April 25th, 2010 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “trap”

  1. hurt keep another from doing what he wants. blamed wrongfully. can’t det free

    By John on 04.26.2010

  2. “It’s a trap!”

    By Brandi on 04.26.2010

  3. caught in a trap and can’t get out, how i feel, trap is another word for mouth, you trap birds, trap implies intent, she was trapped in a loveless marriage, no proper anagrams of it, i trap you, entrapment is a good word, trap is another word for carriage

    By lotte on 04.26.2010

  4. He caught me. All my efforts to run away have been futile, because for some reason, he always knew where I’d go.

    “You’re mine.” He said.

    And I could do nothing to resist.

    By Kimberly on 04.26.2010

  5. I didn’t really think it was a trap until I fell right into it. She had made me down seven shots of vodka and then screamed at the top of her voice, ‘saymynamesaymyname’ as she rode me. What was I to do – I said a name but it wasn’t hers.

    By Ajay Nair on 04.26.2010

  6. people always feel trapped by the lives the lead and r always looking for the easy way out … people need to realize that in order to change tomorrow the need to be able to change today ,,… otherwise nothing ever changes and they remain unhappy and trapped by their own situation… act now for a better tomorrow… you r the only one who can change yourself …. and unless you really want it it will never happen… “praying ” gets you nowhere. only action ….. Action

    By KM on 04.26.2010

  7. I fell into the trap like an unsuspecting rabbit. It was too perfect, the silent seduction, the web woven so gently, so carefully. I was in the trap, caught and finished before I even knew what was happening. And I liked it.

    By Jackie on 04.26.2010

  8. I keep falling into a trap. I keep doing something wrong and today I lost my parents trust…again. They think its a big deal, but they have punished me so many times I just don’t care anymore. I’m moving away from my friends, not allowed to talk to my boyfriend ever again, and losing the normal privileges of TV, kindle, laptop, and anything else I could want. The only one of those punishments that bugs me now is the one about my boyfriend as he is the only person I have ever really opened up to. I guess its my own fault, but I’m past caring what they think. There is nothing left for them to take from me, my friends are all here in CO, my electronics are in their room, my freedom was gone last year, my heart is broken, everything else that i could want is packed into brown cardboard boxes, ready to be moved. I wonder why they think that this punishment will “fix me” I’m going to keep breaking the rules some day, and I am never going to open up to them. I don’t trust them, they don’t trust me. Nothing I do to make it better will work. Its like riding a bike up a mountain while keeping the brakes on. Impossible. </3

    By Gillian on 04.26.2010

  9. I feel as if I’m in my own little trap. I have all the freedom in the world, and yet, do I really? Over thinking my consequences has gotten me into trapping myself into my own little bubble. If I break free from this I don’t know what to expect.

    By nina on 04.26.2010

  10. It’s a trap! You know what I’m talking about, yet you choose to ignore the obvious.

    By John on 04.26.2010

  11. It’s a trap… it was a trap all along, thought Chudley to himself, weepingly. How could he have been so foolish? Clearly, no one would leave such a thing unattended for so long… how could he have thought it was his?

    By Kevin on 04.26.2010

  12. There were only two types of traps the Gentleman preferred. The first was the kind no one could escape from. The second was the kind anyone could escape from. The reason the Gentleman preferred these two types of tr

    By Michael Suarez on 04.26.2010

  13. I feel alone.
    But that feels okay.
    I feel happy.
    But that not always the truth.
    I trap myself in lies

    By Vanessa Hotlosz on 04.26.2010

  14. I knew it was a trap even before I opened the door. But something was guiding me, I couldn’t turn back. Instead I continued to put one foot in front of another walking closer and closer to my fate. The door creaked open. “Clarice, we’re so happy you are here”…

    By lise on 04.26.2010

  15. The spider waits for his prey in one. The bear gets caught in one as does the fox. The Viet Cong line them with Pungee sticks and wait for our soldiers to stumble upon them. I should probably shut mine.

    By Erek King on 04.26.2010

  16. trapped in the distance
    couldnt find the way
    what will i do?
    should i run or hide?
    But there is not choice.
    I’m trapped somewhere
    somewhere i don’t know
    Somewhere i can’t tell.
    Will someone find me if i scream?
    I don’t know.
    I’m just trapped somewhere.

