, but for me there is little to look forward to. I turn over, as if sleep will come again. It won’t. It hasn’t come for nights. Not since that event. Not since I last saw her.

    By Ironic Mom URL on 01.13.2011

  9. In morning I wake up out of bed. to be revived, to die, to be in total awarness.

    By Bailey URL on 01.13.2011

  10. I hate to wake in the morning mostly when it is cold outside and so warm under the covers. It’s even harder when it is dark outside. I know I should be excited to start the day but most days I want to sleep.

    By Sarah on 01.13.2011

  11. too early is bad.

    By vini cordeiro on 01.13.2011

  12. In the wake of the Haitian tragedy last year, millions of people both in the US and throughout the international community donated billions of dollars to aid the relief effort. While it’s been one year and there are still over 180,000 Haitians still living in tents and temporary places, there is still reason for Hope for the Haitian future.

    By JT Soto Jr on 01.13.2011

  13. the life of a bug is as long as nobody watch , and nobody likes to watch a bug , but the bug still wakes up every morning and fly away from a part to another till the day she wont wake up again

    By anca on 01.13.2011

  14. I don’t know when it was. Probably a month ago, I feel like time has been going by so fast. Anyway, I just remember wanting something to be different, but I couldn’t change like I wanted to. I just wanted to be awake.

    By Annalyssa Vignassi URL on 01.13.2011

  15. When I wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful realization that “waking” is the beginning of a new day. A new and fresh start. Waking is leaving behind the old and turning to the new.

    By Emily Beth on 01.13.2011

  16. A shift in being. Whether it is physical or emotional. In the wake of the surf suggests that a new tide is approaching, yet to waken from sleep is a change in the mental state. Wake is a new way in which we perceive and act.

    By Doug Uehling on 01.13.2011

  17. wake up and smell the coffee, rise and shine the early bird gets the worm.
    Where will you be when you open your eyes? Will I see you? I will want to know who you are. will you tell me? I’m waiting impatiently but I’ll never tell.

    By Jenealia URL on 01.13.2011

  18. if you were to not wake up tomorrow, where would you want to be? what do you want to do with your life? what’s your purpose? the meaning of life is…

    By Annalyssa Vignassi URL on 01.13.2011

  19. She was awake,
    alive and truly THERE
    for the first time she could remember
    in a long, long time.
    Everything seemed so much brighter
    than her memories, so much softer,
    so much more colorful and… real.
    Sobriety was something new,
    something she’d forgotten how to do,
    but so far, it was better than a high.

    By Coral URL on 01.13.2011