August 14th, 2008 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “village”

  1. One day I was walking through the village of Alfheia. I was the only one in the mid night moon; walking slowly through the alley. I could only imagine my love by my side but I couldn’t put him through any of the dangers that held before me. I must release this curse; from me and from him.
    I place my hand into my pocket and caressed the silver pendent that was passed down from mother to mother.

    By Janelle Hanson on 08.15.2008

  2. Ho! What does the night bring
    this village tonight?

    The Snake
    The Hell
    The Wolf child.

    Monsters are often born of fire
    and not of kindness.

    Time to

    Here in the village tonight.

    By H on 08.15.2008

  3. Fucking Kristy.

    Standing behind me when I type, I can’t even think about the word village or the innate closeness and fishbowl-type situation it implies, now she’s moaning in my ear and I’m so hard that I can barely stand it.

    And she’s not going to sleep with me either.


    Damn I’m going to go touch myself.

    By Andrew Meare on 08.15.2008

  4. community group somfortable living quaint cosy I wish the world would just be a village

    By elizabeth on 08.15.2008

  5. i village. it takes a village to raise a child… village idiot…a place in the jungle remote, peaceful everyone working together. village shoes? was that a store? that’s all i got..

    By Brenda on 08.15.2008

  6. How many billion of us are there in this village ‘Humanity’? Enough water, enough crops? WIll there ever be? We can but hope and if we believe, pray.

    By poss on 08.15.2008

  7. The rays of sun broke upon the tiny village below. Breaths of fine mist revealed the bustle of the new morn’s life. Shouts filled the air as merchants gathered their wares and professed their products to the world.

    The village swelled with anticipation.

    By vergil on 08.15.2008

  8. Welcome to my little village. We can stay here forever, far away from the loudness of the city. We can be wrapped in ourselves in my little village. It’s so lovely here, isn’t it? All we have is each other.

    By Ashley on 08.15.2008

  9. M NIght Shamalayan wrote a movie about scary things that killed people in a village. These people would be referred to as the village people. Perhaps they knew how to dance. Maybe not. They sure as hell didnt in the movie. There was just a load of running and terror. Villages usually have a designated idiot

    By G on 08.15.2008

  10. village is the last place i always thought i will leave in..lack with amenities and people, village is indeed a boring palace where we can’t live life to the fullest but i was wrong..village was the place i have always dreamt about. a place far away from urbanisation, peace and serene. living in village is like saying bye bye to hetic life.

    By shen on 08.15.2008

  11. a villiag

    By l on 08.15.2008

  12. Pillage, THEN burn.

    By Zorpisuttle on 08.15.2008

  13. one town is a village it just takes one person to be a village many people living together in a community – a global experience. a cultural experience. many people are sharing life in a village. old people young people and children – life can be big or small, and rich or poor but a village is the quintessential experience

    By Mardee Sherman on 08.15.2008

  14. One day, there was a village. They lived in terror, for a horrible creature lived in the caves so near. Every day, the villagers would stay inside, for every day, the monstrous creature would come and devour one of the villagers.

    By Dark on 08.15.2008

  15. The folks in the village were a bit scary. With their red hoods alwyas pulled up and their cloaks. Always crouched against the wind. IF you saw one standing by the side of the road they were strange looking. She tried not to stare but she couldn’t help it.

    By heelkitty on 08.15.2008

  16. When I think of a village, I think of a little placewhere life is simple and the pace is slow, and you can walk around and enjoy the beauty. There are no busy streets.

    By Pegg Kern on 08.15.2008

  17. I’ve done this one before. I realize that now, but oh well. It’s been a busy day. I love that book the “Vile Village” by Lemony Snicket, but I lost it. I should buy another. I was so shocked when I saw the price of GPS units. I want one, but I’m not shelling out 200 bucks for a small luxury.

    By Melissa Anne on 08.15.2008

  18. A village is home to many working for the common good. Community, cooperation, unity and honor. Those who come together, add their talents to help the unit.

    By Vet on 08.15.2008

  19. It takes a village to raise a child. Hmmmm… That might be true, but children are not allowed to play outside anymore. People are worried about abductions and pedophiles and skinned knees and creativity. Whose to say when kids will be allowed to be instead of being dragged all over.

    By John Hritz on 08.15.2008

  20. a dumb movie made by some arab guy. greenfield. africa. tribes. tiki sticks, harpoons, and masks. blood sacrifice and a monster with a red hooded cloak. blind girl. carmen electra is a bad actress.

    By K on 08.15.2008

  21. The village was peaceful that evening, as the smoking sun lowered itself gently downward against the far hills, and the faint exclamations of gulls could be heard as they soared across the sky. Nothing could be seen that was not contented, nothing could be felt that was not satisfaction.

