October 7th, 2016 | 41 Entries

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41 Entries for “trek”

  1. She made the trek to the top of the mountain, where the mistress’s body still lay, growing ever colder. If the snow fell long enough and stayed solid for long enough, then perhaps her features would be naturally preserved. Her long hair thinning, the follicles tightening around her puckered scalp. The amber eyes still partially open. Arvey knew those eyes would lose their hue eventually, the former beauty decomposing no matter how much frost locked Kor’s youth in.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.07.2016

  2. It had been a long,silent trek through the knee-high snow of Alaska. Kodi and Fawn had been walking for days. They had set up igloos on the way, every night. The town was just up ahead. They had made it. The two walked into town greeted by a crowd of people. Kodi and Fawn took off their loaded backpacks and took out vials of greenish blue liquid.The cure to the towns sickness. Their long trek had been worth it.

    By Lupa on 10.08.2016

  3. Yesterday I went on a pony trek. The trek was through the fields and up a very tall mountain. Five horses went on the trek and we had to

    By steve on 10.08.2016

  4. Some say about life
    It is a lovely journey
    Never a regret

    Some would disagree
    Adding lasting strife and pain
    Defines more so TREK

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.08.2016

  5. Serial killing
    Gain of wealth, trills, attention
    All cheap excuses!

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 10.08.2016

  6. I trekked across the expanse of space. Walking from nothing and to nothing. How could there be nothing? It wasn’t even black or white; just… nothing. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been here. Does time even exist here? Where is here?

    By Daisy Leason on 10.08.2016

  7. The evidence of the man’s trek was made visible by the footprints that sunk into the snow, he would be a dead man soon. Ronnie would find him, he would take his shotgun and empty it out into his back, maybe his head, if he felt like it. The blood drops were so fresh it melted the snow and then froze as it cooled down, creating a died down shade of the colour that Ronnie liked so much.

    By Monique v.d. Berg on 10.08.2016

  8. This road we’re about to go down. Damn. What a trek. Filled with joy and fear and crazy town ideas. God. Me. Him. Them.

    By Kate on 10.08.2016

  9. ytrdcvkj oiopkok opkpopo popo p[p mkolkl

    By eu on 10.08.2016

  10. A trek- a journey. Something that seems impossible to accomplish- more like a dream. A trek with a purpose- of adventure. Maybe to find oneself.

    By M&M on 10.08.2016

  11. Endlessly fighting the green journey
    I trek my way to where I thought I could be.
    I revel in the ground.

    By Bishwadhan Rai on 10.08.2016

  12. “We’ve been climbing this mountain for three months. I’m done with this. I’m going home.”
    “Shut up and climb”
    “No. I’m leaving”
    “You realize that climbing down the mountain will be just as hard as continuing up, right?”
    “Fine. Whatever.”

    By Ali on 10.08.2016

  13. It was not long ago that they had left the safety of Lingdenhold. The weather then had been quite nice. Something that the locals would have been joyous for. However, now there was little but he unceasing torrent of rains which turned earth into swamps and men into hollow shells of themselves.

    By Patrick on 10.08.2016

  14. The trek was long, but they held out, long after the others had fallen by the wayside and given up. It was long, but they had to do it.
    For if they didn’t, they would die.

    Priscilla moaned, in pain. Why had the others left her? Didn’t they know she was the one who could save them?

    By Shadow Writer on 10.08.2016

  15. The blistering sun was beating down on the hopeless travelers below. It had been ages since they had last seen civilization, slept in a decent bed, or even eat a full meal.

    By Maddie on 10.08.2016

  16. trekking up the mountain on this hot day. we thought it was going to be cooler up here but alas, sweat beads were running down our bodies. I wish we didn’t wear these long trousers

    By Valentina on 10.08.2016

  17. i think trek means star trek

    By Malaya Mahala on 10.08.2016

  18. a spaceship in a sea of nothing but darkness
    only small, shining dots in the distance lighting their path
    they won’t stop for anything – they’re on a mission
    in other words
    i can’t look at this without thinking of star trek, dammit

    By stranger on 10.08.2016

  19. The trek didn’t look too difficult on the map – seven days of leaving at 8000 feet and ending up at 12000 feet. But what they didn’t think about was the number of times that the trail ascended to 15000 feet, then fell to 6000 feet. It really was difficult and took longer than they expected. But the views and the people were wonderful.

    By chanpheng URL on 10.08.2016

  20. There was nothing but sand all around. No people, no civilization, no destination in sight. A shadow had been moving through the endless desert, visible only thanks to the bright light of the moon hovering over the endless mass of sand. The figure wore a long, ominous-looking coat and held large bag on their arm. The person was struggling visibly. The cold of the night was a relief only for a while after the sun set. Not long after that it became nearly unbearable for the traveller.
    what about held? held vs had been holding vs was holding? lol

    By Reyth URL on 10.08.2016

  21. Star Trek? That’s all I can think of right now when it comes to the word “trek”. Sad ain’t it?! I know lol

    By Andrew on 10.08.2016

  22. He trekked the path of ancients and ancestors long past
    Never looking back, but not quite looking forward
    He never expected to be on the same road, walk the same route, as his father
    As he made the journey to the house of old
    His ancestral home
    Well, home was a relative term
    It was more of a place of homage than anything…
    Where he could pay his respects to the brother he killed so long ago
    Just because of his want for power over the other
    “I am sorry…. Genji.”

