March 18th, 2013 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “truth”

  1. truth is the one thing a relationship cannot do without- this is not to say everyone must be totally honest all the time, but that the relationship must be driven by some truth. without that truth, which is different for every relationship, the journey of that relationship is pointless.

    By walter doyle on 03.18.2013

  2. Truth is a word that we have a definition for that very well might not actually exist. Even science, which we thought had set unchangeable laws, tends to change it’s mind a lot. It is something that everyone holds, and everyone holds it against everyone else. I don’t like the truth. It scares me.

    By isaac enen URL on 03.18.2013

  3. Truth can hurt like hell. No argument there. But it’s worth it, because after the pain of cutting out the bad parts, it brings freedom. “For the truth shall set you free”.

    By aura.rayne URL on 03.18.2013

  4. God. The only truth is God. Many people look for the “gray” areas, saying that not everything is black and white. But it is. The gray is the area we choose to ignore God in. God is the white, the light, the truth. Stick with the truth.

    By Kyle Kirchner on 03.18.2013

  5. God. The only truth is God. Many people look for the “gray” areas, saying not everything is black and white. But it is. The gray areas are the places we choose to ignore God in. God is the white, the light, the truth. Stick with the truth.

    By Kyle Kirchner URL on 03.18.2013

  6. he couldnt handle the truth. i know it was my fault for keeping it hidden for so many years but how could my mother have told him? that the child she bore was never his and never would be. he looked at me with one look of utter horror and pain that it broke my heart. shattered my heart really and i knew, at that moment, that the truth was – he will never look at me the same way again.

    By Rachana M. on 03.18.2013

  7. take it back! It’s flexible and easily manipulated by people that have an intent to control others to divert their attention from their own problems and failings. they are sad.

    but truth does stand alone, i guess. it does exist outside what others believe it to be.
    how can you define truth, though, as merely another human being…

    By christine URL on 03.18.2013

  8. The truth is that it is darn difficult okay? For once in my life it seems that trying the optimistic route did not quite create the reality that I was hoping for in my future. Yes, this is a bit of a bitching session. Oh well.

    By Minette Tonoli URL on 03.18.2013

  9. “The truth is I’ve never love you.” his words rang through my head. I can’t bear the pain. He doesn’t love me, he never did. He only said that because I’m sick. Now that I’m better, he’s dumping me. I looked down. The people down me looked like tiny ants. If he’s not by my side, then I don’t want to live another day. I close my eyes and took a step in front. With that my life ended with the truth singing in my head….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 03.18.2013

  10. Truth is I don’t know what i’m feeling. I been sitting here reeling from all the things you make me feel. This squeezing feeling in my chest won’t go away. If i had to guess. I would say I’m in love with you. . .

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 03.18.2013

  11. what is truth? truth is one of the most painful things in this world. it cuts to the core, it stings, it causes pain. but it is what it is. it is the truth.

    By zoe on 03.18.2013

  12. Truth is the only thing that matters. Well, truth and death. And death is a truth, even if we live our whole lives pretending it isn’t. If you follow truth, you can live without fear. If you live without fear, you’re ready for death whenever it comes. Truth is all you need.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.19.2013

  13. Truth means I stop writing when the blue line hits the end of the page. What I say in this time is true. The more time I spend writing between the point where the blue line ends and the gong goes off, and the the point where I click Send, the less truth in my words.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.19.2013

  14. What is the truth? Do we ever know it when we are faced with it? I have always been interested in this concept called truth. And though I have not always stood by it, it has always come around to haunt me. So i know one thing – truth prevails.

    By Hema R on 03.19.2013

  15. she told him everything and he threw her away like a paper bag on a windy day. She told nothing but truth, and he didn’t lie but so much was omitted. So much was left unsaid, and he broke her that day. He threw her away. You can’t just throw a person away like that, you know? It’s not honest. It’s not good. It doesn’t feel right.

    By Kaitlyn URL on 03.19.2013

  16. the truth is i’ve never felt more the yin to a person’s yang than when i’m with you.

    By Pip URL on 03.19.2013

  17. the truth is honestly I could give up, I could not move on, but I know I can. Deep inside is that I am very strong much stronger than I even believe I may be, that no matter what I will make and make it out there in the world.

    By Brooklyn on 03.19.2013

  18. I am a seeker of the truth, my search has taken me many places. I’ve been to the other side of the world and back, I’ve looked in books, in places, and in people for the underlying truths that govern reality. My journey has been epic, I’ve fought many battles, I’ve suffered many times, I’ve shed blood, tears and sweat; And now, my destination has been reached, in fact, I’ve been there the entire time, for the box that holds the hidden truths lies deep within, not waiting to be found but to be seen.

    By Ryan G URL on 03.19.2013

  19. Just remembering those friends
    who exist, at this point,
    only in my vague recollections
    a distant reverie
    how they’ve informed who i am
    where i’ve been
    but never where i’m going
    past just is that
    lost, a half truth
    never quite revealing who you are
    just answering how you got here.

