September 30th, 2012 | 249 Entries

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249 Entries for “vote”

  1. I was wildly against it,
    but my vote didn’t count.
    They went through with it anyway,
    and I stupidly went along.
    My heart was racing
    and my sight was blurred.
    I saw their lips moving.
    Instructing me what to do.
    But all I could hear was the pounding in my ears.

    By Chelsea URL on 09.30.2012

  2. you’ve only ever been given one choice before, and now, you’re faced with this? so much to think about and not enough time to make the Decision. will it matter, in the end? does anything? i need someone to slap me. i need to feel something other than ambivalence, other than the tearing of my soul in opposite directions, refusing to be together. i need, i need —

    By annaise on 09.30.2012

  3. why? the world is fucked either way

    By jade on 09.30.2012

  4. Voting her name was quite impossible. He never think of doing that. Voting her was such an impossible task it almost made him sick. But he have to do it. It’s for her sake. No matter how hard he tries to deny that he still have feelings for her. He just can’t. And as he stares at her fragile state right now. He could feel that all of that is his fault.

    By Jonas on 09.30.2012

  5. Vote for good. Vote gives you constitutional power. Vote for freedom.

    By econup on 09.30.2012

  6. I wanted to vote for him in the school elections. I knew he wouldn’t know I didn’t but it stills pains me to tell him I did when it isn’t true. I could see the disappointment in his face. He was beaten in his own field, for one vote, one that could have been me.

    By Dana URL on 09.30.2012

  7. when a person chooses another one to represent him or the society he lives in.

    By Lavinia on 09.30.2012

  8. “And if you wanna speak out, speak out”

    By Alias on 09.30.2012

  9. i can’t vote at this age but when i get older i guess i will vote. i hate how everyone is judged by who they vote for though. everyone should be respected for their own vote. personally i dont like voting. i am horrible at making decisions because i always wonder what would happen if i chose something different. but at the same time i am thankful to have to right to vote, being a female.

    By Andrea on 09.30.2012

  10. Vote? Vote for what? I mean, sure, i gues you could voite about who’s going to be the next president & who’s going to dictate your entire future. But there’s other things to vote for. Voting for that one person inside your head that everyone else is against; voting for the outfit that you think looks best, not what anyone else thinks. But idk.

    By Amy URL on 09.30.2012

  11. vote for vote of confidence
    fighting for your sentences
    passive toke

    By Soulsway on 09.30.2012

  12. Declarations of independence, we secure something of ourselves symbolically. Paperless connections seal deals in near silence. Our majority manifesto hits the airwaves and we are not yet ready.

    By A. Yayo on 09.30.2012

  13. Elections of the president. They are very small things.. 1 vote but put it together .. millions of ppeople you have a whole contries decision.. idea.. plan… hope… Votes.

    By Dasha Morrison on 09.30.2012

  14. Do you remember when woman were still trying to get the right the vote?

    Look at how far we have come since then.

    By Cynthia on 09.30.2012

  15. Vote was the one thing all had to do yet many would not. For reasons of fear lothing or lack of motivation. More need to stand up and vote. The people feard not the government but the results of their own decisions.

    By alexander URL on 09.30.2012

  16. I don’t want to vote when I turn eighteen because I’m very apathetic towards politics. I am failing my politics class which only increases my apathy. I don’t think sixteen year olds should be allowed to vote. That sounds dumb, because it is. It makes me angry one would even consider that a smart decision to make into policy

    By Daiana URL on 09.30.2012

  17. I said, “Sir, my vote is yours.” Why though? Well, because he’s the first honest politic I’ve met. He offers, promises, and gives; so far, keeping his word. That’s all I ask for as a president. Honesty and generosity. Us, middle class, need as much help as we can get.

    By foost URL on 09.30.2012

  18. Don’t forget to get out and vote. Or stay in and mail in your vote, early. Our country is headed to the bottom of the barrel if we don’t find a person who can help bring us back to something close to civilized. So VOTE!

    By paulie aragon on 09.30.2012

  19. I’m voting for my life. Like we say in PTA, those who show up get to vote! My vote is my say…and I have a lot to say !

    By sis on 09.30.2012

  20. I spread the curtain and stepped inside the small booth. Levers sat in front of me. Names on silver plates lay below the levers. I reached one and grabbed, the metal was warmer than my hands. I thought about the past year. Who deserved to win? Who deserved my vote? After all, my vote could tip the scale.