    (Hanzo and Genji Shimada from Overwatch aren’t mine, I just needed characters to write with)

    By Luna Canal on 10.08.2016

  23. He gathered his belongings which consisted of big winter boots, a warm coat, food that would last him a number of days, and his dog, Fred. He was ready for his big winter trek. He opened the door slowly in anticipation, not knowing what to expect of the day.

    By Maddy on 10.08.2016

  24. there used to be a show about it but actually now that i think about it i don’t remember much trekking unless thats what you call wondering through space. anyway, it was a great show. i really used to love Bones. he was the doctor and he would always say the best lines. DAMNIT JIM.

    By Sarah on 10.08.2016

  25. “Ready to watch the best show ever made?” Takumi grinned as he flopped onto the couch.
    “Yeah!” Ashley was practically buzzing with excitement.
    “I still can’t believe you’ve never seen Star Trek,” Tabatha snorted.

    By savvadrokki on 10.08.2016

  26. i used to trek while living in village. In addition, it helped me to enjoy panroma and makes me enrich with natural beauty experiences. i always like trek to discover any new place as i like walking on foot rather with transfort. But fact is that, now a days, having quite busy, i could not keep my previous habit.

    By rabi on 10.09.2016

  27. Trekking has got to be one of my most favorite activities especially in the mountains. The ability to see nature, the beauty, and cahllenges it provides is fantastic. Going from one location or back to the very start is equally enjoyable with different scenes in either direction

    By Joey Roa URL on 10.09.2016

  28. The trek through the path of happiness left me wrecked.

    By Renata Suescun on 10.09.2016

  29. We were breathing heavily by the time we reached the top, our lungs scorched by the chilly, thin air. I peered over the edge of the rocky incline, my eyes sweeping over tiny dots of pine trees and little threads of streams woven through the forest stretch. Meanwhile, Lila harrumphed herself into a pile away from the view. “Are we there yet?” she moaned, clutching her knees in agony. “We’ve been walking forever!”

    By Alicia on 10.09.2016

  30. I like to trek through the green mountains.The kind of mountains through which one cannot see far off but only near by.

    By Arun on 10.09.2016

  31. I have done quite few treks all this while since I started travelling and I loved it to the core not only it refreshes your mind but tranquil the soul as well. I just can not get enough of it and have got lots of clicks we got while hiking , and it always intrigues those who are nature lover to be in the realm of nature and feel it

    By Anjana on 10.09.2016

  32. trough the woods, leaves rustling, “fall is coming” they said, “fear it” they wispered.
    I stand on the highest hill, watching the barred land after my trek,
    and to it I say “come and get me”.

    By ren URL on 10.09.2016

  33. through the woods, leaves rustling, “fall is coming” they said, “fear it” they whispered. I stand on the highest hill, watching the barred land after my trek, and to it I say “come and get me”.

    By ren URL on 10.09.2016

  34. trek star
    star trek
    train wreck
    what is that
    my spot in your bed
    draw the things you said
    your time to seize
    your time to shine
    I will fangirl with you for you
    so break a leg
    cause it sounds like a drag
    tell me more
    tell me more
    did you get very far?
    no, tell me more
    tell me more
    about my desperate ability
    to tailor a simple poem

    By too stable on 10.09.2016

  35. I like to trek in green mountains when it is morning.Green mountains with thick shrubs.

    By Arun on 10.09.2016

  36. she trekked through the woods like her heart wasn’t aching with the knowledge that he had left her. this had become a routine of sorts, over the years. he had left the fall, when she had turned eighteen.

    Now she’s twenty-three.

    By Ali on 10.09.2016

  37. the birds had a treked journey and it was horrible, some people think its easy but for those migrating birds its a nightmare, a

    By ashton on 10.09.2016

  38. A long and lonely trek, this time. Everything is in my way: balky drivers in traffic, long lines of coupon-carrying shoppers in supermarkets, telemarketers, phones breaking down, everything. Life is in my way. But what is the goal? Death, I suppose. Keep getting in my way, guys.

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.09.2016

  39. More than a journey
    It’s an impossible TREK
    A Cleveland Browns win

    (Sorry, Cleveland, but they’ve ‘sucked’ for so long now.)

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 10.09.2016

  40. i took a trek once, not a physical trek; for i did not leave my room, instead i took a trek in my mind to find the deepest thoughts, the highest peaks of my imagination, i trekked round the world of my mind and found that the more i explore the less i understand.

    By Maximus Polling on 10.09.2016