July 29th, 2013 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “vapor”

  1. vapor can make it hard to breathe. vapor is like a gas.

    By jill on 07.29.2013

  2. the steam in the room surrounds me, biting my ankles like tiny dogs. It hits my face and I lose my own hands in front of me. At this point, I should feel terrified, but my throbbing head refuses to think for itself. The heat is too much for me.

    By Regina on 07.29.2013

  3. all the fuss will vapor once you look back. once you look back, beauty is all you’ll see

    By helene on 07.29.2013

  4. A vapor floated above her head surprisingly because she did not expect the gun to go off. She merely clasped it in her hand to show that she wasn’t afraid to use it if he came one step closer. But she was shaking in her boots.

    By Jacqui on 07.29.2013

  5. My heart was in my throat as I slammed the door behind me. I threw my shoulder into it, bracing against the frame. My fingers shaking, I did my best to fasten the lock. After a few painfully long moments of fumbling the lock clicked into place.

    And that’s when a white vapor began to seep through the bottom of the door.

    By Cory on 07.29.2013

  6. In this heat, I can feel the slimy sweat in my palms lifting off my skin as it turns to vapour in the air around me.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.29.2013

  7. As it got hotter and hotter in the valley, all of the remaining water and dew clinging to the weeds dried up or turned to vapor, and the mist that followed easily dissipated under the demanding bulk of the sun. No one dared to leave their houses that day, cranking up their air conditioners full volume, sitting in chairs with cushions that wouldn’t grow sticky when making contact with perspiring skin.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.29.2013

  8. the warmth of his heart
    left a delicate
    fragile sheen of vapor
    when he leaned into
    my icy veins.


    By xxcey on 07.29.2013

  9. When I saw you for the first time there was vapor around you and the fire was reflected in your pupils,
    when I saw you for second time there was a flower in your hand and you ran into the forest,
    when I saw you for third time there was a smile in your face and your eyes shining seeing me,
    when I saw you for fourth time… a kiss sounded between us.

    By kelly on 07.29.2013

  10. So when you have condensed vapor in a Rankine cycle, such as an AC, it drips outside. The air from the inside goes from the room, which is considered the hot resevoir (where the hot air is), and dumps it outside, cooling the air inside.

    By Tom on 07.29.2013

  11. I was more afraid than anything else, suddenly as I reached for the doorknot to open what seemed like a weird like future lying ahead of me, I felt a sudden force pushing me away, but when I finally opened the door a burning sensation burned my eyes. It was strong, painful vapor

    By violeta bermudez on 07.29.2013

  12. He was like vapor to her, she supposed. She only wished the break had been longer, that somehow time would slow down and her flight could be delayed and her parents would be understanding and let her come back. But alas, no, that was her gate number being called. This was goodbye. One last hug, one last goodbye. And gone.

    By Margo URL on 07.29.2013

  13. He was like vapor to her; heavy in her lungs and her breath, but ultimately transient. Now he’d be just a face in a memory of long nights and slow mornings. No way to reclaim the past. That was her gate number being called and this was goodbye.

    By Margo URL on 07.29.2013

  14. Air water gas wind

    By Alonda riddle on 07.29.2013

  15. The mists of time permeating us all we are vapor we are the sands of some forgotten rocks we broke open upon desolate terrible shores of hardness and became what we are.

    By jonathon on 07.29.2013

  16. The hot steam curled up around him, opening his pores, fogging up the bathroom mirror. Kasuko placed his head against the wall of the shower and leaned on it, his eyes closing and he just stood in the hot water. It had been a long day at work and the hot water helped to sooth his aching muscles. He took a deep breath before pushing his head off the wall and fully standing in the shower. The water had begin to cool and he wanted to be out of the stall before his hot water ran out.

    By Rishi on 07.29.2013

  17. i think about the cigarettes that i see on the corner store which always has a certain smeel but right now im thinking if the slushies and how charles trippy talk about them and now im thinking about there tour and it awesome dope fresh

    By cameron on 07.29.2013

  18. What’s vapor? I’m Polish and I don’t know what’s vapor. I don’t have enough time to find ‘vapor’ in dictionary. My English vocabulary is very low.

    By Adrian on 07.29.2013

  19. Particles. Something like ashes, except these rise above you. Drifting beyond limits. Inhaled into the atmosphere willingly.

    By Brittney on 07.29.2013

  20. It vaporized into the wind. I think of wispy tendrils of smoke when I think about vapor. FOr some reason it’s not a bad thought you would think it would be something bad-poisionous or something.

