February 3rd, 2014 | 88 Entries

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88 Entries for “unkempt”

  1. he’s messy and dirty but when you look at him you sort of want to see more and just go to his house and see how clean his parents are and how dirty his room might be but that doesnt derail you. his mom scolds him and his dads embarrassed by him but you wish you could listen to him talk forever. but he’s unkempt, i guess i like it

    By brooke on 02.04.2014

  2. Dennis is unkempt, leaning over the stovetop while Marie smokes in the broken-down La-Z-Boy. The trailer fills with smoke as Dennis loads the potatoes onto a platter and rinses the hot skillet in the sink, robbing it of malice.

    By A on 02.04.2014

  3. This sounds german. Like mein kampf. Unkempt like a scruffy person. Like verklemt. I feel so verklemt. Maybe is Yiddish? The other day we were appreciating Yiddish words that are used in English, slangy words. Unkempt. Mein kampf. Well this is ridiculous. Uncle. Uncl

    By Liz URL on 02.04.2014

  4. Unkempt hair and the acne of a twelve year old. I thought that when you entered your 20s that the sort of awkward gawkiness that follows you dissipates in the bad photos and embarrassing memories. But some qualities are eternal, I guess.

    By asavas on 02.04.2014

  5. They rushed the school yard, 4 year-old’s racing toward the fun that have been dying to have.
    Unkempt clothes, hair, shoes on backwards. They did not care.
    Their teacher told them it was time to play outside and they were anxious and full of pure joy at the prospect.

    By dbeagle1022 on 02.04.2014

  6. I look into the mirror. My outward appearance is as unkempt as my inward appearance. I feel myself crumbling from the last night of ONS like my one day old Make-Up. With one last look into the mirror I take my thoughts and walk out the door.

    By kati on 02.04.2014

  7. Unkempt hair fell over his eyes in curled knots, its dark brown colouring almost blacking out his pupils behind it. He knew what he had to do.
    He just didn’t want to.

    By Neta Shikoba on 02.04.2014

  8. when i wake up i feel like i am about to collaspe but usually i find a way to get myself out of that funk in the morning

    By Ethan Gross on 02.04.2014