July 30th, 2013 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “rally”

  1. Rally? I need to rally and focus my energy into doing what I sat down to do. I need to rally and find a job. I need to rally and finish my website. I need to rally and finish my portfolio. Rally is the perfect word for me right now.

    By M on 07.31.2013

  2. come on come on lets do this make up your mind right yeah lets prove its on and on and on for a reason on and on and on and on for us now. make it what you want, take us on a ride, let’s do it big, won’t go home tonight. motivation makes for creation and its you I want to see.

    By kelly on 07.31.2013

  3. Rally? I need to rally and focus my energy into doing what I sat down to do. I need to rally and find a job. I need to rally and finish my website. I need to rally and finish my portfolio. Rally is exactly what I need to be doing right now.

    By M on 07.31.2013

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    By Annie on 07.31.2013

  5. It was the National Day Rally again on the 18 August, about a week after Singapore’s birthday.

    As PM Lee Hsien Loong was giving his speech during the rally, I could not help but admire the tremendous effort that PM Lee used to harness support from his die-hard fans. I also cannot help but feel proud of Singapore who has come so much from her humble past and is to strive for the better future ahead of her.

    By Brenda on 07.31.2013

  6. the rally is about to begin…………………………… deep breath……………….. on your marks…………..get set……………………………………..GOOOOOOOOOOO!

    By Isabel Kelly on 07.31.2013

  7. To me! To me!
    The cry comes
    But I cannot stand
    I cannot follow
    My comrades charge
    to stand, to bear
    each other forward
    into death.
    But I am left
    to linger here
    And die alone.
    I cannot rally
    I cannot move.
    I send my hopes, my prayers
    my fading dreams
    in my place.

    By Mez on 07.31.2013

  8. He rallied his friends to help him.

    Yet they turned their backs on him, looked upon him with looks of disgust, scorned him.

    They abandoned him when he was at his lowest.

    “No, we will not help you clean the toilet. We did warn you about cheeking the dormitory master, idiot.”

    By mirror on 07.31.2013

  9. He had put his absolute trust in them, faith in every fiber of his being entrusted to his comrades, his brothers-in-arms.

    He blindly believed in them, thought it was plain as day that if he called, they would appear, never too late. They would rally around him and support him in every one of his endeavours.

    Yet they ignored his pleas for salvation.

    They scorned him, looked upon him with looks of disgust as though they knew nought of his existence and lashed blow upon stinging blow on his exhausted, aching body.

    He was at his lowest, and they had abandoned him, leaving him for dead.

    “He scrubbed one tile of the bathroom floor and collapsed.”

    “Geez, that dramatic idiot. Got to give him credit though. I still can’t believe he spouted all that angst while cleaning the bathroom.”

    “It’s not like we didn’t warn him about cheeking the dormitory master. Hurry up and kick him awake, or else there’ll be hell to pay when the dorm master comes back.”

    By mirror on 07.31.2013

  10. She wonders what a rally is, as the crowd around her hollers and goes into rapture for something she doesn’t, wouldn’t and will never believe in.

    By mirror on 07.31.2013

  11. The rally, a time and place where people come together and nobody notices anyone except the one stood at the other side of the microphone. Walking by aimlessly to find a spot where you may have the best view, to hear clearly even though anywhere you go would not make a difference to the loudspeaker quality.

    By Annie Dalton on 07.31.2013

  12. They stood in uniform with wide-set eyes and unusually large foreheads. They cheered, yelled, screeched, tore in anguish, agony, bereavement, love.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 07.31.2013

  13. rally is where all the cars compete to be the first at the finish line a lot of dirt and rain is involved and also a lot of acute turns. Rally is not the safest type of sport there is but there is a certain appeal to it the extreme, the danger the acute turns, he feeling of not knowing if one will survive at the end of the race. also dependence on the one that tells you where to turn. Rally is a good team sport for couples I would say.

    By Tamara on 07.31.2013

  14. Life is like rally. You’re moving with highest speed though sometimes you don’t even understand why. You can’t see the destination but anyway you try as hard as you can to move on and reach the goal. Why we are so hurring? There’s only finish in the end of your way. Why can’t we just enjoy the ride without making a rally of it?!

    By Anna on 07.31.2013

  15. And the ball flies. And the ball flows. From racquet to racquet, a sort of dance, though the steps are both known and unknown at the same time. It’s oddly rhythmic, staccato, as the heel drops and the ball bounces.

    Perspiration leaks and the fuzzy, synthetic skin of soaks up the humidity in the air. Droplets, water, sweat, fly off in crazy arcs as arms swing and the tennis ball spirals. Brilliant curves, mathematical. Scientific.

    By Harry on 07.31.2013

  16. The troops rallied together. Not really knowing what lay ahead. But together they knew they were making changes…quickly. They would no longer be silent.

    By Ally on 07.31.2013

  17. Sometimes people rally against each other to find a winner. There can be car rally’s and cheerleader rally’s, they are pretty fun to watch from the audience

    By Powell on 07.31.2013

  18. My father was a car lover. He brought me to a rally one hot Summer’s day, as a desperate attempt to spark some enthusiasm in me for cars. But his efforts were wasted on me.

    By clarekins URL on 07.31.2013

  19. A rally is an extremely rapid word in my opinion. It brings back a certain memory to me from when i was 12 and i went to see speedway and rally at the Arena Essex. It was a great night. Chaotic, full of noise and sound.