    By Amy on 09.30.2012

  21. Ablity to express your love of country and independace. To be a part of the country and help to elect someone worthwhile. To be 21 and have the right to be a good citizen and help other people in the world Aa freedom to be a part of the system. To help your children see whose worthy. to be a servant of the country. an honor and duty as an american citizen. As generations before us have expressed their freedoms and rights , so should I and you!

    By terri Coseo on 09.30.2012

  22. to do or not to do. that is the question. Whether it is better to go along with a system of repeated failure or to break free and create your own movements and ideas, who is to say?

    By Antonio Peraza on 09.30.2012

  23. One man.
    One vote.
    One vote.
    One prayer.
    One ballot of hope.
    One thought to the air.
    One wish.
    One cast.
    One rise.
    One fall.
    One man.
    One country.
    One people.
    One all.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.30.2012

  24. When I agreed to move to the United States to marry and live with my American husband, I never expected to feel political. I am Canadian and I never knew what that meant until now- an election approaches and because I will not surrender my citizenship to Canada and Great Britain, as long as I live in this country I will never be allowed to vote. But I feel impassioned- I am about to bring a child into this world, into this country… so for God’s sake- if you can… VOTE!

    By Laura Mary URL on 09.30.2012

  25. I vote
    I wrote
    To sail away
    He votes
    She notes
    To wave goodbye
    I won’t miss you
    I can’t kiss you
    Let the wind
    Wipe my tears away

    By recogirl URL on 09.30.2012

  26. To take part, or to try to move a population towards someones or somethings favour

    By Kodi Lawson URL on 09.30.2012

  27. obama

    By Alicia Rae Beaudette on 09.30.2012

  28. Vote for the things you want, not the things you need. Vote for what is easy, not what is right. Vote for who they tell you to vote for, not the best person for the job.

    By tony on 09.30.2012

  29. Voting is the most powerful form of expression. 1 Vote can say more about you than your blog.

    By Shozub on 09.30.2012

  30. “I vote for it,” Moody all but shouted.
    “This is ludicrous!” Shoshanna stood up and walked around the table. “I’m one of the best duelers you have, and you bloody well know it! I should be right out on the front lines! I have nothing to lose!”
    “Codswallop! You’ve got a lot more uses than that!”

    By Lily on 09.30.2012

  31. voting is incredibly important. Voting determines who runs our society and that determines how everything goes. Voting is one right we have that I think everyone should exercise their right to do. I haven’t voted yet but I cannot wait to finally be able to. It doesn’t matter what it’s for, it helps to get our voices heard and allows us to choose how we want things in the world to go.

    By josh whan on 09.30.2012

  32. My vote feels useless.


    By Jack Tiffee on 09.30.2012

  33. its your right!!!! not many people have this privilege, so no matter what your color or party, participate. you can’t afford not to.

    By Julienne on 09.30.2012

  34. freedom of speech, governments and presidents, high school cheerleaders and convoys tredging in tanks down dust rocky sided roads and inlets. Vote ? vote for what? for whom?

    By mary123 on 09.30.2012

  35. When the curtain closed, she turned to face the screen. She was alone now. She had the power at her fingertips. She flexed her extremities and extended a hand towards the machine. As she swept the pads of her fingers across the smooth, flat surface, she felt the excitement bubbling up inside of her. She knew she was making a difference. Her vote could change the world.

    By Tori on 09.30.2012

  36. voting is an annoying chore that the government makes us do so they call call themselves democratic, while one vote will not make a difference.

    By bob on 09.30.2012

  37. “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” she snarls at me. She impatiently rips the rope out of my hands and ties the knot with capable fingers. “Don’t let yourself forget that I’m the only reason why you’re still alive.”

    By WearyWater URL on 09.30.2012

  38. I was sitting in class one day, and it was homecoming week. The announcements came on and our principle, with his booming voice, started calling out the homecoming court nominees. It was mostly all the popular people, but then he made a slight pause. Then the next thing I hear being said, is my name. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew I’d dread it. Everyone was so shocked. I was the outcast of the school, but now I was a nominee for homecoming court.

    By Heather Bowser on 09.30.2012

  39. Voting is involuntry where I come from. Still, I think it is worth while.
    Why shouldn’t I care about who leads me?

    By Madeleine on 09.30.2012

  40. learning about history makes me really grateful that i live in a country where voting is allowed
    albeit, it is commonplace that people are still today denied their right to voice their political beliefs

    i suppose it’s a work in progress

    By hollymarie on 09.30.2012