March 5th, 2016 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “received”

  1. i received the package today. i got the xbox 720 and ps5998. i got all the games and completed them in one day

    By turbodestiny on 03.05.2016

  2. i received the package today. i got the xbox 720 and ps5998. i got all the games and completed them in 99860588505855085058595038255495020584547548594259452354308503483 days
    it was so fun. i was awake all night and i couldn’t sleep all day for the next 837398373933833837383738373837 days

    By turbodestiny on 03.05.2016

  3. i received a lovely gift in the post today. it was pink and sharp. I don’t know who it was from, but i’m glad they sent it to me, because i was feeling sad and it cheered me up immensely. maybe we should all send a friend a gift from time to time.

    By saz on 03.05.2016

  4. Received? Makes me think of gifts really, doesn’t it? Giving and receiving of presents, maybe Christmas specifically and now I’ve just remembered it’s mothers day tomorrow and i haven’t got mum anything. My plan is to buy her something after or before work tomorrow in the outlet, maybe a candle. I don’t really know what else she would like. She’s so hard to buy for.

    By Beth URL on 03.05.2016

  5. Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing gift. But what made it even more special was that it had no reason behind it. No prompt like a birthday or Christmas, or no alternate purpose like a bribe into the unknown. It was just an amazing present, given out of pure appreciation and selflessness. And it was for that reason, that it was the best present I ever received.

    By Milki on 03.05.2016

  6. this is weird i’ve never done this before. It makes me think of gifts, but also gifts with strings attached. People can be so judgemental about giving. I give you this so you owe me. But to receive should not be to owe. Receiving should be able to be without shame and with love.

    By sage on 03.05.2016

  7. The letter fell from her hands as her knees hit the jagged ground. Desolate sobs broke through her form from the news in which she had received from the parchment which now lay on the ground beside her. He was gone.

    By Luna on 03.05.2016

  8. He’d held the crisp white envelope between weathered fingers, a glass of wine in the other hand. A small, tight-lipped smile playing at the corners of his mouth. A courteous nod towards the delivery man. A simple phrase, uttered betwixt the lying civility pouring fourth from his mouth. “Thank you.”

    By ... on 03.05.2016

  9. wow

    Today i receied a e-mail from my boos

    it has content good News

    By Samuel Arruda on 03.05.2016

  10. It was a note that she sent; it had been hard to write. She’d thought about it for days and days; first, whether she would write it. Then after figuring that out, thinking about what she would say. Then finally sitting down and putting it all on paper. Then looking at the paper for hours, which turned into days, and then into weeks. Then picking it up from the table, stuffing it into her bag and walking down to the mailbox. Then pacing around the mailbox. When you put something in the mailbox, it was forever gone. There was no going back. And when she heard the squeak of the mailbox door, then the clap of the metal on the mailbox, it was done. She couldn’t reach inside and retrieve either the worst thing she had ever done or the beginning of everything. She sighed and walked home, slowly, up the hill, back to the house. For weeks afterward, she ran to the mailbox to see if there was any reply. Nothing. She talked to herself at night, staring up in the dark. Though perhaps that he’d never received it. But she knew better.

    By ruby on 03.05.2016

  11. Message received.
    She didn’t want to check it. She lacked the energy, and it would probably just be one of her sweet acquaintances just checking up on her again. There was nothing they could do about any of this, and explaining it would make it worse.
    She didn’t want to check it.

    By chi URL on 03.05.2016

  12. This is what I felt after that. Soon or later, I knew Mikey would do it. Just a matter of time. Bang, bang, bang. And what was more surprising, when I asked him why did he do it, he just looked at me, smiled and said, “Why wouldn’t ?”

    By Deniz Sagir on 03.05.2016

  13. he blinks,
    thumbs through the pages,
    a slight widening of the eyes.

    do you like it?
    she hovers over his shoulder,
    watches and fidgets and worries.

    his eyes trace the words,
    back and forth in quick, sharp lines
    and the corner of his mouth twitches.

    do you like it?

    of course i do.

    By missfeatherb on 03.05.2016

  14. I received the bad news today, it’s cancer. Mary was with me, she held my hand. I wanted to cry but no tears came. It hasn’t hit me yet. When I see the kids, I’ll probably think about it. For now, I just want to hide but you can’t hide from reality.

