July 9th, 2012 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “turbine”

  1. Kobe is the best cause now he has steve nash bitches hahaha we gonna win a championship babyyyyy

    By jahmal URL on 07.09.2012

  2. A turbine is a part of a car? No? Honestly, I have no idea. I have heard it but I really cannot tell you what it is. It sounds like poop. Not icky, I literally mean, poop. I feel like that is the noise that happens when it plops into a toilet.

    By Becca on 07.09.2012

  3. look left ————————————————————————————> you failed

    By gulaid URL on 07.09.2012

  4. Kills lots of birds and creates noise pollution but then again couldn’t it be a good thing? Harnessing all of the energy from the wind and making into energy for our cars and air conditioning and computers ……………………………… Iconic there were so many of them on that roadtrip south to that music festival that wasn’t all that fun, wasn’t it supposed to be? I remember the turbines so well.

    By meg on 07.09.2012

  5. I really have enjoyed reading these entries and all they inspire. The sounds of a turbine can be so, well, hot. I also think there’s immense power contained in them. Waiting for the right stimulus. Let me know you have seen this message and you approve. This location can exclusively fuel our sharing, Even on rainy days!

    By Jennyg42389 URL on 07.09.2012

  6. I can only think of an airplane, flying high up in the sky, sailing into the blue. A completely different kind of ship. And as it flies its engine hums gently and I can’t help but stare up and wonder if anyone else can see me down here, waving up at the sky and watching the plane carry itself into the clouds. And the turbines turn over and over again as it disappears.

    By tomo on 07.09.2012

  7. The Doctor sauntered up to the Spitfire, his leather cap flapping in the wind.

    “Where are the turbines?” I ask, squinting at the antique plane.

    Captain McFallon looked at me with the disdain of an expert. “This is the 1940’s, ma’am, no turbines yet.”

    “Tour guides, always such snobs,” the Doctor said, wrinkling his nose. “Come on, let’s take her for a spin.”

    By Annie on 07.09.2012

  8. The turbines is the jet engine roar. Suddenly there is silence. We fall. Death awaits us. Waiting for the end.

    By Sara on 07.09.2012

  9. I have very little thoughts on this subject. I thought. My thoughts seemed to circle around the idea that I had none. I need to find a rope out of this dark well. The insecurity regarding my sanity is driving me well…insane. I couldn’t let anyone know I was out of touch, so I generated some vain opinion about it and acted as if I cared or knew what I was talking about. Lemmings always fall for that.

    By Ruben URL on 07.09.2012

  10. I can only think of an airplane because in all honesty, I have no idea what turbine is. This reminds me of the saying “patience is a virtue” and how I just recently realized that’s what it was as I thought it was “patience is a vert you”. That makes no sense now that I think about it but, I never took time to research it and see if it was wrong. I always thought it made perfect sense just to find out, for all these years, I was thinking I was pretty ahead of my time and smart and that I was wrong the whole time and I looked like the fool. I also found out right here that I have ADD apparently. Thanks for reading my pointless ADD ramble that has nothing to do with the word turbine.

    By kt on 07.09.2012

  11. spinning, twirling, power. greener than the fields in which they stand. wet, powerful, fast. swift as the river that passes by.

    By Arthur on 07.09.2012

  12. it spins. Often creating power. We have gas turbines here at my school, University of Maryland, which provide half the power to the campus. This was especially interesting because of recent blackouts in the DC metro area seemed not to have even affected the university.

    By Kevin on 07.09.2012

  13. “Left wing main turbine down,” said the copilot
    “Keep calm, one turbine won’t endanger the flight,” said the pilot, “It’ll keep us in the air a bit longer, but no harm’ll come of it.”
    He spoke into the PA now, “Attention passengers, we are experiencing some minor engine trouble and we’ll be taking a little longer than anticipated to reach LaGuardia, but no more trouble is expected. Thank You”
    “Translation,” said a man called Leland, loud enough for the pilots to hear, “One of the engines has blown, we’ll be in the air for another two hours, but don’t lose your heads!” He added, with a grin, “I can see the smoke.”
    He was sitting in a window seat.
    A steward

    By R.Reyes on 07.09.2012

  14. Her life was flashing before her eyes. Things were moving so fast she didn’t know how to keep up with it all. It was like a fast moving turbine that wouldn’t stop. She knew where her life was going and she didn’t like it.

    By Karis on 07.09.2012

  15. what is a turbine. it could be several things. or many things all at once. many see the word and think “turbin”, however, that is no the case. The word turbine could mean anything. any word could mean anything in the head of anyne

    By aeslyn URL on 07.09.2012

  16. The turbine engines whirred to life. We were lifting off the ground. I was sure we would fall out of the sky.

    By Rachel on 07.09.2012

  17. turbine of wind
    thats all it took
    to blow her off her thinking course
    maybe turbine…isnt really… related to wind.
    its probably related to water or something
    water turbine
    that sounds about right

    By shaniah mullins on 07.09.2012

  18. In turmoil, he raced past the jet turbine and reached the plane door just a s the counter was clicking to the off position, grabbing her arm and making a mad dash to the area of safety. Once there, away from the immenent danger of the moment they embraced.
    But a breath away from the worst there could ever be, they cath their breath and take but a moment to look into each others eyes.