    By Matty M. on 03.19.2013

  20. Truth is the hardest thing for people to face. They hide from it. Twist and turn and manipulate so it doesn’t burn them; they fear the pain it may cause. But truth is cleansing. It wipes a slate and opens your eyes to reality.

    By Helen on 03.19.2013

  21. Two men beside each other blinked in unison. A third scratched his head. The only woman at the table stopped taking notes, placed her pen down and looked up. They exchanged glances and looked back at me.

    “Do you expect us to believe that?” she asked, almost menacingly.

    “It is the truth,” I replied, “I haven’t expected anyone to believe it since the trial.”

    Every parole meeting ended the same way.

    “Thank you for your time,” she said, as if my time was my own to give.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.19.2013

  22. i don’t know why i still think about you and i’m tired of thinking about you i don’t even think i know you

    my anxiety is through the roof and the truth is i don’t even know why I’m still here like i just want to leave and i want this feeling to go away

    By Madison Hite URL on 03.19.2013

  23. The truth of the matter was that I was undeniably insane. I really don’t think anyone noticed it so much as I felt it. It wasn’t anything I was outwardly doing, it was just how I felt. It seemed to me that what was going on inside of me was more a war than it was a delicate symphony.

    By Megan URL on 03.19.2013

  24. truth be told i’m a liar. A perpetrator of fraud. I’m about as honest as a lawyer defending a crook. I would steal from my left pocket just to put it in my right pocket.

    By Karolina Ristevski on 03.19.2013

  25. “There is truth in beer!” – these words were written on a cushion my boss used, and they have been a guiding principle in my life ever since I first saw them.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.19.2013

  26. When you say truth, you need to tell the person everything. Feelings count. You don’t have to say the truth in a hurtful way. If you think saying the truth will hurt the person’s feeling, then tell him/her in a gentle matter.

    By Minette on 03.19.2013

  27. Often feared. Usually hurts. Almost always freeing. Something only the brave can face. Bitter sweet. Kicks you in the ass.

    By Maya de Castro URL on 03.19.2013

  28. Truth is painful.
    Truth is heavenly.
    Truth makes you cry.
    Truth makes you laugh.
    Truth confuses you.
    Truth hurts.

    Truth is there for your own benefit.

    By Minette on 03.19.2013

  29. What is the truth? Who should we believe? The media has been bought out by corporations who don’t have our best interests at heart.

    By lunaticSkye URL on 03.19.2013

  30. The truth stands before us like a silver sword waiting to be grasped. It glows with certainty. There is no avoiding it. The truth will set us free, but only if it is acknowledged. And then, like a flurry of white feathers in the breeze, everything will become light again, its dimensions doubt-free.

    By siobhan347 URL on 03.19.2013

  31. The truth and the whole truth, that is what we would like the hear and see coming from the lips of our politicians. If only that they would stop for a minute and realize how the public think about them when the offer deceit and false promises to us only to catch our votes at election time.

    By victor URL on 03.19.2013


    By Ailbhe Kilduff on 03.19.2013

  33. To tell you the truth I would never know what to write no matter what word was put in front of me. I would end up in some random conclusion that I had no idea would be the end to what I had begun with, but such is life. Who ever knows where they will end up, so i guess thats an existential ability. Doesnt matter, times up anyway… or is it?

    By ben woods on 03.19.2013

  34. My honesty. My love. My passion and beliefs. Yours. There are many. All of them belong to you. Whatever yours may be.

    By Katherine on 03.19.2013

  35. When the truth comes out, everything will be solved. You think you need to lie to get through what you have done. You couldn’t be more wrong. The truth will guide you to a better place, even if you have to face some consequences in the short run but you will never regret telling the truth.

    By Bowie on 03.19.2013

  36. It’s always good to tell the truth! I encourage my kids everyday to be honest.

    By Malisac URL on 03.19.2013

  37. In truth, she was scared beneath her anger. She was hard, she was angry, she was tough… but deep down beneath it all, that constant fear was still her life. She was still that scared little girl. And she hated it. That was going to end tonight, whether at the cost of her life… or not.

    By Ashley URL on 03.19.2013

  38. “If you want to know the truth, I don’t know where you would be without me. What would you do without me, I ask myself?” It was a rhetorical question, I am not sure she knew I was here. I am not sure she even knew she was speaking aloud. As she walked through the room touching the top of chairs and mumbling, her behaviour seemed to be a ritual, as though driven by some personal obsession. Having been jolted awake it felt like a dream manifest. In my dislocated state her monologue assumed a prophetic quality and I was filled with dread.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.19.2013

  39. truth is the opposite of lie. truth is the only way to be honest to yourself and others. truth brings trust in oneself. its better to always be true to others than to lie as it dosent need to feel all stressed up in a situation compared to lying.

    By ronald on 03.19.2013

  40. So nebulous and shifting, the truth is altered by those who remember it, by those who win – history for example. By lies of omission, by tweaking the situation to suit yourself. Untruths are more harmful, or are they?

    By Ara URL on 03.19.2013