August 16th, 2008 | 230 Entries

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230 Entries for “vintage”

  1. old, retro, returning to glory. the yuppies take on the word as trendy, yet those who truly appreciate it’s value still get to see it’s fruition. The vintage style is a lifestyle, not a fashion choice.

    By Raina on 08.17.2008

  2. Vintage clothes are my favorite, they cover my vintage body which covers my vintage mind. I’m a throwback and the world has already left me behind, and I’m constantly surrounded by things I don’t understand. I’m old-fashioned and progressive, one of those, and I sometimes wonder who I’m kidding with this.

    By Krystal on 08.17.2008

  3. The only thing “vintage” anymore, is what came out in the last couple of years. We redo vintage every year, focusing on a different decade, and hoping that no one will call us out on our lack of originality. It is, of course, hilarious to wear an A-Team t-shirt, even though no one who owns one has even seen the A-Team. They’ve seen the Family Guy about the A-Team, and think that they are also fans.

    By SHATR on 08.17.2008

  4. Ironic how time flies by. Isn’t it? Just yesterday we were fighting communism and we were dying in the war. Now, the whole world has destroyed our country in order to prove something. What was it that they were trying to prove to us other than that they could kill a dictator?

    By Cecil Baird on 08.17.2008

  5. Vintage pie! It’s pie like your grandma used to make. Good apple pie made with REAL apples picked from teas in Scotland! You can get this for only four dollars and a piece of squash by contacting us at 1-800-PIEFORME.

    By Phil Herman on 08.17.2008

  6. vintage clothing, it’s become our generation’s little black dress. Everyone has vintage so is it vintage anymore? Vintage is a camaro, it’s usually things people find repulsive after they’ve had it for a while, and then as all things do it returns, there’s a zen to vintage I say this in my vintage chair with my vintage t-shirt on Led Zep 1972

    By kevin gardner on 08.17.2008

  7. old, classic, retro. “vintage” has a great association to it…anything “vintage” is usually pretty cool. different from antique, vintage is a nice way of saying old.

    By JJ on 08.17.2008

  8. vintage is just a fancy word for old. is there any such thing as just old anymore. you think you can slap a label on some piece of crap and make it worth twice what it was? well, you can.

    By melifer on 08.17.2008

  9. old, weathered and learned, tasteful and strong against the current of time. stubborn, earth.

    By martim pocinho on 08.17.2008

  10. i love vintage clothing. worn denim, leather pants, and flamboyantly huge collars. I love the colors, especially pastels, and textures.

    By Eric on 08.17.2008

  11. It was a car – a great car. I loved it, really. 1957 Vette. Ragtop. Beautiful. I don’t even know if it ran – it was parked outside my uncle’s house for so long, and I never actually got a chance to pick it up before he sold it.

    Sold it.

    My car. The one he promised me.

    Oh well.

    By Simon on 08.17.2008

  12. Vintage – not old, not ancient, but worn, used, loved. Of a time before me, older, with some value, perhaps value of the heart. Vintage has a warm quality to it, not just a statement about oldness, but that feeling of character.

    By Carolyn on 08.17.2008

  13. old, things that remind you of the past, old expierences, memories, mistakes, good times bad times, old friends “i used to where this” goes with anything, “oh my god i actually wore that? ” we thoug, we were cool, a memory, an old friend back of the closet

    By Chelsea on 08.17.2008

  14. wine in a cellar on a roof at a party straps and curtsies just for fun. smiles and glosses and white shiny teeth and conversation that is sweet and a place to sit when my heels are getting the best of my ankles. a hand to hold as i am walking down

    By rach on 08.17.2008

  15. There was a time when everything was fresh and good. And that time was profitable for the corporations. But the corporate got greedy and the trend hungry got nostalgic and the hip got old and wanted to feel young again. There became a demand for the 80’s to make a fierce return, so that the old could replay their youth with contemporary knowledge.

    By paisley on 08.17.2008

  16. vintage is old the beauty of olden eras being asmired when the paints get a coat of rusty layer of the acrs or it may be an old furniture .

    By saurabh on 08.17.2008

  17. one word is about doing something only once because is everything people thought. i had to write a story with the lenght was only with one word and i dit it that was greatful because i had achieved what i was looking for.

    By carine on 08.17.2008

  18. Vintage. Someone once told me that my style was slightly vintage. I didn’t get what they meant. Me? Have a style? It surprised me and threw me for a loop. I’ve been looking at my closet more carefully now to see if it’s true.

    By Moony on 08.17.2008

  19. vintage cars have long been a favorite pastime among many hobbyists.

    It can be very rewarding as an investment or as a hobby, depending on what your are interested in.

    By Russell L Ward on 08.17.2008

  20. i watched this movie with scarlett. she was vintage. her curls were vintage. until i realized i was watching a movie. i have no idea who that vintage girl is. it might just be love at first sight. and a fleeting feeling. her curls. i would die for those vintage curls.

    By veeeeeeit on 08.17.2008

  21. it’s old, but sometimes old is new. i mean, especially after a while, people forget the old styles, the old trends. old looks new, except to those with too much experience. our weary eyes look over the trends that have come and gone, only to resurface in this new form, on this new body. it’s gratifying to know that the moth-e

    By Val on 08.17.2008

  22. It is one way to eliminate waste by buying used. I love vintage fashions. They have more soul. New clothes do not always have that soft feeling of a vintage t-shirt. Plus each vintage item has a story whether it be clothing of anything else.

    By Juna on 08.17.2008

  23. old

    By mckkaylaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on 08.17.2008

  24. good old vintage, I love it. I love the texture and feel of Retro Things. There are all kinds of Vintage stuff that I enjoy, From Couches,to Tee Shirts, to Vinyl Records. Vintage, is where its at.

    By Chase on 08.17.2008

  25. i used to wear costumes a lot…so i found my way into vintage stores on a regular basis, i got so good at it that they finally banned me from my favorite one in my home town, cuz i’d beat everybody else to the good stuff…now i buy my clothes at the gap and wish i had the guts to wear a disguise.

    By nique on 08.17.2008

  26. It was a vintage car, shiny yellow, chrome, cream coloured fenders. The woman sitting in it wore a scarf over her head like an old fashioned movie star, large sunglasses, a white sundress, strappy heels.

    By nmw on 08.17.2008

  27. old, ancestor, gothic, remains, epic, loud, antic, beautiful, archaic nude culture history

    By surya on 08.17.2008

  28. I look at the clock, and it looks at me. It’s cracked, vintage face, wary hands with stretching, reaching fingers, stared at me, mocking me with it’s taunts of time. I stare with my young, unmarred face and small hands. We’re evenly matched.

    By Ryu-son Sanzui on 08.17.2008

  29. a collection of signicant peices of vintage clothing and further accessories due to make an appearence in our brand new store opening both on Oxford Street and our brand spanking new online store!

    The definition of vintage – old, timeless, quirky, aging, funky, nostalgic, so now, Kate Moss style.

    By Georgie Wright on 08.17.2008

  30. The only thing i know about vintage is vintage car, a very old fashioned car which is used in previous times. Even though it was old still it was stylish in that times.

    By Sanket on 08.17.2008