April 23rd, 2018 | 21 Entries

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21 Entries for “basil”

  1. We sell basil leaves in the Dollar General that I work at. I don’t know what they’re for. I can’t imagine why you’d want to put a leaf in something that you cook. People buy it regardless, though. It just seems odd.

    By Mariah on 04.23.2018

  2. Pesto, pasta – basta! The chef was upset. He did not want to go for a simple dish. Not again. He slowly searched for the right herb, just something to cause hallucinations … this pesto she wouldn’t forget!

    By Fran Hunne URL on 04.23.2018

  3. We have plenty of conduiments, some of them are recently new. However, is it clever to be a leaf of basil if the leaf of basil needs no value

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 04.24.2018

  4. ok so I already put the basil on the food but… what else? -he knew he was forgetting something for dinner tonight, he looked around and remember with a gasp -the wine! He lowered the heat and ran down stairs looking for a bottle that would go with the meat.

    By Bramsy on 04.24.2018

  5. “Why do we need so many Basil?” Lena looked at the large bunch on the table.
    “Well, the great cook of is tomorrow,” Joanna replied, “And we need to practice making Grandma’s Special Basil Pasta.”
    “But we do not know how to cook,” Lena looked at the bunch of Basil in disdain.
    “Well, as a wise man once said,” Joanna wore her apron, “The best time to learn how to cook was 10 years ago, the next best time to learn it is right now.”
    Lena gave a puzzled look, First of all, that saying is about planting trees. Second, how can we learn how to cook in less than a day?”
    Joanna gave a smile, “We’ll manage.”

    By echuaco URL on 04.24.2018

  6. Basil leaves are very good with food. They give a good fragrance and flavor to certain delicacies.
    I never heard of basil before coming to the USA, might as well add it along with Bacon for a good reason that i came to USA. Best is Thai basil fried rice. The irony, Thai introduced through USA for a Indian guy!

    By Shanmuga on 04.24.2018

  7. Ik mis nog iets, zegt ze en haar gezicht staat bedenkelijk. Ik moet lachen en kus haar op haar neus.
    De verontwaardigede blik in haar ogen doet me nog harder lachen.
    “Je bent lief als je nadenkt.”
    Ze steekt zogenaamd dreigend het mes naar me uit en ziet dan plots het kruidenrek.
    “Dat is het! Basil!”

    By Jenny on 04.24.2018

  8. I remember Basil, if it’s the same spelling of the word, a name actually. The artist who painted the picture of Dorian Gray. Very nice character, not so nice handling of his body though.

    By Mattlicious81 on 04.24.2018

  9. The smell of the garden reached her even from the front yard and she knew that as soon as she rounded the corner, she would find her aunt on her knees and up to her elbows in dirt. It was as comforting to know this as it was to see it; absence and presence blurring into peaceful contentment.

    By Bridget Grace on 04.24.2018

  10. “How was the pasta, dear?”

    Kelly made a face. “It was fine,” she said. “Too much basil, though.”

    “Really?” Her mother looked incredulous. “I didn’t put in any more than I usually did.”

    Pushing her empty plate away, Kelly said nothing more as she walked to the living room to finish her history homework. Her mother was left to stare confusedly into space.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.24.2018

  11. Basil is a leaf used to season foo. it is green and i think french but i not to sure. It is a plant and is fairly small but im nt entirely sure what it is classified as because i dont know much abou seasonings etc. but anyways thats all i know.

    By gabriela on 04.24.2018

  12. hmm……. I don’t know what basil is.

    By Deann on 04.24.2018

  13. Basil, a simple but important ingredient to any recipe Andy made. He always made sure to add a little bit to any food he was cooking, be it a pasta dish or a nice vegetable dish. Andy’s friends always said he is somewhat addicted to the herb, but he always argued back that it added flavor to the dish.

    By Grace on 04.24.2018

  14. I love basil on a good margarita pizza or smashed up into tiny bits over a bed of linguini.

    By Brad on 04.24.2018

  15. basil was in the air as I was cooking that night. I had no idea the food getting a little burnt would be the least of my worries. I didn’t know that he would say those words to me. I didn’t know my entire life would change in that moment as we quietly ate dinner.
    Although I should have known, by how quiet he was. He always had something to tell me about when we ate together.

    By Cheyenne Aeternum on 04.24.2018

  16. Today the basil sold, like a weed. Seems to be that many farmers are running low these days. Less land, less hands, less motivation; less basil. You can smoke it, but the results are something too beautiful to come back down from.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 04.24.2018

  17. His name was Basil and of course he was British. Did he have a sister named Rosemary? Was he names for the character on Fawlty Towers? It was such as odd name, from her American point of view. But he had good teeth and none of the negative stereotypes of the English.

    By MsShel330 on 04.24.2018

  18. People who know how to cook know what basil is for. I’m not very good at cooking so naturally I am not very good at writing something about basil. I probably could not even tell you if the food I am eating has basil added or not.

    By Kristian Pierce on 04.25.2018

  19. Tomato Soup with basil…..yum.

    By okayfine on 04.25.2018

  20. I added the basil to the large pot I was stirring. The aroma filled the room as it cooked. I smiled softly as I thought of sharing the large meal I was creating; He would be home soon. I was so excited, he could finally see what I had been working on.

    By Andy on 04.25.2018

  21. Hello there its jasper, today I am writing about basil. Basil is an herb that have lots of properties, and good taste it is an spice that have italian taste to it too!!! Just to let u guys know I just made some vegan ranch that had basil, and rosemary in it because it helps my lungs, and plus its super good with cucumbers.

    By Jasper on 04.25.2018