May 27th, 2012 | 414 Entries

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414 Entries for “transform”

  1. To go means to travel or begin a new journey. To start, Become something different. Its one beginnings end and the start to another that’s what go means.

    By roxxiee on 05.28.2012

  2. transformation is a wonderful thing. i don’t know too much about it, but it is something worth discussing. whether seasons transform into another or whether you believe in darwin’s theory, some transformation is always present in some way. be part of the positive transformation… be cool

    By zanri on 05.28.2012

  3. things transform when they aren’t what they used to be anymore. it can mean alot of different things, from physical transformation such as weight loss/gain, or mental transformation such as loss/gain of intelligence or knowledge. once something is diferent to what it used to be, it is said to be transformed.

    By Jenny on 05.28.2012

  4. Transform is to blossom. Find something new about yourself and make it all you believe in. Becoming something new, someone new. Being yourself is all it takes too.

    By roxxiee on 05.28.2012

  5. It transformed me. I didn’t know what power it held until I stepped onto the platform, but the device changed something deep within me, bestowing a power before which I had never known. My muscles tighter, my thoughts clearer, my sight and hearing keener — now, my enemies shall know not to cross me.

    By Mr. P on 05.28.2012

  6. Transform means to change from one thing to another, one might transform from an optimistic person to a pessimistic person and vice versa. Transfomers was a TV programme in the 80s which was recently made into a fil starring meghann fox and shia la bouef.

    By john ó liodáin on 05.28.2012

  7. Her life was transformed by the choices she made. She decided not to go back into the store where she use to buy all of her tickets and toys. Things had become her drug of choice. When she was lonely she traveled the mall as if to find her next fix. She was tired and lonely even after her pocket book was empty. Her things could not talk to her, they were not her friend and had robbed her of all she had become.

    By Cris URL on 05.28.2012

  8. transform. my definiton is changing drastically, completely, usually in a short period of time. i think of a catterpillar changing into a butterfly. i had to write about this word for my english exam. weird.

    By adele on 05.28.2012

  9. I want to transform the body, transform the world, transform everyone, everything, into so not something better but their better;the best that they can be.

    By Abby on 05.28.2012

  10. Everything you can. Your life, your hair, your clothes, your car, your mom if she lets you, except your husband. But do not transform in reckless self-destruction.

    By Pat URL on 05.28.2012

  11. if i could magically transform myself into something, I believe it would be a martian since they are so legen-waitforit-dary. They are otherwordly – pun intended. Mars truly looks brilliant, atleast from a telescope . Anyways, I like the word so much. it has so many interesting, equally amazing, synonyms like metamorphose. A dull caterpillar metamorphoses to a beautiful butterfly. They are otherwordly too, aren’t there? their beauty if one of a kind. Atleast in those Instagram-ed photos. Edited.

    By Pavini on 05.28.2012

  12. the way people start as a baby and end right before death. Life people want to transform. Animals start as a baby end as a strong predator of the night. The magical word of life and death.

    By rachael on 05.28.2012

  13. Tranform. To become something new. Transform and renew your mind to be like one of Christ Jesus. We shall be transformed to look like our Lord. He will transform our hearts and minds. Be transformed.

    By Alexa on 05.28.2012

  14. The small worm slowly woke from its long slumber. It felt the heavy constriction of its encasing, tighter than it remembered. It gnawed and bit until it could poke it’s head out, tasting the fresh air for the first time in weeks. As it slowly crawled out of the opening, it noticed that it no longer recognized its own form; it had transformed into something foreign even to itself. And yet it also felt wholly right.

    By Carly on 05.28.2012

  15. the transformation of people into consumers occurs over their lifetime. They start out as creators, intuitively transforming everyday objects into whaterver their imagination allowed. But as people get older they stop creating and start bying things from other people, people that are still creating. I

    By jesus on 05.28.2012

  16. I told them to transform me.
    ‘Are you sure?’ they said.
    ‘Of course…why wouldn’t I be?’
    ‘Oh no reason…just…no reason.’
    Whatever it was they didn’t say, there clearly was a reason. But it would be a long time before I found out what that was. I still disagree with them, though, even now.

    By zebra URL on 05.28.2012

  17. transform the posibilities into endless posibilities. Make dreams transforms into reality and let your imagination guide you through to the end. You can transform your pereception or what and how you view the world so that all is possible and nothing is impossible. Live, dream imagine the endless opportunities when you have the choice to transform.

    By emelia on 05.28.2012

  18. It is easy to want to be someone different. But little do we realize the immense amount of work that it takes. Trying to change oneself is possible. But like the Caterpillar has to give up its safe crawling ways to become a butterfly, we have to being willing to let go of the old ways for the wonder of the new. Risk? Yes. Dangerous? Definitely. So approach it with wisdom and let us take the leap.

    By River Ranter URL on 05.28.2012

  19. Fur sprouts from his back. His teeth elongate and sharpen. His eyes burn yellow. He hunches over, fingernails lengthening into claws, fingers shortening into toes, hands turning into paws.

