March 6th, 2016 | 58 Entries

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58 Entries for “untied”

  1. I untied my shoes and tried agian, i couldnt get it right. I kept trying and trying,

    By Zach Taylor on 03.07.2016

  2. My shoes when i got home from school so i could get something to eat

    By Sam boisvert on 03.07.2016

  3. I untied my shoes when I got home fom schol because my parents dont want me to get dirt all over the house.

    By Noah Samiya on 03.07.2016

  4. I untied the knot in my shoe and untied my bowtie because it was wrong and then my friend untied his shoe because it was to tight

    By Isaiah sandoval on 03.07.2016

  5. Ex,The rope is untied from my hands,your shoes are untied,

    By Travis on 03.07.2016

  6. He untied his tie and it was broken so he went to the store to get a new one and when he got there he piked one with a dot in the middle.

    By Aidan reams on 03.07.2016

  7. United Together after the storm we were all together again but jakob he whas lost in germany.

    By Lillian roberts on 03.07.2016

  8. the horse was left unsaddled and untied but it stood until i got back to take care of it

    By Gods Girl URL on 03.07.2016

  9. i untied my shoe

    By Isaiah sandoval on 03.07.2016

  10. Jackee untied his shoe

    By Jack on 03.07.2016

  11. I untied my shoe with zach

    By Isaiah on 03.07.2016

  12. Untied, unbound, her hair flowed auburn in the soft autumn breeze: coated in butterflies, made of silk.

    By John URL on 03.07.2016

  13. the man came up to her and grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the van i crept closer finally he got a rope from the van and tried to tie her up and in the process i got closer and closer then i came upright behind him and hit the side of his face he imediatly fell unconchus i called the police and i untied the woman and told her its all right

    By Gods Girl URL on 03.07.2016

  14. Untied is a plane service and the ceo of untied is Oscar Munoz.

    By aidan URL on 03.07.2016

  15. “all her strings broke.” she read the line over and over. something about it felt right, but not completely. because no, the strings inside of her did not break, they were simply untied. and she hoped that maybe, they could be fixed.

    By fairytales on 03.07.2016

  16. She sat there and watched as they became untied, unmoored, and untethered. She wanted to stick them back together with a hot glue gun or Elmer’s glue but that only worked on her school projects, not on people. She watched as her father lifted up the suitcase and hand it to her mother. She watched as her mother got into a car with a man who wasn’t her father. She watched them become untied

    By m on 03.07.2016

  17. loose, i’m coming undone, the bond is broken, we’ve fallen apart but are still together.

    By Tem on 03.08.2016

  18. I learned to tie my shoes later than most. My father taught me how to actually tie up my laces – we were on my parents bed. I felt close to him at that moment and he seemed unusually patient.

    By Carolyn Cote on 03.08.2016