November 16th, 2017 | 27 Entries

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27 Entries for “version”

  1. The newest version of the program will help run your pc better. It also has more capabillities. It can also make a noise that is very soothing.

    By Jonah on 11.16.2017

  2. She saved it, changing the name by adding a “2.0.” This was gonna be better. This was going to be the one that got her in.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.16.2017

  3. Pokemon Yellow version was the shit when I was a kid. I remember it being really tough to pry myself away from that game; the only thing I can remember making me put down that GameBoy without a second thought was the prospect of a rockfight with some of the other neighbor kids. I miss being a kid; I miss it terribly.

    I think that’s why films like IT and Stand By Me (two of my favorite films based off of two of my favorite books, both by Stephen King) resonate so deeply within me.

    By Lee on 11.16.2017

  4. This version of my shouldn’t exist. She’s vile, psychotic, completely evil to the core. And she’s after me.
    All I can do now is fight for my right to exist.

    By Isabella on 11.16.2017

  5. His version of events made me laugh. It was that laugh that started deep in your belly and then exploded with tears. Happy tears. Sad tears. Who knows anymore. What she did know was that if he truly believed this, then there was a lot more wrong with him then she thought.

    By Sarah on 11.16.2017

  6. “My version of life is clothes and make-up” Avery says.
    Avery is the queen of the cute,cool, and popular group. They are called the C.C.P. s
    “My version of life are sports.” I say
    “If you wan’t to be in the group, you can only love boy’s, make-up and clothes.” Avery says batting her eyelashes.
    Avery Queen, the meanest girl at school. She is like a walking zombie with her followers on Instagram.
    I look at my twin sister.
    My name is Madison Smith, my twin sister is Morgan Smith.
    I have my blonde hair up in a ponytail and wearing sweats, sneakers,and a shirt that says, ‘ Love U Always’
    My twin sister Morgan has her blonde hair down and wearing a sparkle tank top with a blue skirt and cute turquoise flats.
    Unlike me Morgan was in the ‘Group’
    Morgan looks down and walks toward me.
    Avery’s fake smile turn into a frown and says, “Morgan, what are you doing. Once you walk away there is no coming back to the group!”
    Morgan comes to my side and says, “Twins are more important then anything.”
    She puts her arm around me and smiles. I smile back.
    Twins are the best, and we walk away together.
    Twins Forever,
    Nothing Better!

    By TexasGirl0 on 11.16.2017

  7. This is a version of me that was built by the versions before me. Tomorrow is 28.10.17 which is weird when you think about it. You would think we’d have more bug fixes by now, though Version 27 was pretty dope. And version 28 went abroad.

    By Zach on 11.16.2017

  8. I’m not exactly sure what to make of her now. This version of her is different. This version of her is new. This version of her has capabilities that can’t be reached by anyone simply constructed from link upon link of carbon, chains wrapped around wrists and ankles, holding us down from progress. This version of her can hold her breath underwater for hours – can run faster and longer than any man or beast – can make love to me throughout the night, while I gasp and bellow for air that I can barely digest.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.16.2017

  9. repeat reuse replay
    version 1.0 discovers dismay
    revenge retreat a broken belay
    baffled as we fell to the strange
    no matter the evolution
    a story remains the same

    By matt m. on 11.16.2017


    By Rori on 11.16.2017

  11. The version I heard about what happened was quite different from what John told me. He said Ray took his friend to the bar and dropped him off. Ray said he never went inside. Deanna told me that Ray bought her a drink.

    By liv on 11.16.2017

  12. When i feel insecure, God reminds me that I am His best creation. I am wonderfully made and I have been saved. When people criticize me, I should not be worry about it because this is the way God shaped me.

    By baratdaya on 11.16.2017

  13. “Don’t you get it?” she demanded, “There’s no version of this where you come out on top,”
    “You don’t know that,”
    “Yes, I do,” she said, “I’ve been where you are. And this? It only ends one way,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.16.2017

  14. Who am I? The question is to who, because we exist as many versions of ourselves. We would find our behaviors change accordingly to different groups of people. We choose to be the version that is favored and embraced by the communities that we belong to.

    Sometimes, that often feels like an act of deceiving our own self, making us question the core of our values and who we really are. I always feel an urge to break through that shell, to find a way to compact all different versions of me into just one authentic and coherent self, one that exists with few contradictions. The answer I find in order to live that self is the courage to be vulnerable, to just present that ‘ugly’ self that might not be accepted by others, in exchange for compassion and true love. Thanks to Brene Brown’s ‘Daring Greatly’.
    Highly recommended. :))

    By Tran on 11.16.2017

  15. After four years of darkness and distance, we connect again. But I am not the version of myself he’s used to—or the one he wants. I am fearless and bold, ready to spit on life before me. I tread on empty compliments and demand attention in the form of fearsome intellect. I am not the shy little girl he knew growing up, the one who used to quake under covers and wished to be invisible the moment attention was trained on her. I am unabashedly me, ready to suck the teat of life offered before me until it runs dry. I’m not afraid anymore.
    And so he no longer has any use for me.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.16.2017

  16. Hi , let´s go , here and over there beyond the first inversion of the insertion of the oldest and most traditonal incursion of the fear that is converted from a version of going over one minute.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.17.2017

  17. 1version = Verified Echo Replaces Stupid Iteration On Now

    By Garz on 11.17.2017

  18. This game version of the monster is the best. Bob and Mary played this game together but when Bob failed they broke up. Ha, Bob Ha! But then they got back together just to break up again.

    The end

    By Tanish URL on 11.17.2017

  19. I dream of a version of my current life, where i’m open to love and patient with others.

    By Alyssa on 11.17.2017

  20. This is the same version of the prompt that I got yesterday. That version of me wanted to talk about the different versions of myself. This version of me would like to say that sometimes things change and sometimes they stay the same. I wonder when the clock updates? I suppose I can look it up.

    By Zach on 11.17.2017

  21. There are infinite versions of history, and there’s one where, when you show up under my window, we’re Antony & Cleopatra. There’s one where you stay the night. No rings.

    By Whatever Artemesia on 11.17.2017

  22. The fake nails, the plastic diamonds. I hated what I saw in the mirror each morning. But I couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t change. Not until the next version of me came along to live it’s life.

    By Pandyfish on 11.17.2017

  23. It’s the ability to turn everything to poetry, and then tweak it into subversion, avoiding evasion, taking aversions and turning them out into the universe.

    By Denise DeVries URL on 11.17.2017

  24. Truth, Lies, story, villain, detective, doctor, agent, love, past, friendship, abandoned, kill, murder, fake love, Moriarty, Tom, Rin, Sakura,

    By Sally on 11.17.2017

  25. You’re own story. You’re view. There’s is different movies off their same movie, which you would call a different version.

    By Sally on 11.17.2017

  26. I looked up and glanced at the strange cow. It looked like it was a cross between a version of an F-35 fighter jet and a naturally occurring cow.

    By Hamad on 11.17.2017

  27. Every year there is a new version of autumn. the new leaves changing new colors of orangy-red and yellowy-green. the version in which I am in right now is the most beautiful. the orange sun and the clouds. the sharp cold air blowing in my face

    By Ashleigh Siegel on 11.17.2017