    The transformation is complete.

    By unknown on 05.28.2012

  20. I think back to when I was young, and I never could see myself being any different from how I was exactly at that time. I would stay the same young girl for the rest of my life. But I was wrong. Everything transforms. From young to old, from shiny to dull, from happy to sad. But I’m not sure if my transformation was bad or good.

    By julia on 05.28.2012

  21. To transform something, isn’t necessarily to improve it. Quite often you find people who should be perfectly satisfied ‘transforming’ there lives, and it often has disastrous consequences. This is what happened to Lucy Morris.

    By Mabel on 05.28.2012

  22. To transform is to change. Change sometimes can be good, it can also be bad. Change, as some people say, is inevitable. It is something that is constant. Change is never-ending. How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly is an example of a major transformation.

    By Cha on 05.28.2012

  23. Nothing like being able to transform. Transform out of your own skin, your own identity. Who doesn’t wish every now and then that they could be someone else… something else? If you could just change your face, your personality, everything, you could be anonymous for a day, do whatever you wanted. Transforming… What a beautiful notion.

    By Abby on 05.28.2012

  24. to change, to make something what it is not. metamorphasis, like a caterpillar becoming a beautiful butterfly only to die and decompose and become itself again. reincarnation. everything is connected and will be for the rest of eternity. we are all connected.

    By hannah on 05.28.2012

  25. change, the everlasting hope for something better.a constant suggestion of improvement. beyond the breach of the ‘practical’ or ‘possible’. an ecstatic promise of a better. brightest light at the end of the tunnel. the inspiration for revolt against convention and oppression of tradition and culture. the inception of a revolution.

    By Misha on 05.28.2012

  26. I need to transform into myself. All my life I’ve lived as a girl, but in reality, I never really was one. I don’t want to be a boy, I was never a boy either. I am me, and need to become myself both physically and mentally. This is difficult.

    By Ren on 05.28.2012

  27. into a butterfly like a caterpillar does when he grows up. or transform into the grass like lions do when they die.

    By squid on 05.28.2012

  28. There was no chance she would go on doing the same stuff on and on. She had to transform, transcend!
    He nodded and ended up breaking up before her new “she” noticed the jerk he was.

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 05.28.2012

  29. Transform me into someone new, transport me someplace other than here

    By stephaniewrites URL on 05.28.2012

  30. Transexual that Trans-forms into diffenent genders. I want to Trans-form with you.all the trans and change that this wild ,untamed, buring world can hold up with out collapsing into a unknown galxy with sun starts.

    By ajloopy URL on 05.28.2012

  31. transforming genders I guess. people transforming into monsters, different animals, aliens. Transformers the movie which really sucked. Didn’t see any of the movies though.

    By Otum on 05.28.2012

  32. To change for the better

    By Karlee on 05.28.2012

  33. I want to transform my life, follow the Lord because he is the only way. I don’t want to live in this life anymore. Transforming; like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly. Something beautiful.
    Something pure.
    Going from high school to college, a huge transformation.

    By Kate on 05.28.2012

  34. change myself into something else. Change the place around me so it looks how I feel good being surrounded by it. Me me me it seems that transform makes me think about myself. That is pretty scary and perhaps the moment to start thinking about changing something about the way I look at myself and perhaps words. Right I will start now. its never too late as some people say?

    By caroline on 05.28.2012

  35. We transform everyday. Pain transforms us. Love transforms us. Music transforms us. Many things will transform us in our lives. Good or bad, embrace these transformations. Life is too short to let anything get in the way of your happiness. If you are not happy, you and only you have the ability to transform that sadness to pure undeniable happiness.

    By Samantha on 05.28.2012

  36. The art of change to inspire betterment, the new and an improved way forward.

    By Alex on 05.28.2012

  37. It’s amazing how many things can change
    In one week.
    Just a few simple words
    An admission of weakness
    And suddenly I am surrounded by the love that I’ve ached for
    Since that very first fight
    Since the monster appeared
    In my head and in my heart
    Fighting me constantly
    Leaving marks
    At my thighs
    And at my arms.
    But now
    After years of
    The monster is lying dormant
    And I think
    I hope
    It may be time
    For me
    To transform.

    By Kathryn URL on 05.28.2012

  38. To change. The car transformed into a large robot and crushed the innocent cat in its pathway.

    By Caroline Hogg on 05.28.2012

  39. You are able to tansform into antyhing you set tyour mind to. You can become a different person just be realizing that you need to change. You can be a better person, or a better sister or family member by tranforming. IN games the characters transform into other beings as well. YOu however can transfrorm into anything you want to

    By sbgirl08 on 05.28.2012

  40. The end of spring is near. Just as the summer tides are coming in the winter ebb has gone. The future brings with it much hope and adulation, but things as usual are very unpredictable. There may be no future, just the nows and thens.

    By Mehdi Hasan Sheikh on 05.28.2012