April 24th, 2010 | 230 Entries

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230 Entries for “bongos”

  1. drumming, native, people of the earth. bass feeling on your chest. release of energy, dancing.

    By Jana on 04.25.2010

  2. Bongo’s are the coolest invention known to man. Me, being a drummer, have a knack for this instrument. These are made of two circular wooden pieces, covered with usually skin from an animal.

    By haha on 04.25.2010

  3. Bongos. A simple word really, ones way of constructing melodies and making the world filled with sound that isnt too common. Not a guitar or a keyboard but a mystical yet complex sound, that can give meaning in any situation.

    By Mac G on 04.25.2010

  4. Bingo bango bongos i dont wanna leave the congo. the little story that was sung tom me as a little girl. It gets stuck in your head so easily and you remember it for so long after that the best part is the end…OH NO NO NO NO NO i love it

    By Rosa on 04.25.2010

  5. I enjoy the sound of a good monkey playing bongos in the middle of a dark, calm, cool and relatively humid african night. I do not, however enjoy the mosquitos that are drawn to me and the monkey by said bongos. My iritation is increased….in having said that, the bongos sooth me.

    By Leah on 04.25.2010

  6. she played the bongos, every night. just for the joy, the pleasure of the beat, hitting her palms everytime she smacked the drum. she was in love. and she only knew this drum.

    By Jenna on 04.25.2010

  7. i would like to buy some bongos. The other day i played my friend’s bongos and it seems like i’m a natural at it. My friend said i lokked like Tito Puente.

    By gisela on 04.25.2010

  8. 2057, Dubeejing City, Mars :

    “Daddy, tell us a story from the ancient world !

    -It was a winternight in New York City in 1992 ; I entered in Carnegie Hall to see Buena Vista Social Club alive, but the bongos became great sharks and ate all the musicians and the audience. I am the only survivor…”

    By gwezheneg on 04.25.2010

  9. tumbling down the stealthy rhythm of a melodic vision with both hands

    By sluskinner on 04.25.2010

  10. I like bongos, I like playing bongos. I once was on a train toward the seaside and there were some poeple near me that were playing ecstatically. I wish I had some bongos right now. Man I would really like to have a band in which to play bongos. It would be so much fun.

    By elena on 04.25.2010

  11. musical instruments, Africa, leather, beige, water and oceans. Tropica. So I’ve never really played the bongos, just played around tapping them and whatnot. But they do have a relaxing heir.

    By Rob on 04.25.2010

  12. The rhythm of the bongos complimented the staccato of gunfire, each countering the other in a kind of dance of sound. But in the end, the bongos continued while the gunfire tapered off with each death until there was nothing left to be heard of it.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 04.25.2010

  13. bongos are something that people play! they make loud noise and make me think of Jamaica. Typing quickly is difficult and I keep spelling incorrectly and then having to go back and put it right!

    By laura Wood on 04.25.2010

  14. my brother played the bongos. he’s insane. so did the korean in choir. i played bongos once in a youth service. i wasn’t very good.i wish i could keep a better beat.

    By Charis Mannes on 04.25.2010

  15. musical instrument usually played in african regions ; brought to america in 1800s along with african american slaves. Developed into our culture soon after its being introduced to americans.

    By haley on 04.25.2010

  16. On the side of a hot beach Pierre laid out to tan. Across from the river he saw Helkaahaien as she undressed from a long days work. She was the perfect image of a woman. Tall, slender, intelligent. He has never spoken to her yet he already knew she was the one.

    By Karyn on 04.25.2010

  17. Bongos bring poetry. They bring rhythm and flow to the otherwise pointless lists of words. Without them, i could never focus on anyone’s poetry. it seems to be a waste of time, if you have something to say- just say it! don’t dick around with all this poetic, unclear crap, just say it.

    By erika on 04.25.2010

  18. i played them in the rain when i was 18 years old and i had my first kiss that night in the pouring rain. those bongos reminded me of the jungle like no other.

    By ej URL on 04.25.2010

  19. Bongos.
    He played bongos at BabisTraditionalHouse

    ‘To Agapo’

    Kefalos Love
    Kefalos Memorys…..
    To the beach
    From the beach

    Don’t worry…….

    By Victoria Gregory URL on 04.25.2010

  20. Bongos are the most wonderful way for a percussionist to express herself. They also give you a chance to work out aggression. Work it out!

    By Gina on 04.25.2010

  21. i iwsh i knew wht this word is. Now that ive no clue what it is but im still supposed to write about it, im writing. bongos seems to be some fun thing. Something to do with a dance or something. Something tropical. I can only hope im right!!! :)

    By geet on 04.25.2010

  22. drums played by happy and enthusiasic players accompanying latin swing and african music

    By Elaine on 04.25.2010

  23. Bongos are useless. Especially when stored in between chairs which have no use. Pretty much nothing more to say about bongos. Oh – have i mentioned, that never, ever, try to lick a bongo. just won’t work :)

    By Mihkel on 04.25.2010

  24. Such music. So loud and victorious, like the sound of an early morning bonfire–though I’ve only heart of late ones. A celebration of sorts, captured together in a way that makes my eyes water and my lower lip tremble. Because it signals SOMETHING inside of me that I can’t see, nor feel, and it’s just beginning to expose itself.
    Rich, culture.

    By Lianna URL on 04.25.2010

  25. That actor who played naked,high, until the cops shut him down…, i used to live that way.. Working on my second child now.., i miss that.

    By J brock on 04.25.2010

  26. If it wasn’t so rainy outside, people would be sinning in the grass and making music. But they’ll save their skins for another day.

    By r.a. on 04.25.2010

  27. The deep beating of the drums gives life to the world around them. They create a heartbeat and inspire the other instuments that they play along with. It is an insstrument of the soul and it expresses the beating heart and deep feelings inside a person. They inspire and create.

    By Carleigh Zeman on 04.25.2010

  28. i love bongos the beat the freedom in playing them the passion the chillaxin smoking Ganja somewhere in some tropical island, beating my bongos.

    By Jen on 04.25.2010

  29. what is it ?
    Something related to drums

    By likemaster URL on 04.26.2010

  30. i played the bongos in congos with my friend, jimmy mongo.

    By oneword URL on 04.26.2010