July 5th, 2008 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “treacherous”

  1. a trench around a blue castle burns red with no regrets.

    By becca on 07.06.2008

  2. cruel,inconsistency,sweet,real,halloween,tutta,kamina,opurba,ahammok,betray,inhauman,re

    By dsad on 07.06.2008

  3. terrible journey that really tires you out, seems as if I would do something like this with my mother in law, the interesting thing is that I don’t have a mother in law, but I guess it goes to show you a lot about the stereotype of mother-in-laws, they are hated before they are had. Man I wouldn’t want that job, even if you are nice you are starting from 6 feet under.

    By Nick on 07.06.2008

  4. something that represents an obstacle for somebody / something , a thing which for example doens’t let you finish the race [ for example ] or it is a heavy ground covered with dirt that can hardly be passed , it is common for a hard terrain !

    By Bek on 07.06.2008

  5. abc

    By ... on 07.06.2008

  6. such a treacherous day today!
    i hate it when i am forced to do something like this.
    i am going crazy.
    what a day.
    i will go nuts like this

    By haha on 07.06.2008

  7. she fell in love with the most treacherous of men. he was right out of a romance novel, tall dark and handsome. he had soft but long fingers and his eyes were such a grey that she couldn’t help but look away.

    she met him new years eve, a treacherous storm around them.

    when she went home that night, she had fallen in love.

    By alyssa on 07.06.2008

  8. The world is dangerous in its own ways. Things are always happening and people are always dieing. No matter how hard you try to avoid things, each footstep is always treacherous.

    By Senchii on 07.06.2008

  9. Treacherous, evil.
    Your scheming and sneaky,
    make me feel so weak-y.
    I hate your plans,
    they will be foiled.
    And your pants, will be soiled.
    Watch out. treachery.
    Here I come. I will battle you.
    And now there is no more evil in this world.

    By madz on 07.06.2008

  10. A treacherous cliff loomed at the end of the girl’s journey. A sandy gritty slide to an edge where sense and reason had abandoned themselves to an open sky. Her mind was empty; there was not the slightest hesitation. The nothingness of salt-laced air met the sole of a bare foot. The fall began, but suddenly black shards a hundred feet below had their victim stolen by a strong arm. The arm of someone she had believed had been lost to her forever before she had herself had been lost to the world.

    By Nurgette on 07.06.2008

  11. How do you judge treason. Who deals the worst punishment. Is it the traitor or the the one who lost the confidence. Who is the greater victim, whose injury prevails over the other, for in such crimes, might one be punished, when all suffer?

    By Su Said on 07.06.2008

  12. Treachory is a very strong word that implies great fear and disdain. Without knowing where the treachory came from, you have no idea what is to come. It’s not all about where it came from, but how you can avoid the trea

    By VERTiGO on 07.06.2008

  13. It was a treacherous ride through the narrow pot-holed filled mountain roads of the sierra norte of Puebla state in Mexico. The old Volkswagen proved to be the most agile of vehicles.

    By e on 07.06.2008

  14. its of saddest nature. it has been a part of human life from the days of history. unable to predict it. all looks good.. one day this invades… drives mad… changes all…

    By Vijay Veeraraghavan on 07.06.2008

  15. Oh God how I hate treacherous people. From my youth I’ve always despised back-stabbers. Probably part of my idealistic outlook on life. Why would anyone NEED to be treacherous? It just doesn’t make sense. A treacherous person has not considered all the other possible solutions in life.

    By Matthew on 07.06.2008

  16. It was a treacherous feeling that filled my heart as I watched someone I cared for find joy in another’s presence.

    By Raisins on 07.06.2008

  17. i don’t know what is treacherous

    By gaurav on 07.06.2008

  18. someone you don’t trust, someone you don’t freaking trust, someone who is going to betray you.

    By dare on 07.06.2008

  19. Hoenstly, this isn’t in my vocabulary!

    By (m0 on 07.06.2008

  20. this heart of mine seeping and sly.
    that smile of yours hidden on the corner beneath those eyes.
    my guts when you’re gone.
    my guts when you’re here.
    my guts.

