August 5th, 2017 | 17 Entries

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17 Entries for “upright”

  1. The older man sat upright, squinting at the light of the incoming day as the sun shone out across the horizon. He hadn’t been there for very long now, perhaps the better part of four hours, but somehow the landscape shifted when the sun began to rise. Gone were the shadowy figures of the sparse bits of foliage across the way… gone were the slithery serpents that hissed and oftentimes flicked their feathery-forked tongues at his feet…

    Gone was the very essence of what made (town name here) (town name here) at the slightest peek of sunlight, and perhaps it was that notion that shocked the old man the most.

    By Bundy on 08.05.2017

  2. The hygrometer sits idly by the upright piano. It isn’t a baby grand but it willl do. She watches her lover pace the floor, then take a seat and write the score.

    She thinks of him in these states of transition. She’s watched him throughout the years. This is what she loves best. Call it the verb, the being. And she already mourns knowing it cannot last like this forever.

    By Up Tight URL on 08.05.2017

  3. Upright and just in all we do or upright as in not on a tilt as in not prone on the floor – upright as in still upright after all he drank or upright as in survived the day’s challenges and still on his feet – not overcome with problems – 5 PM and still upright – survived the day – 7:30 Pm and she ill upright – showed some restraint at happy hour – upright as in a person of integrity – upright in his beliefs and action – he is an upright citizen –

    By Gail on 08.05.2017

  4. The first thing I noticed about him was how upright he stood. Like someone had pressed a board to his back his whole life; he was rigid and unmoving. I watched from afar, more intrigued than anything. His demoded, yellowed coat flapped in the wind, a reminder of what was had and what was lost. He seemed to me a traveler from distant shores, a fact indicated by the vague sense of disembodiment and plain confusion etched on his face. I wondered where exactly he called home.

    A bus roared between us, breaking the moment of intrigue and silent reckoning. I looked again and he was gone, perhaps back to his distant shores, perhaps in search of a newer jacket.

    By Emma on 08.05.2017

  5. In the English classroom, every student sat upright, kept their eyes forward, and listened intently as the teacher spoke. The teacher herself was young – wild-eyed, unkempt hair, dressed head to toe in black, save for a quaint red bowtie that she must have knotted herself. She gesticulated madly as she spoke, until all at once she settled down, cleared her throat, and said, “Pens and journals out.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.05.2017

  6. the panic shot up her spine causing her to sit up right, to look up at him, his stare puncturing a like dagger, an upright man predator-like about to

    By estefania on 08.05.2017

  7. He walked in a very upright possision across the busy New York street. He didn’t exactly stand out, how could you in a city in which every single person was just trying to stay alive? But he did walk in a very tight upright possison, as if to say that he’s really not having a good day.

    By Braxton Schieler on 08.05.2017

  8. Upright
    The way I sit is up tight
    It’s a wonder I have any friends

    By Erica URL on 08.05.2017

  9. The piano sat upright in the corner, brown and dusty as it was.

    He remembers when it wasn’t like that.

    The day he grew tall enough to sit on the creaking bench and tap the ivory keys with a single tiny finger was the day he fell in love. He’d spent his days and nights all devoted to that piano, the one standing upright in the corner. But after years of wear and arguments and the frustrated slamming of doors it had lost it’s shine.

    Dulled, dusty, and deteriorating- he remembers when it wasn’t like that.

    By Mayang on 08.05.2017

  10. Sitting upright . I have horrible posture. The more upright you sit the less you are likely to look like quazy Moto (spelling?) when you’re old. I used to work with an older lady who had such bad posture she literally could not stand up straight.

    By skyler on 08.05.2017

  11. Stand upright and breathe.. Life has so much more to offer than what you see around you. Go for it.

    By Andre on 08.05.2017

  12. The building was still upright last time I saw it.
    The last time you saw it was before godzilla came.
    Maybe we should check.
    I’m telling you it’s up
    No, it was knocked down yesterday.

    By Zhelana on 08.06.2017

  13. The beech tree, slender and reaching upwards, swaying in the wind.
    Two sparrows alighting on the lower branch.
    Two ravens on top.
    This really happened. Yesterday.

    By and& on 08.06.2017

  14. Upright. That was the hardest thing – remaining upright. Not falling to our knees and weeping, crying, screaming.

    We endured. We stood tall. We had to.

    Not just for ourselves. For those who loved us.

    By Madeleine J URL on 08.06.2017

  15. This is the same day as the day after today was last week i cannot say whgen but i fel around the difference betwen the conjunction and it has still a function but it makes my ground down and feel uptight get that feeling around midnight in bed

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 08.06.2017

  16. Back and forth the ship swayed. Despite his best efforts, the Skeleton King couldn’t tack into the wind and keep the ship upright. “After I win the lottery,” he thought, “I’m going to be buy a yacht.”

    By Rover on 08.06.2017

  17. The girl’s body was leaning against the trunk of an old, weathered tree. Her back was directly against the wood, and her face tilted upright. The clouds covered the sun but just before they did, you could make out the faintest glimmer of gold coming from her finger.

    By Lauren on 08.06.2017