September 7th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “treasure”

  1. “I found buried treasure!” shrieked a little girl from the dune close to where my boyfriend and I were soaking in the sun. As her mother ran over, we were surprised not to hear approval or cooing, but instead a blood-curdling scream.

    “Honey!” her scurrying father suddenly yelled. “Don’t touch that!”

    Yes, a five-year-old aspiring archaeologist had discovered a complete human skeleton, buried on the beach.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.07.2016

  2. He kept asking around the beach resorts and the colonies of people camped out in small enclaves around the beach and the forest. He didn’t want to ask for it by name, but everyone knew that he was looking for the treasure. “What a jerk,” one man in dreadlocks said after he had walked away with his metal detector. “Everyone knows that the true treasure is the ocean out there. Blue. Sapphire blue.”

    By chanpheng URL on 09.07.2016

  3. I want to find a treasure. Finding treasure is sure to change my life. But what is treasure? Gold, money, love? Treasure needs to be life changing and positive. Will I be greedy with my treasure or will I be generous?

    By Josh R. on 09.07.2016

  4. i try to find it inside myself, then i realized that myself is a treasure that other people won’t have

    By Fani Fransisca on 09.07.2016

  5. There’s a place in my heart where I store things that I love. In that place, small, secretive, safe, I hide away my little trove of treasures. They’re seeds– memories of laughter and love, moments of passion, of deep pain, of sincerity. Of life. And there they wait. And there they grow.

    By Courka URL on 09.07.2016

  6. My family and loved ones are my true treasure. My loved ones mean the world to me. I wish we all valued those relationships. Family is important.

    By Big Meesh on 09.07.2016

  7. It was not the treasure he had expected to find, but this journey was not wasted. He had never felt more alive than when he was with her, and although the box was empty when they found it, he had found something even more precious in her.

    By Maddie on 09.07.2016

  8. treasure is always important for me. i nourish a dream if i can discover any hidden treasure and become a rich man, then all my treasure would be spent for the poor.

    By rabi_ctgbd on 09.07.2016

  9. treasure are his eyelids fixed onto mine
    treasure is the way he looks at me
    the way he treats me
    and million other girls
    i did not mean that
    he doesnt love them like he loves me
    they dont love him like i love him

    By too stable on 09.07.2016

  10. Treasure is something that pirates find on hidden islands. Treasure can be anything that you find valuable.

    By Haydn on 09.07.2016

  11. Its treasure like crazy. You don’t know what to do with it so you give it away. Have fun.

    By Haydn on 09.07.2016

  12. z

    By Haydn on 09.07.2016

  13. I sit at my vanity mirror and look at the small trinket in my palm: a key ring with a single, silver key. It shines dully in the fluorescent lights of my room, an item that would be seen as unimportant to anyone else, but it is my treasure.

    By Alana on 09.07.2016

  14. if you think treasure is gold, you’re fooling yourself. You cannot touch treasure.

    By Phil URL on 09.07.2016

  15. We’d been digging for hours and hours, shovels hacking at the tough dirt and only just breaking through. Our hole was barely three feet deep when there was a loud, hollow thud. We’d hit something. Eagerly, our fatigue forgotten, we seized the handles and dragged it up onto the scrub. No lock; the lid was thrown back greedily. I dug through, tossing aside useless money and cursed Incan gold. And there, right at the bottom, my prize: Mr. Bunny. It had been so long since I’d held him…

    By henry sawdon-smith on 09.08.2016

  16. treasure means hidden things not only money or gold. This also means the people hidden talents also. People also like gold and i also like

    By abcehjyy on 09.08.2016

  17. the things that I treasure now are the simple transactions of what transpires between two souls each day. nothing fancy. nothing to impress. just the simple pleasantries of the day.

