August 23rd, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “vultures”

  1. packs of vultures
    picking scraps from the culture
    keeping the parts they like
    but shrieking that the parts they don’t are because of an unjust structure.
    they peck at the lines, attempting to rupture.
    decades of work are pierced and then punctured.
    a shake in the earth from a knocked over sculpture.

    a slow breath drawn at a pivotal junture,
    to mend the wounds with some yarn and a suture.
    truth stands tall as a beacon for futures.

    By omqwat on 08.24.2017

  2. Vultures of the soul creep out from the dark to devour the innocence I have nurtured. Fighting them is a fools task, for every time the #vultures are agitated, they return with vengeance in my dreams to seep the vitality out of all that is dear to me. @oznolem #oneoword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.24.2017

  3. The vultures flew about swooping down every once in a while to take a bite from the carcass that lay below. The witnesses were disgusted by this act, and had to turn away. One can only hope that they weren’t scarred,

    By Ashley on 08.24.2017

  4. The vultures were gathering around the rocks, like dark clouds before a storm. They were smelling death, the sweet time for having a feast.

    By cup on 08.25.2017

  5. into the night, the day is not to be squandered like the vultures of the hours and the halfs who simply feast on the fears of the empty.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.25.2017

  6. Hakuna Matata or is it the other one?
    Beatles hair cuts and barbershop voices in the jungle.
    The ‘What do you want to do?’ Conundrum,
    that’s what friends are for.

    By Georgia Traher on 08.25.2017

  7. Vultures are sometimes people who are opportunistic and they come to you only when they need help. Vultures as birds wait for an animal to pounce on them and eat them. they have a good view of their targets. vultures can

    By anwaar URL on 08.25.2017

  8. monster

    By Katie URL on 08.25.2017

  9. We are like vultures
    that never leave the ground
    Circling around blocks
    looking for the next prey
    It makes me think
    how primitive we still are
    like jostling maggots
    dying in a jar.

    By Steve O URL on 08.25.2017

  10. As vultures were swooping around the carcass of the rotting body, Viswanath looked on. What had happened? It was only one week ago everyone had left – they were all in perfect health, were armed and were sure that they were safe. And now this

    By Rohit Dwivedula on 08.25.2017

  11. Political vultures are picking our minds clean of all original thought.

    By Per on 08.25.2017

  12. Death lurked here. I walked slowly. It was day, but it seemed so dark. The silence was loud. The smell was unbearable. I looked forward, walking as fast as I could. I needed to get out of here. Something wasn’t right about this place. This place I called home.

    By Melissa on 08.25.2017

  13. future reptiles swim in sand
    salt has always been sweet

    By too stable on 08.25.2017