March 8th, 2009 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “believe”

  1. do it, you can do it
    what others think, what you think
    faith in what you are doing

    By a on 03.10.2009

  2. to believe is to make what is fiction, fact. if you believe, you are real and everything about you is real. if you don’t believe, then you do not exist. for it is human to believe.

    By weewah on 03.10.2009

  3. I believe in miraculous outcomes
    Dreams that become reality
    Love that makes you stronger
    Friendships that help you grow

    By LynnArts (Jen M) on 03.10.2009

  4. Beliveing in yourself is so important.You should always try to follow your dreams and make htem come true but in order to do that you have to believe in yourself and try to make others believe in you.

    By aja.lee on 03.10.2009

  5. i have to believe in myself. that is all i have. if i do not, all will be lost. its all i can do to keep moving forward…if i cannot find something in myself, then i can not keep going on, and all will be gone. its not an egotistical thing, but a deep undying passion for something bigger than myself and at the same time a deep part of believing in myself.

    By amanda on 03.10.2009

  6. Quite apart from the crunching sound it was the smell that I couldn’t fight. Something akin to rotting flesh yet with a strange undercurrent of sweetness that disturbed me. Why was something some patently so revolting simultaneously so alluring? If I could have pulled my head away I would have, but as long as that faint smell of sugary sweetness had its tendrils around my olfactory sense i just couldn’t tear myself away.

    By nick on 03.10.2009

  7. I believe, even as I don’t believe. I believe with my head, though my feelings tug me in a different direction and I have to plow through muddy soil to figure out what I believe to be true, what I know to be truer than my feelings. I believe that my desire to do this plow-work is pleasing to the One who created me, who created me to believe.

    By Kristy on 03.10.2009

  8. “Do you believe in ghosts?” he asked her that night, even though they were both nearing 30. She looked scared, but didn’t answer. “It’s okay,” he said, “I believe in ghosts because I’ve met one. But she wasn’t scary. I promise.”

    By Shoe on 03.10.2009

  9. I don’t believe in much, because there’s so much we don’t really know or even can’t really know. More and more, as I get older, I learn that the things I learned as a child were wrong. It’s scary to have your basic foundation shaken like that. Now I can’t trust much of anything, except my vague belief that no one really knows anything…

    By ?? on 03.10.2009