    By D on 07.09.2012

  19. In the vast blank workshop the boys that hated school engineer a better future for us all.

    By Jane Pickthall on 07.09.2012

  20. You laughed your heart out as my face burned red with shame.

    “Are you desperate?” you asked.

    “Are you an asshole?” I snapped before turning away. It’s just like you to make a federal case out of something so trivial.

    So what if I heard you say, “You’re mine?”

    You’re mine. Turbine. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    By madpocky URL on 07.09.2012

  21. as the turbines spin, thinking about the destination. where will the wind take me? there always becomes here and a new there appears upon the horizon. traveling once seemed so glamorous and now, as part of the journey, necessary. romantic, yes, it still is, but it’ll never again be the same.

    By spacialle on 07.09.2012

  22. turbine is a thing that u see when u go traveling, exactly when u go on a plain, actually i think that to many people have seen the turbine in the plain, so, i dont think its too ordinary just to see the turbine, by the way its a cliché.

    By Laura Ximena Lopez URL on 07.09.2012

  23. She was panicking, the ship was in a lot of trouble, and if Kelly couldn’t figure out what was wrong with turbine, or the engine, or whatever it was, they were going to get real nice and close with the Elys mountain range.

    By Christina URL on 07.09.2012

  24. Grinding gears are the last thing i wanted to hear in the morning, or anytime for that matter. but that’s what i got when i signed up for this engineering gig, called my worklife.

    By Merry Blount URL on 07.09.2012

  25. The turbine kept turning, never stopping. My sweat beaded down my face in the ohot sun as I finished today’s chores. I just could not wait to get back home to my beautiful wife. She was the most gorgeous creature I had ever known and I need to see that beauty. I shut down the turbine and walk home, hoping my wife will greet me pleasantly.

    By Never Ending URL on 07.09.2012

  26. I looked down and all I could see was white. White and the small plane shaped shadow passing by. I sigh and look forward. I know I’m lost and dread having to land. I head towards a mountain, planning on landing there.

    By Never Ending URL on 07.09.2012

  27. the turbine is spinning out of control. It’s perplexing speed and strength is inevitably unstoppable. everything that will cross its path will be completely demolished. fear is only growing within me.

    By Bekah on 07.09.2012

  28. Turbine, Shmurbine. I like it. Couldn’t live without it.

    By rebekka on 07.09.2012

  29. A noisy turbine roared in the distance, almost drowning his own thought. Almost. His mind raced as quickly as his feet moved across the slippery deck.

    By Big Jim URL on 07.09.2012

  30. pistons nervously pump the blood in my veins.
    to the tips of my toes. to the whites in my eyes.

    By Brannon Brakefield on 07.09.2012

  31. The wind turbines were all lined up like soldiers for energy. Sara watched them go by quickly as she took the fastest route out of town. If she could get to the highway by five she would be able to drive all night.

    By KaliAdia on 07.09.2012

  32. I have no idea what to say about a turbine because it’s late at night and I have no idea what a turbine is in my partially drugged mind. I feel like it’s a propeller on the bottom of a boat? Or is it the thing they use in dams to turn them and make electricity with the power of the water churning? I think that it’s. No, and theres also a wind turbine, right? That harnesses the wind and they turn and they create electricity as well.

    By Raven on 07.09.2012

  33. I’m sitting on the plane that will take me to my new home. I’m putting miles and miles of air between me and my hometown, and it feels like the biggest weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

    By Caitlin on 07.09.2012

  34. The turbines buzzed to life as the plane began to move forward.

    By Alex on 07.09.2012

  35. No longer is the propeller the means of giving power to the airplane. It is all about the turbine, the jet engine. It uses more fuel, gets you their faster, and is more causes more noise pollution.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.09.2012

  36. “Ow. Another one just hit the turbine. Ah, God and another one!”
    “These damn birds, man. They’ll never learn.”
    “Well, I’d rather pick up a lotta feathers than have to listen to Mrs. Feeney bitch about the noise they make.”
    “You gotta point.”

    By E on 07.09.2012

  37. Turbines on planes are really big. They look like giant portable fans that you place on the ground in your house to fan a whole room because you lack air conditioning or a ceiling fan or whatever. I think my Nana Tena has one, but I’m not sure anymore because I never go there anymore.

    By Emilia URL on 07.09.2012

  38. A turbine is used in wind machines to create power. Also used in farming, I think. Not sure. A turbine is a thing that moves in circles and creates something other than itself. You have to respect that. Something other than itself. Turbines remind me of my grandfather. Because he’s a farmer.

    By Chris on 07.09.2012

  39. A turbine is a word that is an English word. There are wind turbines, water turbines, etc. Turbines are very useful in the sense that they channel and churn the medium that is passing through it. Very useful indeed. Anyways, want to talk about turbines? THey are an important subject of human discussion.

    By Aditi on 07.09.2012

  40. stop giving me turbine, all i can think about is finding nemo for some reason. finding nemo and how for my senior year i don’t want to do some bullshit lame musical to finish off my drama career i want to do finding nemo the musical! because disney is one of the few things that actually makes me happy anymore.

    By mackenzie on 07.09.2012