April 22nd, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “typical”

  1. Isn’t it far from unusual at this point to see this grown man cry on the street corner? And isn’t it typical to observe the awkward stares and glares he receives from passersby? Look, you jerks – he just lost his house in the latest recession, and his dog died in a freak kitchen accident involving beef jerky, and his wife left him because the poor guy doesn’t have the cheeriness to get it up anymore.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.22.2018

  2. For Mandy to do such things early in the morning just before going to school. But we are used to it now.

    By Johan URL on 04.22.2018

  3. for me to do things Always on Sundayafternoon

    By Johan URL on 04.22.2018

  4. What ever is typical?

    What ever is normal?

    What ever is even considered usual for this – for this kind of love?

    By Lala Smith on 04.22.2018

  5. Works with others to adjust the vocabulary. The jarring bursts of negativity that manifest the consumers view of stank and clounds and pus that covers its objectiveness. Deja vu. A familiar day posting jib stiff fuckery letting the exhales of empty breaths push this vapid bag old typical wood. At least the behaviors could be predictable if the body let in the present and the mind had no objections.

    By smurfstoestar on 04.22.2018

  6. It was a typical Monday morning. I clicked on this box to start typing and my cursor didn’t show up. Now, I’m behind. My cursor keeps getting lost and I keep having to use the mouse to reposition it. I really don’t like the touch mouse on my laptop.

    By Deann on 04.22.2018

  7. The typical day. I go to sleep. then i wake up and see nothing. i see darkness, darkness, overwhelming darkness, then i shut my eyes and i go to sleep.
    on another typical day i wake up with eyes wide open. shut, open, shut, then open. It was blinding.

    By Jen on 04.22.2018

  8. It´s so typical of you to do this, each damn time I have asked you to help me you just ignore me! -she yelled before slamming the door on his face. She may have given him the satisfaction of manipulating her, but he would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry once more.

    By Bramsy on 04.22.2018

  9. My typical demise has baffled not only myself, but the best n euro doctors within our current universe or world. It’s beyond them, which makes it beyond me.

    I need a job.

    They mentioned that I was “over” skilled. “Over” qualified to get a j.o.b. in a warehouse.

    Sucks to be me. Aim high.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.22.2018

  10. A typical day in a typical room wearing the typical clothes for a typical guy like me. A flowing dress. Eight-foot katana. Yeah, the deadly cosplay con is pretty much the same as every other battle royale con out there. I don’t mind being normal. Typical bloodstains. Goddamnit.

    By Wilson on 04.22.2018

  11. “Typical”

    Opposite of the girl with the bright umbrella, handle poised across its handle like the stem of a flower she swirls between drops of rain, their substance more like dew or a delicate drizzle. Her waiflike figure spins in and out of traffic, bright bobby socks light as air between her steps. She looks like no one else on the street, tender heart of a child, fingers stained of paint. I imagine she lives in a secret world only she can create, her unlocked windows absent of danger,her morning tea never bitter.

    By SarahsGurl on 04.22.2018

  12. So she typed with many, many mistakes. Again. Why did her fingers always run away with her thoughts and her brain did not keep up? Her ideas were good, but her execution really lacked mastership.

    By Fran Hunne URL on 04.23.2018

  13. ´ A typical lectern is stoic and before everything else´, said the lecturer

    ´ It is typical of the bell being not for students´, replied the student.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 04.23.2018

  14. It was so typical of him to remark like that. She knew masculinity never changes easily . She will was determined to become a big actress and show to the world.

    By JayaK on 04.23.2018

  15. Wow, thats a typical way a kid would react to an iceream. Squeaks, laughter and screams of “I want it”. What made it different was his grandfather seemed to react the same way.

    By JayaK on 04.23.2018

  16. There are many steriotypes about people think is typtical Spanish . From my view all of then are true and false at the same time. Wich are typical or not is matter of fact of the person.

    By Jesús Romera on 04.23.2018

  17. What is typical for one person may not be for another.
    For example, in one place, it is typical for people to assert their rights.
    For others, it is typical for them to follow authority, despite who is right and wrong.
    In the end, what is typical is relative.

    By echuaco URL on 04.23.2018

  18. I am falling back to my typical behaviors. The past year i have been working towards improving but its easier for me to fall back to my ingrained behaviors, i guess its very typical of me to do that!

    By Shanmuga on 04.23.2018

  19. typical. everyone is judging me, no day is different. everyone stares at me and hates me and i don’t belong. typical. how typical is it that i go to school and hate myself. heh. very typical.

    By sophie on 04.23.2018

  20. it was a typical day. Get up, get ready for work. Endure the long, mondane ride to work. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    That was, until I saw it. The woman on the side of the road. There’s never anyone here. How could there be someone here now?

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 04.23.2018

  21. typical the type
    that tick tocks around the clock
    me, i meme
    prefer to be unseen
    lost in the crowd
    of one or so
    not quite apathy
    but content alone
    when a connection is frayed
    the wires exposed
    who is left to turn to
    when all you have
    is yourself

    By Matt m. on 04.23.2018

  22. the typical for in the morning is eggs and grits,i went to Starbucks and got the typical caramel coffee and i also got the cookie,its typical to be weak when you have a fever.its very typical for me to ride horses ad work in a barn during the summer time.its also typical of me to fall over things.

    By denise martin on 04.23.2018

  23. Its typical to wash your hands,in the bathroom. whats not typical is singing in the middle of church.

    By Deann on 04.23.2018

  24. Typical , typical is all I can say when I am not understanding the reasons of why some others feel the need to put me in a closed caption of a box, that has no bearing on whom I really am.

    By Donna Whiting on 04.23.2018

  25. It was bloody typical of him to just drive away like that, without stopping the car or even turning the engine off to have a look around for me.

    By Nicola Brett on 04.23.2018

  26. it was not typical of Pete to do something like that. It was typical of him to speak his mind without thinking, to run around and yell, but when he punched you in the face- his actions didn’t seem that typical anymore.

    By patrick URL on 04.23.2018

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  28. People say everything you do is typical. The way you dress, like, eat- everything about you. But they don’t know who you are, they just think they do.

    By patrick URL on 04.23.2018