    By stephanie Narciso URL on 04.26.2010

  17. Im stuck in a box.There are no doors, no windows. How do I get out? Who put me in here? Please somebody help me. What did I do to deserve this? I will sit and wait. Sit and wait.

    By jasmine on 04.26.2010

  18. trap
    looking for the door
    the lever to push
    the ropes to pull
    open sesame
    we are still here
    until we choose to think our way out of the box
    out of this box
    here we will remain
    in this

    By Amanda Mary Rose URL on 04.26.2010

  19. i feel trapped, like i’m tied to a chair and being fed lies by strangers. i’ve been picked off the street like a common criminal, and i do believe they have the wrong person. so here i sit, trapped, with no water or food. i am able to ruminate on my childhood, though, which is a positive.

    By jeffrey montalbano URL on 04.26.2010

  20. as is von TRap. Tyskere i de smukke bjerge. Julie Andrews og The hills are alive with music. Fanget. en f

    By mille on 04.26.2010

  21. I felt it slam shut around my leg, the ankle suddenly held tight by a trap, like the ones used on foxes. The pain was unbearable and I screamed in surprise and agony.

    By Nik Ergo on 04.26.2010

  22. wow the animal is caught
    he is very distraught
    how will he escape
    he was lured by a piece of bait
    he is stuck
    he cant get out

    By Brittany Allen on 04.26.2010

  23. slam on my leg
    now i am stuck
    how do i get out
    it hurts so bad
    please help me
    dont leave me be

    By Brittany Allen on 04.26.2010

  24. Trappe. Op og ned. Trip, trap, tr

    By brigade on 04.26.2010

  25. I laid the trap carefully down on the floor, the last one of over a hundred. That mouse wasn’t going to get the best of me. And it would have worked except my little brother threw a marble into the room. Each trap going off caused the marble to bounce and it hit another trap until finally not a single trap was set.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 04.26.2010

  26. One day it was a trap inside of the house for the mice.They were kinda big an hairy an ugly.This trap will stop them from getting sumthing

    By Shatira Woods on 04.26.2010

  27. I am trapped. There is no light. There is no air. No sound, apart from my own rasping breaths. Blood on the dirt. All is black.

    By CF on 04.26.2010

  28. I live in constant fear of falling into pit falls which punjii sticks at the bottom.

    This fear is so hard on me, that I have to watch where I step because I am afraid I will fall through the floor.

    Have you ever felt like you will fall through the floor? Please, God — don’t let me fall.

    By Matthew URL on 04.26.2010

  29. lost in space. its so dark. there is blackness everywhere. i hear a voice its laughing. i hear movment its moving closer.

    By acinomhoy on 04.26.2010

  30. Admiral Ackbar was a great general in Star Wars who had considerable insight into the merit of traps, and other similar things. Also, ITS A TRAP.

    By Altimit on 04.26.2010

  31. he was in the well, it was dark and cold and his sweat clung to him like loose diamonds. He repeated her name once more, loudly, so she would hear. There was silence

    By toni on 04.26.2010

  32. Gasp. Flee. Run. Look, look, look. Blink. And breathe, don’t forget to breathe.

    Shift weight to the left– no luck.

    Shift weight to the right– only worse.

    A gentle tug– excruciating pain.

    Blink. Moan.

    By lauren URL on 04.26.2010

  33. It was a trap set by the vampires to lure in a human target. They didn’t care who crossed their paths as long as it was fresh blood. They needed someone soon in order to sustain their lives without suffering the consequences of their fate. Destiny had given them the short end of the stick.

    By Mandy on 04.26.2010

  34. i was trapped. trapped in this desolate room with nothing but my memories of the sun…the sun and french fries. trapped like a rat with no french fries. trap. that simple four letter word that holds me enclosed within my own mind. i have nothing. no french fries, no sun, no freedom. trap. trapped. i have been trapped by french fries.

    yes it was those french fries that lured me into this dark closed room. and the clown from my childhood that locked the door. and now, with this last french fry and this ounce of ketchup, i write to you my last words.

    By fran on 04.26.2010

  35. bear trap …drain trap…fingertrap…cat trap…shut your trap…trapping flies…crab trap…

    By Tonia on 04.26.2010