    By MsShel330 on 03.05.2016

  15. “Gentlemen!” crowed Huck, standing in front of the group with his heels clicking together. “I have just received a letter from the Duchess of Anders Row!”

    The men in top hats and tailcoats murmured and muttered as Huck tore open the envelope. Indeed, the paper had the official wax seal, and the penmanship certainly looked like it belonged to the fifty-seven-year-old noblewoman.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.05.2016

  16. The girl opens her locker and finds a strange note. It has pretty handwriting and tells her to go to the cleaning cupboard. She starts walking through the corridor and finds that everyone is staring at her.

    By Julia on 03.05.2016

  17. He received the package from the messenger and turned it over in his hands. It was a plain manilla envelop with no return address. Even without the return address, he knew who had sent it and returned to his apartment to look at it more carefully; sometimes the message was not inside the envelop but on the outside. He looked along the edge and found it, nicked groves in the edge of the envelop. He opened the envelop and the single sheet of paper had the words, “message received.”

    By chanpheng URL on 03.05.2016

  18. “Someone should take him down.”

    It’s oh so casual, tossed towards her as he passes on his way out the door. To anyone else it would be innocuous. And complete plausible deniability if push came to shove.

    But she knew a kill order when she heard one.

    By Saya URL on 03.05.2016

  19. He received his first kiss when he was 12. It was strange, like tasting a new fruit he couldn’t pronounce or thinking you’d forgotten where you put your glasses but then realising they were on your head the whole time. It was one of those kisses you never forget. And he couldn’t help think about it. She was different though. She wasn’t his first kiss, she was his first real kiss.

    By Eva on 03.05.2016

  20. One day I received a baby on the doorstep and there was a note attached that said, “Kill me I’m satan then I kinda just zoned out until I was no longer convinced that I am alive.

    By ash on 03.05.2016

  21. I arrived at my home this morning and I saw that I had received a package waiting for me. I ordered it last week from QVC. It was the laptop that I ordered. You know the one with all of the ram, and retina display. I have been waiting for weeks and it is finally here. The excitement was nearly unbearable. After getting the package, I placed it in my lap, grabbed some scissors and began opening it. My heart began to beat faster and faster with anticipation. After all the work, I finally got it open. Inside wasn’t what I thought. It was an exercise tape from Beachbody.

    By Ian URL on 03.06.2016

  22. received, the message is getting through, has become clear, so many signs and hints were missed but now I know, the way is clear, all is easier, even waiting, it is all unfolding as it should, a great inner peace, a quiet smile, message received, ever and always and above all, Thank You

    By geraldine URL on 03.06.2016

  23. i received a cupof offee this morning. itwas th so arm and tasty. cant wait to have more tomorrow. I like it with cream and sugar.

    By Canon URL on 03.06.2016

  24. I received a phone call the other day. Everyone gets them, but this one was different, and it made my entire life change. Everything was gone now, and there would be no way to fix it. They told me that they were sorry, but they really weren’t. They were good at pretending.

    By L.M. Franklin on 03.06.2016

  25. i don’t want a mail delivery i want it taken against my hand and into my body
    warmth seeps
    it’s a gentle welcome scratch
    i didn’t snatch
    i didn’t reach
    if it was possible to give thanks without desperation

    i would

    By tarin URL on 03.06.2016

  26. i like receiving snail mail. they come from countries from all over the world. i recently received letters and oostcards from US, Lithuana and Czech Republic!!! i enjoy wriitng letters.

    By nic on 03.06.2016

  27. Received pronunciation is the allegedly proper way to speak, and received can in general mean accepted, or normative, in a given society. You can also receive a gift or an email. Received wisdom again refers to common sense, transmitted throughout time. Received looks close to deceived.

    By mo on 03.06.2016

  28. He received the crown with an appearance of honor, one which he knew deeply in his heart that he did not deserve. He didn’t win any battles, or do any great feats for the common people to get it, he was just born in the right place and the right time, like many future heads of state and politicians to follow him.

    By Timn on 03.06.2016

  29. Couldn’t believe
    She’d done this to me
    Left me no note
    Just left me bereaved
    If that’s she all she wrote–
    well, girl,
    Message received.

    By Emily Brien on 03.06.2016

  30. He trudged around the corner of the dilapidated building as raindrops burned into the creases of his forehead. There was a mission he had to follow but his direction was still vague.

    By Mr. Sunflower on 03.06.2016