    By Tyler Parker URL on 07.31.2013

  20. The pouring rain did not stop the protesters from flooding the streets. Their signs wilted in the rain, but they pressed onward, ever vigilant.

    By fdas on 07.31.2013

  21. i dream about rally racing in a car that would pump my adrenaline like anything.

    By Vivek on 07.31.2013

  22. rally the troops, folks. it’s time to get down and dirty. fighting against the man! standing up for what’s right! what’s that they say… “one person can make a difference”? or, like, “many one persons can make a bigger difference”?

    By qb on 07.31.2013

  23. We should rally, K says. We should put up some sort of fight. Argue a bit. Something.

    But we’re knee-deep in oranges, in the smell of peppermint, and the aliens bring more. We cannot dispute this: we enjoy the favors. Even when they come down among us and take a little something back.

    By RS Bohn URL on 07.31.2013

  24. O rally here, sweet brothers and sisters. After the last bullet shatters the last bone. so we can see who does breathe and who does not, so that we can weep into our hands together.

    By amygdala on 07.31.2013

  25. They huddled around the bedside all through the morning, waiting for the rally that never came. That afternoon they had the conference with the doctors and agreed that it would be best to let her go. By midnight the bedside waiting had turned into a quiet, melancholy deathwatch. While there was no hope left, there was, at last, a kind of peace.

    By mrsmig on 07.31.2013

  26. In the heat of the courthouse case, the jury came out with Zimmerman’s verdict. He was not guilty. Outside, rallies became violent with groups full of love for Treyvon and groups full of hate for the post soul.

    By Lizzybeth on 07.31.2013

  27. They scream they carry their array of signs and recall the leather of the day of rebels. That is what they are, rebels with a message for anybody to read. Anybody who will hear and anybody who has a voice of their own. Will respect the enthusiasm even as they walk out of the building of the smoking habits and advertisements to

    By Shannon on 07.31.2013

  28. “Woooo! Woooo!”

    “Jeez, Janae, the rally was an hour ago, you think you could relax now?”

    “But I’m so pumped! ‘Merica! Freedom! Woooo!”

    “Great law, I’m glad I live in New Zealand.”

    “Kiwis! Woooo!”


    By Claire on 07.31.2013

  29. As we gathered on the sidewalk outside the courthouse, I couldn’t help but wonder about all the people who wanted to be here but couldn’t. The people who had to take care of sick kids. The people who didn’t have the luxury of paid time off. “There are so many more of us,” I thought, though the number of people around me was staggering enough already.

    By Lauren on 07.31.2013

  30. He gathered the troops around him at his desk. He called out to the masses that had flooded the office that today would be the day that they would remember for the rest of their lives. “Take a good look at the man to your left, and you right,” he said, “Because you will never forget him.”

    By Tim Latterner URL on 07.31.2013

  31. I never went to these sort of things, but my good friend, Charlene, thought it would be good for me. Fun, she’d said. A distraction. I definitely could use one of those right now. After the humiliatingly public breakup with Brad, I could do with not thinking for a while.

    By Nester on 07.31.2013

  32. The mob began as a rally, people walking out of homes, cafes, businesses. In large groups they filled the cobblestone streets, stopping at the wide plaza where all the streets in town converged. All at once, they raised empty pint glasses.

    “Bring back the beer!” they chanted. “Bring back the beer!”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.31.2013

  33. Rally the troops!

    March through the mud in your heavy, heavy boots. Ignore the burning of your thighs as your legs lift up and over the flooding waters, rushing down the unpaved street and crashing into your knees.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.31.2013

  34. at the informal rally inside a friend’s house, i said to not choose him at the election
    what is it for to choose the owner of the boathouse, if the perks are just to double his collection
    we vote not the best image, but for the best future
    we win not to bind to a scrimmage, but to give our wound the suture

    By Eligia V. A. on 07.31.2013

  35. As a spy I often had to volunteer for bullshit parties and celebrations which often gave me the creeps because of all the hairy retired spies who wanted to hit on me and show me their washed out moves.

    I always had to bring the alcohol that wasn’t mine, I usually stole it from my Aunt Helen who was a drunk dazed old woman always singing about her sons who were most likely dead and her husband who left her for Madonna.

    I was certainly the ‘fire’ to the party, mainly because I always set the drapes on fire with a Molotov that I made in storage unit while everyone dance to the Macerana which they didn’t do right.

    By Nelie on 07.31.2013

  36. I tried to rally to the call of my family and Destiny but in the end, I took a nap. It seems so hard to and so much effort to believe in something passed onto one, instead of what you feel inside. The rally banner falls flat for a generation, and Time, is changed.

    By Gypsy Gies URL on 07.31.2013

  37. my brain protested
    with the onslaught of you

    holding up signs, squatting,
    singing and shouting
    about the dangers of blind
    hearts, one-track minds

    but my senses held strong,
    emotion teargassing logic,
    all too happy
    to be consumed
    by you.

    By h. b. on 07.31.2013

  38. Rally around the man
    The evil man in charge of the world Chattanooga
    Smile like you like him for your 5 minutes of fame
    You may pay with the lives of your sons and daughters
    You may pay with your own
    Rally around the President friends
    See where destruction ends

    By Scm on 07.31.2013

  39. She had been sick for years, but she continued to rally to the end showing her strength and love without fear of what was coming, giving those she loved the strength to face it with her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 07.31.2013

  40. He went to the rally expecting to change people. To start something truly exceptional. Things never do end up the way we expect them to.

    By Patrick URL on 07.31.2013