    By Karen on 09.08.2016

  18. that is what you are
    baby you´re my golden star

    Hold on let me take a sip of my PSL latte and grab my sparkly Ugg boots
    I´m a snowflake
    At least the colour

    By Siri on 09.08.2016

  19. She closed the box, greedily looking around to make sure no one else was around. “Mine,” she whispered, as if to make it certain to the universe that she was intending to keep it.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.08.2016

  20. Treasure has always been a mystery to me. The gold, and the riches. As for the fictional books I have read, somehow the good one always receives the treasure for his goodness.
    But what if it was the evil one? Don’t viallains sometimes win?

    By Frequently_uncommon URL on 09.08.2016

  21. “Listen, Sam, I know how much you want this.”
    Sam was silent. The wind was light, stale; the jungle forestry around them was rustling faintly.
    “We don’t need it.”
    Nathan’s voice was strained. He lifted a hand towards his brother pleadingly.
    A distant boom echoed. Rafe was still at work.
    “Let’s go home now.”
    Sam turned his back on the island.

    By The Wanderer on 09.08.2016

  22. Its only recognized by those who are self aware

    By Taha on 09.08.2016

  23. THATS IT!!!!!!! we had hit the jackpot of treasure!!!!!! now we are going to be filthy rich!!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.08.2016


    By Cameron on 09.08.2016


    By Cameron on 09.08.2016

  26. THIS kind of treasure dosent mean riches it means you treasure somthing or you hold on to somthing!!!!Or you care about something really important

    By Cameron on 09.08.2016

  27. I TREASURE my necklace because my grandfather gave it to me and it means a lot to me!!!!!!

    By Cameron on 09.08.2016

  28. The treasure was like no other. It was neither shiny or dull. It was neither old or new. It was very much a personal item to the owner. One that could not be lived without.

    By Casey Echelmeier on 09.08.2016

  29. I found a great treasure as I was walking home after school yesterday. It was burried deeply in the middle of the forest. It was a time capsule filled with different strange things.

    By piotr on 09.08.2016

  30. When I think of treasure, I automatically think of the gold kind — the stuff that pirates searched for. But I then think of things that I love. Like…music? Mor like music items. Like earbuds. Now I’m thinking food as well :P

    Maybe I’m hungry….

    By Imani URL on 09.08.2016

  31. I was swimming underwater when I found it. the large, golden treasure chest. I imagined all the amazing rubies, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and silver and gold coins. I would’ve opened it the first second I saw it, except it was locked with a very elaborate lock and the code was in some weird ancient language that I didn’t know how to decipher.

    By Ellery Potts on 09.08.2016

  32. I am trying to find treasure. I have a map where it will led me to x marks the spot, I will start to dig it up.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.08.2016

  33. I went looking for buried treasure and I found boots and old books, all though it may not be millions of dollars it was still treasure to me.

    By Ben Davis on 09.08.2016

  34. It’s been 18 days since i last sailed out to sea, but i finally found the treasure i’ve been looking for. This island is stranded though. No people. No animals. I’m out of luck and alone without shipmates. I’d kill for any type of food. I would because i already have. He didn’t see it coming.

    By CL Cell on 09.08.2016

  35. “I want to find treasure in dumpsters!” said Todd

    By lucien URL on 09.08.2016

  36. A pirates treasure, a treasure hunt, gold, a very expensive chest, diamonds.

    By Jonathan Sersaw on 09.08.2016

  37. The world spun around me, but I kept it tucked away with a clandestine feeling of comfort. Comfort like the comfort of a blanket wrapped tight against your skin when the air would rather see your blood cooled. I treasured it because I could.

    By H URL on 09.08.2016

  38. My heart soars
    My heart sours
    As I see the gleam shine though the dull
    Tarnished by age and soil
    It matters not

    By Ami on 09.08.2016

  39. Treasure can be a variety of different things. It might be gold, or gems, perhaps even a person.

    By Deandra on 09.08.2016

  40. In the movies pirates find treasure all the time usually marked under an X on the beach. But in real life treasure can be found in all sorts of different ways. You can treasure a certain person in your heart or something around your house where you live.

    By TessaAnn on 09.08.2016