    By Mo on 08.15.2008

  22. I remember Hillary Clinton telling us all that It takes a village to raise a child. What does she know about our village? I mean seriously, she give her press conferences in her back yard now. She cares about herself. Not us.

    By mareh.k on 08.15.2008

  23. A village is a place where people play and laugh and love. People sit around all day and have fun with everyone else. Until a dragon comes up! A mighty dragon with a sword, much like Trogdor but with a sword. The huts are made of straw and the village idiot is in mud. The mayor is fat and tax-hungry. Everyone is poor and nobody has much money.

    By Dylan Pones on 08.15.2008

  24. a small villager walked down the path toward the water. Lare green leaves tickled his arms as he made his way through the forest. Behind him, kids could be heard laughing and talking.

    By Michael Quintana on 08.15.2008

  25. People say it takes a village to raise a child. This is true, and also false. Charles Manson tried to do this, and it didn’t really ‘take off’ like he planned, although I can see his point in doing so. Instead of one person forcing thier personal views on an impressionable child, everyone else’s in mixed together so the child can come thier own conclusions.

    By ellen on 08.15.2008

  26. in a place where people never roam lies the village where creatures only dare. The temperature of fear permeates the black oozing presence of death. The sound of children dying

    By Shane on 08.15.2008

  27. If I lived in a village I would definitley have a village magazine. It would just be awesome. Sometimes I’d do profiles of people who live in the village. I’d probably give it out for free. I’d write articles about stuff that went on in people’s lives, because this is a small village. There would also be recipes. I’d make some great recipes and put em in.
    ding times up.

    By Jewell on 08.15.2008

  28. In a village sits an elder and a boy. Staring at a fire the elder, reflecting on all the things he’s seen and done. The boy, staring in the fire waiting for the things to come. The night grows dark as a day comes to an end.

    By Tyler on 08.15.2008

  29. in a village by the river a new man approached. he was white. This was a problem. the village gathered in a way that was unseen unless a beast was on the prowl in search of dinner. They saw the man leave the river with brown murky water falling off of his body and mud smeared on his face. He looked defeated.

    By Andrew Casasanta on 08.15.2008

  30. In india most of the population lives in villages.their r no. of villages in states like uttar pradesh,haryana & punjab.people live in mud or brick houses.they lead a simple life.their main occupation is a days becoz of mushrooming urban areas,villagers r trying to move to the cities for better facilities & better employment.

    By mansi jain on 08.15.2008

  31. didn’t we do this one yesterday, oh, this morning. Well I came up with a bunch of cliches and deleted it. But I live in a lovely village, the best part of the inner city – the larger village

    By jessie on 08.16.2008

  32. a small place, warm and friendly.

    Everybody knows everybody. Even their great great parents know each other.

    Everyone depends on each other. Trust is large here, but the young ones may fly away. Enchanted by the outside colours. The dazzling light on it. That is a village

    By Sarah on 08.16.2008

  33. huts made of straw
    people working together

    By rich on 08.16.2008

  34. in the village there is a fairy and she delivers the goods when asked for. it was a village small and tight, intimate, no more than a hundred families, all working as artisans somewhere. there are children always, running around in bare feet, during afternoons. the mothers tend the wells. the fathers tend to their anvils.

    By kate on 08.16.2008

  35. i am living in a village and allways did so, this is not a town but a community in a small country where people know each other they areofeten family and there is much social contact. The roads and streets are small and it could be on the countryside. I am village people and so are my children. This is a choice. I returned from the big city and so did they. Why ?

    By ria on 08.16.2008

  36. Villages are the strength of our country India. If you want to know how is the country like, then go and observe the village life of that country. It will reflect the true identity of that country and its people. Life is village is very tough but people there are good at heart and down to earth.

    By Sanket on 08.16.2008

  37. The thing that I remember the most about that village was it’s emptiness. It was disturbing, yet sad.

    By studio lolo on 08.16.2008

  38. I live in a village. No, a town. Who lives in villages anymore? Honestly, they are SO 6 decades ago! Wait… when was the time people lived in villages anyways? I mean, it’s in a bunch of old timey books but are there actually any villages LEFT? Maybe in Italy. >_>

    By Valerie on 08.16.2008

  39. small quaint,pretty,shopping,clothes,old,structure,people,visiting,vacation

    By lynda p on 08.16.2008

  40. The Dark Village.

    He squinted into the mist. The village seems to have been deserted. Where have all the people gone?

    He walked slowly, looking around cautiously. He could feel his heartbeat gaining

    By theresa on 08.16.2008