November 25th, 2010 | 187 Entries

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187 Entries for “understood”

  1. it understood that we are connected as much to our own hearts as to furtherest reaches of the universe,

    By Carl Peter on 11.26.2010

  2. To look back
    and really
    see you
    I understood you
    Not like before
    But like now
    You are a window
    Cracked from the cold
    But dressed
    In velvet shades

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 11.26.2010

  3. Why I would want to stand under something that another posits as right, is beyond my current understanding. Perhaps that means I don’t understand myself.

    By Peter Leonard URL on 11.26.2010

  4. the math class was difficult for joseph. he sat there while the teacher lectured. pushing his pencil back and forth into his notebook, he didnt realize it until now but he had drawn a picture. a very brute and offensive picture

    By derpherpimhigh on 11.26.2010

  5. hh

    By sergio URL on 11.26.2010

  6. Cynthia understood, she had too. The guy whom she had been not so secretly infatuated with for eleven years had just come out to her. Without a word, she wrapped her arms around him and told him that it was okay. If his dad hurt him for it, she would kill him. Cynthia understood. She always did.

    By Clara URL on 11.26.2010


    By Andre Salles on 11.26.2010

  8. A pak mi to konečn došlo, pochipla jsem, co si o mě tak asi může myslet. Další zamilovaná nána v pořadí. Nekonečné řady praštěných nymfomanek, neurotiček a zakomplexovaných chudinek. Na prstu se mu lesknul zásnubní prsten a jak jsem se na to tak dívala, nemohla jsem uvěřit svým očím.

    By Anette on 11.26.2010

  9. I understood what he was trying to say, but I couldn’t process it.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.26.2010

  10. “You only need one of ’em,” my father said. He was an aging man, raised in the foothills of the Rockies. His grizzled beard gave his face a prickly look, like a wise old porcupine.

    He was right most of the time. After a moment of reflection, I agreed with him this time, too. You really only need one person in the world who truly understands you.

    By vish URL on 11.26.2010

  11. I understood what he was saying but i couldn’t understand why. What had I ever done to cause this sort of outburst against me, against everything I’d ever stood for? He had understood nothing – ever! I could hardly believeit.

    By susie URL on 11.26.2010

  12. This is something people say for a variety of reasons. One is when they have said something sever and they say this in a forceful tone of voice to make sure they got their point across. Another use has mis in front of it…

    By Anna on 11.26.2010

  13. Most people are not understood. This is because of the fact that a lot of people have problems communicating or expressing themselves. The solution is practice. As with anything practice makes perfect. If people practice their communication skills it will help them to be understood better.


    By Troy Carter on 11.26.2010

  14. I never understood you
    you never let me understand
    You misunderstood me
    and now I miss that man
    the one that never knew me
    the one I never knew
    but the man that always held my heart
    the best thing he could do

    By roya on 11.26.2010

  15. I understand that he doesn’t want to be with me and I understand why. I was in his position before… with the same people. He and I have been friends for a little while but he is the only one who can make me laugh as loud as I do and it sounds pathetic but I’ve never met somebody that I felt so comfortable with. I miss him but he won’t come see me anymore and he will barely talk to me in class anymore. I wish that he didn’t lose his feelings for me because I think we could be great together. I was going to ask him to prom tonight but he won’t even come see me.

    By Crystal on 11.26.2010

  16. I know it’s hard to make this choices. We understood the meaning of falling in love and chosing to live together. We understood the hard time we would live through, asking ourselves loyalty and love. We understood we werent prepared. We fought for it, though, and were happy with it. At least we try.

    By Rafael Zamudio URL on 11.26.2010

  17. i am not at all understood. i am perceived as quite shy, when really, I’m quite outgoing. My introversion causes me to not be understood, to be misunderstood, and it’s really getting old.

    By Elena URL on 11.26.2010

  18. Walking forward, slipping backwards, moving in this unbalanced motion towards his open arms. I can see his fingers spread wide and splayed outward to grip mine within. I can feel his gaze wrapped around me and squeezing tightly, suffocatingly. All his adoration lapping at me like flames at a rack of roasting lamb. Never, ever has anyone understood less than he did now.

    By Ananda on 11.26.2010

  19. He thought he had understood what was expected of him, but when the project was completed and his boss called him into his office, he knew he was doomed. What he had asked for was the delivery of some strip tape, but they had delivered some strippers instead. This was not easily understood by his wife.

    By Laura on 11.26.2010

  20. I heard her speaking in the next room, but the words were muffled. I understood her sentiments, however. I heard the anger in her voice, and the hidden insecurity. Don’t ask me how I heard it–I simply knew.

    By miatetangco URL on 11.26.2010

  21. Everyone wants to be understood. It is human nature. I have wanted to be understood since I was a little girl, but I never was. I never will be either, I presume. Most intelligent people are not understood, sadly. That is the way of the world. No one is understood. Everyone is weird. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique, and queer. Of course, everyone wants it; it is impossible to obtain.

    By Cami on 11.26.2010

  22. I thought I understood life once.
    All I really understood was school.
    I didn’t understand people,
    I didn’t understand relationships,
    I didn’t understand I love you.
    You made me realize that.
    Maybe that’s why I hate you.

    By Ali G. URL on 11.26.2010

  23. People just don’t understand me. My responses to stimuli are so abnormal that it scares people. They dont like that because people don’t like surprises. They like to expect everything that’s about to happen so they never feel uncomfortable. This is not a negative quality in the human race. It simply is a problem that I must overcome. I should overcome this by conforming in certain ways.

    By Brian Dempsey on 11.26.2010

  24. To know something, is to understand something. To be present to a word’s meaning. To create the possibility of how an action will have on your life.

    By Ron Campbell on 11.26.2010

  25. I think we all want to be understood. Like there’s something clear to understand. But we’re moving, changing, malleable- all the time. Can anything be understood? Isn’t all always changing? I guess all we can do is understand things in this moment, and always keep trying to understand, and being understood…

    By Julia L W URL on 11.26.2010

  26. Understood?
    Who am I?

    By Sunflower on 11.26.2010

  27. a feeling of what is instead of what somebody else wants….and wants….together we can accomplish anything….that is understood

    By AGD on 11.26.2010