August 23rd, 2017 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “vultures”

  1. vultures vultures vulture vulture vulture vultures vultures vultures vultures vultures
    vultures vultures vultures vul

    By yajaira on 08.23.2017

  2. During the annual free food drive at the local community college, ravenous vultures rushed to devour whatever abundance of food was set on the tables.

    Vultures meaning college students. Hungry, poor college students.

    By Mayang on 08.23.2017

  3. vultures look really weird so yay! vultures are sgavengers you know what i mean

    By WolfHeart URL on 08.23.2017

  4. Circling a lump of flesh stinking from the heat of the desert. One swoops down to feast and becomes another lump. but how?

    By Joe on 08.23.2017

  5. these are birds that love to eat meat. I personally think that vultures are strange creatures, and they have pink heads, so I don’t know why they are called “pink headed birds” or something like that.

    By Awab Ibrahim on 08.23.2017

  6. counting crows cancel
    creatures crowding council
    vultures picking at the dead
    smile on their face unsaid
    break me when you’ve got broken back dreams
    schemes of never was and always wanna
    left alone at home;
    just meat on a bone

    By matt m. on 08.23.2017

  7. Here they come, circling ’round the ranch like belted vultures. Their wide-brimmed hats accentuate their pointed, dripping beaks. Their wattles shake and shimmy with each cackle erupting from their lips. They have revolvers on their hips, and they share the same whiskey in a stain glass bottle.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.23.2017

  8. vultures eat dead things and bad and are ugly

    By elijah on 08.23.2017

  9. vultures circle my tea
    & i am postponed
    from drinking from the well.

    i take my mouse in hand,
    and click it,
    feed it to the vultures

    who give me nothing
    but time.

    By Jessica Tower on 08.23.2017

  10. Circling above. Waiting for you to fail. Give up. Succumb. They’re waiting. It doesn’t take long. It will be over soon. Everything you ever were will be theirs soon. Even if you’re not fully gone, they will find it. They will find every last bit.

    By Kat Sloane on 08.23.2017

  11. Staring through me like a vulture. Waiting for me to fail. Waiting to feast on all I ever was. All I ever will be. It will be over soon.

    By Kat Sloane on 08.23.2017

  12. They’re vultures. The disgusting greedy pigs–picking at the prey they know won’t fight back. How could someone be so vile? They are cowards, and cowardice breeds a kind of evil that can’t be excused. They sicken me.

    By Tuvok on 08.23.2017

  13. vultures are huge, cunning creatures that eat up anything that moves in the ground. The vultures are good to have if you have lot of pests and rodents to get rid of. A nice pet for a hollywood villain.

    By VijayShankar B on 08.23.2017

  14. What is it about a person that likens them to a Vulture? Vultures, like any animal, are innocent. Humans who behave as vultures are often taken as a nuicence. Waiting for an opportunity to steal the hard work of others. That could be considered hard work, though it might not seem that way to onlookers.

    By Devin K on 08.23.2017

  15. vultures, vultures, vultures, vultures, vult

    By WolfHeart URL on 08.23.2017

  16. Nothing but the best,
    Circle and sing—
    Black wings
    To the carcass,
    Spiral laps
    Gourmet in scraps
    Nothing beats this,
    It’s the best,
    Nothing beats this,
    It’s a test—
    A predator that never hunts
    Finds a feast in flesh that festers
    A predator that deceives itself
    Wears the red cap of jesters
    There is nothing better, this meat,
    This zoo cage, crowded street,
    Nor this polluted sky—
    A lie, a lie—
    (to follow, I recall,)
    Do you know why
    They are so bald?

    By Ai URL on 08.23.2017

  17. Remember the culture vultures? Those were the days. Days when the vultures were celebrated because they return every year from Hickley Ohio. They come here for the winter. I love that story. They’re adorable. Vultures are good.

    By michaelbuzz on 08.24.2017

  18. “I would vulture to say…” says the Redneck in the truck.

    “I think you meant venture.” She gazes at the stars passing above heads of corn at 66 mph.

    “No, I meant vulture.” He says in a near whisper as he stares into the darkness of the road where the headlight don’t quite reach. He rubs his neck and looks at her sideways. Puns don’t seem to be her forte this evening.

    Meanwhile, she knows why he fails to extract an exactness. It isn’t very funny as it has always been about timing. It speaks to so many things; these thoughts she has that sail beyond the corniest of the corn. “It’s not the cream of the crop. It’s the meat of it all.” She thinks. She will leave him to his sad “vultures”. At the next stop she vows to get off the ride to nowhere.

    By walled URL on 08.24.2017

  19. The vultures circled the body, waiting to make sure what they saw was dead – or dead enough. They swooped down, ready and willing to pick at the flesh and carry it off to feed on. They picked and picked until there was little left but bone.

