September 7th, 2016 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “treasure”

  1. He hoisted the box up on the rope over the hole that had just been dug. Slowly, the Skeleton King lowered the treasure down to its final resting place. Of course, being immortal, he would return one day. The skeleton dogs would forever keep their watch, just below the surface.

    By Rover on 09.08.2016

  2. i found a big old bird and he was going to tell me about crap. but then i huge treasure chest hit him in the face and he fell into the ocean .

    By Ryan Smith on 09.08.2016


    By alexia URL on 09.08.2016

  4. The pirates searched for the treasure for many years, and many of the crew gave up searching for it. But finally they started to get closer to where they thought the golden treasure would be. At last they find the spot, they searched day and night till they spotted the treasure chest. They found it! The captain broke it open and found the treasure he was hoping for.

    By haylee on 09.08.2016

  5. Treasures are a thing people want to keep and remember forever and all eternity. A treasure doesn’t have to cost a lot.

    By Addison M. URL on 09.08.2016

  6. Treasure. This word reminds me of pirates. Which it is hard to believe that there are modern-day pirates in this world. Talk about scary.

    By Nobody on 09.08.2016

  7. is something every man/ woman looks for in life. treasure isn’t necessarily money & wealth but can also be looked at as something you hold close to yourself that not one can take away.

    By Aj on 09.08.2016

  8. Journal Entry 4

    It all gleamed beautifully in the chest, glorious piles of precious jewels and gold. It took forever to find, but it was worth the wait. Besides, I’m sure a bunch of two-thousand-year-old dead guys won’t mind of I inadvertently borrow a bit of their gold.

    Journal Entry 5

    They minded.

    By Jonaya on 09.08.2016

  9. beautiful, lovely, precious, teasures of this world are passing but treasures of Christ are forever. Pirates, goodness, riches, x marks the spot, goonies, gold, maps,

    By Meggan Nugent on 09.08.2016

  10. There is a bible veres about treaure.

    By Erica on 09.08.2016

  11. Unbebelieveble for me.i would be glad to get it)))

    By bov999 on 09.08.2016

  12. sometimes
    I wish that
    would see the world
    as I do-

    By Faith on 09.08.2016

  13. Life is about finding your inner peace and solace. Though there may be thieves that rob and beggars who sideswipe you. You must hold fast to the treasure in your soul for it is the one thing that will never fail you and will make your life the

    By Krystal on 09.08.2016

  14. Treasure these words you’ve got filling your mind from the headphones pressed so deeply into your ears.

    Remember the way strangers get you through every moment of your life with as little loneliness as possible.

    Taste this emotion streaming in and out of you as you move from second to second experiencing it all.

    By M. Rene' on 09.08.2016

  15. to love something that is special to you or gold or kids.

    By Madison on 09.08.2016

  16. I think I’ve seen this one before, but not sure. I think it was in another place at another time. Can’t remember. It’s a word about something, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s about the time they came looking for it under my bed at the place I’m in now. A whole bunch of them, dressed all the same. It must’ve been a Catholic school I think because they were all dressed the same. Well they all came into my room looking for it, and I kept on asking them, What are you looking for? They said not to worry, they’d find it and I asked them if it was some kind of a treasure because if it was, I could tell them where it was. Not that I was the one who hid it there or anything, I just happened to know where it was because I watched a man come into my room very late one night and put it there. So one of the younger ones wearing the uniform said, Did the man put it under your bed or in the bathroom or–where did he put it? And I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. People are strange, don’t you think?

    By rubyluby on 09.08.2016

  17. I found the treasure chest in the sand. It had gold, silver and copper.

    By jamesrotties on 09.08.2016

  18. I treasured it as if it was the last thing i had .
    in a sense it was
    i had only it
    and it had only i
    we were happy safe and true to each other
    and then it changed
    when i let someone treasure it and t wasn’t the same
    but its getting better because im learning to treasure it more
    because at the end of the day
    my heart and i are one

    By Britt on 09.08.2016

  19. The printing plate is heavy. But an inscription catches my eye and forces my hand. I hold the plate up in a shaft of broken sunlight.

    “Any treasure lost is another treasure out for the gain.”

    Ownership, possession, transference, transcendence: these are the words that pop to mind.

    By Ms. Pennywise URL on 09.08.2016

  20. “Behold! The treasure of a thousand suns, the jewel of the cosmos! The Eternal Diamond!”
    The anticipation was thick in the room, as if the very words could make the fabled gem appear.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.08.2016

  21. The cloud of dust the book raised was so immense it made me cough. Once I had finally gotten it out of my lungs, I straightened back up to look at Kay. She was holding the ancient book close to her like it was the greatest treasure imaginable.

    By Alicia on 09.08.2016

  22. So now back to the beast. The beast who may or may not have been a wolf but who, like the girl’s watchers, was becoming tired of the imposed hiatus in its story.

    And so that night, when all she wanted to do was sleep, never to wake, it humored her wishes.

    The next morning, her watchers came to find her in disarray, arms and legs strewn aside, blood sluggishly sliding down the tips of her hair to pool on the stone floor.

    By AM on 09.08.2016

  23. booty treasure chest gold jewels pirates games video games computer games Zelda Thief

    By Bayley on 09.08.2016

  24. The time you have to spend with your mother, your child, your spouse, your grandmother – is a treasure, not a burden.
    Savor it.

    By Kimberly on 09.08.2016

  25. he didn’t need the stars in the sky, he found his treasure. a treasure so pure and so simple that a double-take was needed to recognize the beauty of it all. a small, shy smile, nervous eyes, bright glances. a treasure, hidden in plain sight. how lovely.

    By vanikey on 09.08.2016

  26. The treasure glinted before her, tempting her to take just one coin, just one jewel. But she knew the consequences. If she touched the wrong coin, she would join the ranks of the dead.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.09.2016

  27. oh my treasure. I have lost it and it is gone forever. No map, no “x” marks the spot, nothing to go on. I suppose there is some poetry in it, given I stole everything. The only thing I know is I want it back.

    By orangesarenice URL on 09.09.2016

  28. The treasure was sitting in front of them. Suddenly, everyone began to cheer. “We did it, lads!” yelled the captain, raising his fist in victory. After seventeen years of searching, they had finally found Captain Scully’s lost treasure.

    By AJ on 09.09.2016