September 17th, 2023 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “vibrance”

  1. it shone brilliantly. a ruby, the deepest red. a sapphire, the most incredible blue. an emerald, the most beautiful green. the vibrant colours shifted constantly, changing shade and shape under the night sky.

  2. The vibrance of this rollercoaster is out of this world. It’s shaking so much, it’s almost like the track will break any moment now.

    by Tygo on 09.18.2023
  3. the vivid colors and the contrast between the lights and darks made the scene have more vibrance. He knew it was just a photo but he felt that he were inside it. “Where is this?” he asked the girl and showed her the postcard. She looked at it, and shrugged “How should I know?”

    by Chanpheng on 09.17.2023
  4. New love is so full of vibrance and joy. It is such a shame the tingles and butterflies start to fade as new love starts to age.