    By Andrea on 08.24.2017

  20. She felt them circling her, even with just their eyes, as she crossed the room. The opposite wall seemed to be moving further and further away as she took each step, as if she would never reach it. She inhaled. Easy does it, hon. Its all just an illusion. Just keep going.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.24.2017

  21. the few who view the work of the shoe are prone to eat systems,but they are birds with words not vultures sepulchres and this became a tripod for stars and shores.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.24.2017

  22. The vultures pecked at the animal carcass, feeding off like a murder of crows. The hot wind of the desert blew on their heads.

    By Crystal on 08.24.2017

  23. “Well,” the Sherriff reckons, “I’m sorry it’s gotta be like this. But by the looks of them vultures up there, it won’t be too long before they’re down here for your eyes. Want me to bullet between your eyes or are ya gonna stick it out with the birds?” His finger jerks up towards the sun where black specks circle in the distance.

    The kid struggles in the hot dirt. Dirt he’s buried up to his neck in. “Birds.” He grits out, “Ain’t ever gonna give up!”

    The sherrif sighs, “You youngins never git it. Sometimes there ain’t no choice no matter how hard you try.”

    He walks away towards his horse, but then spins around and crouches low. The blast hits the kid’s ears before the bullet hits the mark. Kid’s eyes were wide but now the lids sink and close.

    By Oh Sonny Boi URL on 08.24.2017

  24. Vultures are birds that eat dead animals.Much like the common buzzard. vultures have large talons. They look like large black bald eagles.

    By aubrianne URL on 08.24.2017

  25. they are large birds that are typical dangerous to many and you would not want to cross res path. if I crossed ones path I wouldprobrably loose my co.

    By Logan Jackson on 08.24.2017

  26. OMG I have fought off those stupid vultures before! I can tell you how – no problem. Just get a big big big stick , wrap your hair so they cannot pull your hair, wear a solid steel outfit

    By nicalady on 08.24.2017

  27. Dark creatures that eat the dead. Scary looking, day bats. They hunt what has already been hunted and clean the mess from the dirt.

    By Hannah on 08.24.2017

  28. Vultures were swarming the prey on a hot desert day.

    By christina div on 08.24.2017

  29. I saw a flock of rainbow vultures down by the lake. They were having a party and they eat turkey legs and cotton candy. I met one of the vultures, whose name was Bobby, and we talked about fish.

    By Kaelyn on 08.24.2017

  30. i love the vultures by John Mair.

    By joseph URL on 08.24.2017

  31. Nasty things but fascinating in their abilities. When I think of a vulture, I think of death. I think of their feeding on carcasses of the dead animals, how they are portrayed in television shows or movies, and picture the desert. Their ability to be able to feed off dead animals and digest them is interesting based on the fact that they have very powerful stomach acid.

    By Tara Perry on 08.24.2017

  32. vulture are scavengers
    they eat what ever they can find

    By gage on 08.24.2017

  33. they are being saved. i saw it in my inbox; birdlife sent a mail, said projects were being put in place to save them.
    vultures, vultures; associated with bankers, with sneaky people out to cheat and rob you. they are dark and skin, they are skin to bones to flesh and blood. who might love a vulture? not i; not you. but they need to be protected. they are living beings, of flesh, of blood, of skin: their lives matter, and as do ours, our creed thus becomes to help them too.

    By thefrenchcrayon on 08.24.2017

  34. vultures is a large bird who eats dead animals

    By Magdalena on 08.24.2017

  35. Circling, twirling, dancing on the warm air currents. Ugly, dark, ominous.

    By Esther Jones on 08.24.2017

  36. Vultures are different. Mostly we know them as disgusting or evil. Most people compare them as high school teachers, and don’t lie, everyone does it. Those teachers who hunch their backs.

    By pamela callahan on 08.24.2017

  37. vultures take and take that is what they do. they do not worry about anyone but themselves. They are selfish scavengers. Vultures, I am not sure I like them – I wonder if anyone has ever considered me one, have I done anything to give me that title. I would hope not

    By 5ftbeauty URL on 08.24.2017

  38. Don’t love them
    they live inside of us
    or near
    ready to prey on our smiles
    swooping to eat
    our feelings
    and digest them
    with our fear
    feasting on blood
    the love

    By Madison Claire on 08.24.2017

  39. Driving down the road used to be such a normal thing. Now I look at the vultures, their bony head covered in filth. I watch them plunge their faces into the corpses on the side of the road. And I drive down the highway, and I ignore the broken air conditioner, and the dust settling up in mounds, and the city of Chicago looming in the distance.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 08.24.2017

  40. My soon to be ex husband is a vulture. He flies above you for a while, watching and waiting. And then he swoops down and attacks. He is vengeful and fearful. Big and taunting. He doesn’t think about his actions he just does them. He is cruel and cold hearted and his concerns lies only within himself.

    By Cristina on 08.24.2017