    By Erin on 07.29.2013

  21. disgustingly damp, hot humid room. sweat drips down her brow, finding it’s final position between her eyebrows. the smell of sweat and cinnamon. exhale slowly.

    By qb on 07.29.2013

  22. the air was hot and steamy after the downpour. We’d been waiting for the rains to come for months, and finally,

    By maddy on 07.29.2013

  23. Water vapor is formed from a guy doing his wife with a tea kettle and I was like bagel bagel bagel oooooh bagel bagel bagel oooooooooOOOh I THOUGHT YOU’D ALWAYS BE MAYAN
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    By sagjig on 07.29.2013

  24. Steam rose into her nostrils. With each droplet of water coating her nasal passages, she couldn’t help but think that the vapor couldn’t get past the booger blockage. So much for Mucinex or Vicks.

    By John on 07.29.2013

  25. The vapor released out of the exhaust was visible.

    By A False Terl on 07.29.2013

  26. Like water vapor, you are.

    By Jason on 07.29.2013

  27. A cloud seemed to be created on the surface of the wet road.

    By A False Terl on 07.29.2013

  28. Steam rose up from the ground, swirling into miniature tornadoes around my ankles as I walked. I seemed to glide through the mist with ease. Condensation tickled as it ran down my legs and I could feel the heat beneath my bare soles.

    By KT on 07.29.2013

  29. Vapor.
    When I was younger, my parents used to put in a vapor machine in my room for my asthma.
    It smelled really good! :)
    I liked the soothing sound it made, like a small buzzing bee.
    Now, I look at vapor machines, and they are so creatively colorful so kids would like the machine in their room.

    By ellaberri on 07.29.2013

  30. A thin wisp of steam rising from a recently put out bonfire.

    By ToriJoyLynne on 07.29.2013

  31. vapor trail fail. throat cool stomach pining, water atoms zipping and lining my stomach, water vapor curling my nose, collecting in my nostrils like firebubbles, water vapor smells like plastic and humidifiers, smells like my bedroom nightstand, smells like dripping drips plunk.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 07.29.2013

  32. escaping the mundane s(b)ummer routine of eat, do online coursework, sleep, is a bit like escaping the water cycle in their impossibility but a bit of vapor has more autonomy than i

    By cz on 07.29.2013

  33. The vapor from his breath gathered on the window as he peered into the restaurant looking at her. He didn’t realize what he had done until someone laughed at him from inside and pointed.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.29.2013

  34. The hazy vapor on the windscreen was the only thing I could see as the car was jerked about violently. I was aware we were crashing but I had no idea how, why, when or where we were. Like that misty haze that swallowed us up on the road, I felt myself fading away. Just suspended in time, waiting for the outcome. The cracks in the glass, the crunch of metal,I’m just a vapor, nothing can hurt me.

    By Beth on 07.29.2013

  35. Childhood is the smell of Vick’s vapor rub–that minty sharp aroma which meant that your mother was taking care of you and making you better. You inhaled Vick’s and you inhaled love.

    By Robin on 07.29.2013

  36. The smell filled the room. The misty waves floated amongst the inhabitants, touching their clothes and filling their noses. It embraced them in the small confines of the moving glass and steel, as this moving room brought its passengers higher and higher. Then the question was asked, the one question to finish the sacred ritual. “Who farted?”

    By River Ranter URL on 07.29.2013

  37. Staring clouds, formless shapes of vapor, staring back at me. A world of imaginative things, of halcyon proportions, never to be made asunder.

    By Ambs on 07.29.2013

  38. The vapor in the air was suffocating. Intoxicating just enough to make me cough not enough to suffocate me. I am enveloped in the scent, it’s chasing me through feels of long agos, past agonies, and aweful gone away shames. I will never forget this scent.

    By Diamond Davis on 07.29.2013

  39. Could it rise into the air if air were as thick as it will be. Disappearing through the light, and shimmering in it’s escape, how could one capture it in entirety. And soon we may all be captured under it entirely.

    By Matsuda on 07.29.2013

  40. Sick with what was in mind,
    I try to turn to vapor
    No, into vapor
    So what, a wish, so what?
    This is what causes it,
    Those stops
    How it just stops, not the thought but
    To the next
    Like the end of a smell;
    The fact that we all know an after presence
    Is just a lie.

    By Lexuch on 07.29.2013