    By jaime on 07.06.2008

  21. dangerous. uninviting. unfaithful. decieving, the dangerous climb to the top of the hill challanged my tolerance. it was treacherous. misleading.

    By alex on 07.06.2008

  22. was a woman and a cliff and I had to choose which one to fall off of. Not an easy task by any means. One would mean my immienent death on sharp rocks by the sea the other, a slow death of the soul.

    By Rebeccah Dean on 07.06.2008

  23. It was to be a treacherous journey. Shrubs and waste high neteles filled the way. I couldnt understand how or even why we had to atempt this journey, not today of aldays.

    By Holly on 07.06.2008

  24. What a bastard. He’s always trying to derail every good thing you do. What’s his problem. After thousands of years of progress, when we get so close to perfection, his trecherous ways cripple us all. fuck him, well he’ll be out of office soon.

    By E on 07.06.2008

  25. eyes see what you want them to see. never has it been different. whatever happens, happens for a reason.

    By oana on 07.06.2008

  26. Treachery can be such a hurtful thing. Your trust has been placed in a person, and then BAM! Total 180 and you’re left in the dirt with your spleen hanging out and a hole in your soul. So long, innocence and hope. I want tacos. Or a pizza. Shit, I’m hungry. Milk sucks.

    By Richard on 07.06.2008

  27. Someone who will stab you in the back and betray you, but you don’t know it yet. Usually this person has a track record of treating others badly and only thinking of themselves.
    They will generally only think for themselves as well and screw anyone over who gets in their way.
    Typically users of other people.

    By Andy on 07.06.2008

  28. not going to procrastinate today. have to help the kittens. they need my help and I’M GONNA DO IT. IT’S TOO EARLY FOR ME AND WE ARE DRIVING AN HOUR, BUT IT’s WORTH IT!

    By AJ on 07.06.2008

  29. so there i was . standing in the doorway. looking at the 2. there they were in my bed. in my house. naked under the covers quickly trying to scramble and grasp clothing. “What the hell is this!?” I yelled. “Im so sorry” she replied. I ran out of the house into the street , this was the greatest treachery i’d ever known. He was my best friend.

    By Ryan on 07.06.2008

  30. Det er absurd at kroppen bare forlater deg n

    By Virrvarr on 07.06.2008

  31. its a treacherous task when (treachery) is the only word used in this task.

    By alex on 07.06.2008

  32. its a treacherous task when (treachery) is the only word used in this task.

    By ash on 07.06.2008

  33. Treacherous, the path which leads through forest and river, the tangling beast of track leading on. Where to is known, but not important, for the troubles we face at present are too trying to think upon other things. Onward, always

    By Sophie on 07.06.2008

  34. Life is treacherous, so are holes in the road sharp objects and stampeding animals.

    By Kassie Sumner on 07.06.2008

  35. It was a treacherous time out there in the internet, seeking new information for children of all ages to look at.

    By Ann Wolff on 07.06.2008

  36. such a slippery slope. don’t go that way she said but none the less, listen he will not. some say he forgot since he had not said a word the entire trip. this was his plan all along.

    By zeke on 07.06.2008

  37. Danger, jagged, cliff-hanger…falling, stumbling, climbing, like a mountain goat, maintaining our footing. Grabbing for help that doesn’t exist, we try our best to navigate.

    By Brownie on 07.06.2008

  38. Damn it Eddita! Why have you done this?

    …It was funny? Really! You should have seen the look on your face! I think I hurt myself!

    I hate you sometimes.

    Oh, you could never hate me! Until I post it all over the internet…

    By koeryn on 07.06.2008

  39. it was a dark night. No one was in the dark and dangerous alley. It was the dead of night and he was alone. Never seen again!

    By melissa on 07.06.2008

  40. Tight-rope walking the edge of a building.
    Arms spread-eagle; head back – laughing.
    Are you afraid?
    I’m not.
    I deny you.
    As I deny life.
    The wind in my hair,
    validates, elucidates.

    By Myra on 07.06.2008